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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you hey they're all welcome to the stream we're on yer took – we're in doing Italy tour matata style well sir Biff three old truckers MP and we'll be going through to discord in very shortly and are their hourly I'll air Josie everybody's fine and so we're going to go over to discord now and yes hello hello they're underway soon where we go first from Livorno to Turin Turin way marker and we're gonna do way mark – no you need to remind me of that maybe no my pcs be a weird yo should I'll roll see who's leading choose somebody new ghosty why is my game my game is doing an update your game he's doing a minute day yeah ghost he had that as well but me and Richard didn't you can start off if you Dayton yeah I'm asked to do another one of them disk clean-out switches I to clean out some rubbish some music on while waiting no I think I'm gonna say do I know yeah yeah of them infected me it's contagious forcing us to do an update as soon as we start in the condo that's why I'd come in earlier yeah but I did come on come on about hot past did you then my PC crashed and then I was watching TV for five minutes there you go about 5 inch alright go see we're putting a white marker in for Genoa okay and we are on best map setting [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] look at that yacht we need one of those for we're back guys sorry about that guys these are you happy to lead yeah Jack's hitting his mode we could actually go out then get lined up he's he doesn't have to come in through the garage unless you need it direct no okay well I'm just I'm just seeing if my head one how nature yep no words that can you enjoy your video a little way other way bastard yeah how'd you hear me yep I just got v-loc my game on you did son pressing more buttons like that does like his buttons is everybody fueled up yep because you've got one of my favorite songs playin Hey would be Sager I'm just trying to solve my headphones they're being a bit weird seven watching no those nice dream hey Amy go up with it because you can start if you really need to make I'm just trying to do Hey and guess what what a fixed it yay come on now you traveling away from I don't even know where you are just pile it we written to your station you see it's on the map this guy's not gonna stop his eat what we did right slow down slow down slow down for now right go see we're ready I'm gonna get fuel – that's right yeah yeah yeah sorry and I need to turn you up you got your Volvo sorted there Richard yes me talk to me Benjy Benjy dickhead raisin well let's go there boys right go see without with us start the engine well done Savas people away we're able to come by their riches we're doing that Italy so about 56 I'm here good all right that's as clear the tow my audio is still not now audio I can walk in here all right I'm after sort of not do the next job so I can get it fixed so what's it doing yeah we've been alright this Kenya mind I meant at 60 Josie I'm going to stay in this lane Josie because I feel like I'm gonna like a bit okay so far you haven't you haven't rubber-banded at all 28 that's good damning just you notice that our lat yeah we know like at like our paintball 300 yeah we had to beat you you're out this week been so much better what still good evening everyone as sugar died and Scottie doctoring proposed sworn a bully well the carpet bullying today we probably given a driver oh hello ghost eat all right yeah huh Scottie's not able to convoy with us just now ghosty because his computer is down his laptop is down I forgot my small violin sorry something at a Scottie I'll be glad to would you say would you say go see I threw something at twinklet this morning and you didn't think I could hit any man it needed three Samantha's airbrush daddy got him on the ball on the arm yeah but with your reaction other thing yours don't tell me hey less cutting welcome to the stream buddy thank you very much nothing we left you bi you too he might have moved himself there maybe he's got a phone call or something right here just gonna move them in this courts being weird our maximum is somewhere different but we'll meet in Genoa I marked my map for there oh I did mark my map for there but I didn't easy didn't change the order so it's sending me to turn first so we will meet y'all entering without hopefully should give me enough time to sort out my audio yeah we are 96 kilometers in it jack I'm not even my my truck was gone traders must secretly have already man you got 6% damage at the road I hit the wall I was watching Richard stream see where we'd gone because you were that asleep we keep telling you about that multitasking right okay go go go I'm just gonna get the garage then Richard what did you might leave the garage as well at General Richard know anything you want invoice where you were we had to pull you back in you won't afk oh because I weren't talking don't know are you being a marquis are ya okay then yeah I'm not ten minutes awakening at night what's your smile eater there give me a chance to do his headset and stuff so my yeah yeah left turn told Josie yeah I will be paid very much mate yes it takes me a while to get into it again let's say thank you no no I mean oh I'll send in Pro mods oh yeah anyway if anyone else wants it yeah anyone else want it goes deep do you want it I've already got you got that updated one day 2.33 it's only been out while we under a week I think the first time I play the game sends a lot then excellent level 45 now I left 102 sure [Laughter] does this make my microphone louder yeah you know but yeah tell me when to stop every dumb pet is here better what can you find yeah yeah anyone fight you fought like a put up the wall no no you're so you're there oh I'm on race miles who remember there's a carriage to get here two guys I know is that do we need to put away point somewhere here we will yeah onions spanner and then we'll do it all except the last two runs but they see just so that y'all can get any garages that you have out fandom [Applause] [Applause] yep it's on our way out so lay down then go see ya still here yes I'm just gonna get the carriage I think it's just these scanners are quite quiet well then Scotty oh you said you have no good Scottie what is it you'd rather ask Anya I've got this game yeah pack thing again but I can't see your engine and stuff make me anything you'll have to let me know if you can see mine there's mine's a mighty good pack – I saw yours the other day did not huh why spice answer guys meant that I'm hollow then forklifts daddy someone brings Russian titles Ruth entails he's howling Ruth a day if one of the spanner yeah make sure I can't see whatever it is blankie and you see the pointless the Mongo sticks a chair to trade over there we've had this last night ghosty and could each see our own logs but we couldn't see each other it just showed up as Black Bart there's on can you see the front of Jack's truck by the way yeah I can see that food it's the fun of my truffle bluesy learn that lights and the real delish but smile pretty guys I'm taking a picture okey-dokey everybody Richard what have you got what did I hear you've got sight so we're different alright ok so you've got 4 on my screen bitching on your trailer yeah we're ready does who's leading this time yes I'll go yeah I'll say I'll go I've got to change his truck so quiet inside there goes daddy trying to crash into me is amazing that's all out of the planner I'm going about 35 so just need to jump it the way marker in from Milan I'm more concentrated on my sound we're going to that was close there ghosty just just a bear I've got okay ghosty do you have the garage at Milan I don't know Galway marker so anyway just gonna put some music on right they're coming guys gonna start run away no I think you win and you here with your headset I think they sound good I think this truck is really quiet inside all right driving I've got the eve you can see if you move your camera so even though it's really loud than it yeah really it's just quiet inside mine's quiet inside let's like comments that we asked the other hear things like me you have to go pretty slow oh it down to seven guys we're gonna get you drive in the daylight again I'll cruise about funny five until we healed up from speed so excited that's me clear the toll and I'm building speed I'm at 42 so far what speed to be going that fridge then between yeah 58 and it is I didn't welcome back baby red honey hello kroner I'm on cruise at six at the dark a bit discussed being really weird yeah never tried blow you knows what he's doing here you know that sat down or you know in any questions of the guardrail kissy-face you're right back there yeah I can see Richard and I can see ghosts e-publishing I'm just still find a ghost inside and it's the beans it's the guardrails and stuff you go around me if you all ghosty now for my first at 16 you just doing a baby smiles your race mouth I am I have more distance Humbert BAM you're again yeah I do like Bobo's their eighties I've got one of them old-style Volvo's in Pro mods which did I change though don't holler at me Libyan he didn't explain itself very well I was looking for the total marker I'm like wait a minute I mean you can go in the right today we go the wrong way if you want to what's happened sorry I'm okay thank you I am hate following a tip are you doing a drive-thru yeah you've got those now no I don't gotta do it I followed you one night by mistake it was like whoa I did it though about seven miles an hour again yt I'll let it go that spotty miles an hour let's make through the toe but I gotta be a back up speed I absolutely behind Richard 160 so but we've got a decent spread between us yeah and still see everybody Italian office well we'll take them easy that the Garrett will take this we say we've included in an hour things the only named areas on the map that I haven't included don't have spanner or garages and they're like on those tiny roads as a chalk cupboard I remember they say this is where I tried to get myself and comes Jesus Christ it's going in BAM deep amazing all going back what this is guy doing I'm gonna make a loop I've got the Gary so I'm just gonna make a little if you got they get carries think I'm still and Oliver undergo the yeah I'm gonna pull up here then they're just gonna take the way mark off my map guys cuz that otherwise it's gonna keep trying to send me back to it okay that's me ready whenever y'all are I don't like this area yeah it'd be fair you did pull out the front leg I know he deserved it I knew are you two coming yep yeah right here having to build up Spain could tell bitch watch his back coming up he's all over the place right don't see you too smashing today we haven't got HQ and on ETS Sarah Connor ghosty watching tumbleweed drill path we can set up and use but then towards that give me the shovel because I'm grain my brother's for his free all I can see is James's and like the back of me and then key right no I know it well if I leave them out and I don't get caught out with some getting booted because of no lights let's say make them meet make the most of the daytime I am I'm enjoying the daytime it's tough when you want to stream and it's dark every time yeah yeah but it's not like you actually want this extreme today I'm talking about for the other streamers and watching strange yes I I can't swim it drought that's with the Daleks lemak nap Matt goes and MIDI alright I threatened to do that a million times a day yeah that pest like that pesky today yeah it needs couple it's late hour my god it does gold Clemson train come hang another matter yep I'm not flipping so famous last words that soon as you say that you know what's coming yep everybody get here tonight the screenshots show something about its turns an early stage [Laughter] the flight I've been covering sensitivities a bit what's eight months the whole hour nothing I'm sure I think trailer play could be a good idea being Josie I've played with them the sentence but I just can't seem to get it to do you anything and jerky banging so your break is like your everything said although she called the stoppage of the trailer I think that's fine you can use pop like I didn't blame you or blame or blame the person in front you when they stop with everything because they don't announce it they're stopping at the traffic light she did Yeah right when you slammed on the brakes head-on collision for me we're a smile yep I got a foot though oh you know damage I know go Nana the carriage on video to the standard I need to fix my truck wait again I haven't got a trailer and I like the small cab yesterday don't go back where's the span of it just around the corner I'm gonna take a heavy for reads alright guys I will be right back [Applause] [Applause] you and you see my little truck goes oh it's so dinky like a little toy so I am not much money left at 82,000 left well we were saving the way marker from Venus I've got that garage well I can't get any more garages later okay so Jack and ghosty I have all the garages in Italy only garages I don't have is a couple in Baltic because there are obviously new season episode it's just if goat has it without ya it's this guy that we will just go to okay well we don't need to put away marker on there guys guess what Richard yeah I'm driving behind job see I'm just going to the garret I'm not leaving the deja meets vicarage I'm not leading to the Gary right y'all coming out my little truck like riches very little is Amit some thank you it's like a little remote control one and where y'all going it's this way Josie just go round and will we meet you on the same road anyway hey there I'm a right all right how you feelin the hood for you Jeff you too then my driving is gonna be fun I changed my chassis and it put me back in a left-hander the same luckily I'm back in writing retraining for the time I thought you out gonna turn then which is did you have to get up brand new love does give him did you risky though thank you very much up there right the pain that's me clear the tunnel common the love beating me where are you talking someone in a stream right guys that's Mickey here go go go you ready we lost Benjy again still got God we're having trouble with discord oh yeah right terrible never knowledge to the combine harvester yeah with no crop damage hey watch you know guys do come into the church didn't say I'm gonna get some fuel that's me I'll race miles again my truck I didn't realize it's got about half but you know I'll quick these Volvo's drink the topic was oh that's a good prize if you buy it from your own garage if you've upgraded get watch oh yeah it's one for one for one HIV there – oh it takes a bit of time another tablet to get built up in your system alright guys let's leave a hand go now where is there right each oh geez gonna give me mod back when I come into a room again yesterday I would say my opinion Fujin on TV Oh Oh what did you do popping I've just been kicked again me too but you're not you're not kidding I just rear-ended the hell out of you I just rear-ended the hell outta ghosting it all says oh I'll be reconnected Oh I mean Bonzo I'm offline I don't think that meanwhile I flashed it's either I have to wait 499 second come back in and you hear me or not yep I can hear you I got 5% trailer damage but not blow no load damage that's a bit those he's trying I rear-ended go to you but I nearly did just stop earlier in the year stupid not as much damage when write or decided Cielo come on bright perfect light I said drop it stop yeah drop it like stop BAM I mean go smoke Sarcoxie um I think everybody's Eddie I can see you we're ahead come around the corner I see you I just pulled over so didn't get I think I think he's trucking them you know that's doing this I had an ETS update if you remember Lisa I'll go see here too but ripped on Ryan Oh Richard and I haven't had ETS updates today yeah I'll just cruise that party should make your tablet so transparent there is so much moving on there when you do that not one even transparent I find out what's the matter with my internet Josie what is it it's something to do with the wave connection right because I just put it on wire of Wireless and it's perfect any page okay it looks like a crimp or when you redid your computer your Ethernet yeah yeah I got the drivers off the website when I had to reformat mine when I got it back and it's a couple of weeks for it to actually bad it ends up or like let me get everything reestablish what bothers you got your Volvo Joseph let it go in town this one is one of the newer ones a 20 1509 but my other one I'll tell you when we stop again when we go out for our next load cuz I've got one that's quite high mileage turn off and it's the left that's been through the co if that man in there I nearly went up there as well yeah I heard you only read a mistake then I thought I was gonna have to slam on the brakes and we were that day that's never good I think I've got my headphones so anyway so what caused them to act on my settings there was like a quadruple sort of system to face back through the ones at the front only to screen each concert side track I think ghost would definitely win crash of the week and cheats of the week I was just thinking to say I thought I'm hey I was confused there which way to die just be careful I'm getting a bit late that was very close I would have had slammer breaks on them are you serious I've got no I had no damage until I got to that one corner the song if one got the garage here chick get careful go to this gates I've got the gear to I got my favorite crappy and I did get what's this place called because I hope I still do it's the front of my Cutlass mark for diamond [Applause] [Applause] there's a gates for the spider by the way okay Sehun get me screenshots I get another Sydney a curtain saw varlam diesel yeah all right I've put the screening shutter of ghosties epic crash hey watching now guys do come into the chapter I tripped on my bikes a little bit oh my god God see what did you do it wasn't me that was go see that's us in what think bill ste do de quoi up pakora twice just there's a couple of different ones I must have posted it twice on the site I women I see know why I see it different the trail at one of the trailermate dad can you see that my tanker just Lilian on top of yours bounced it's over yeah better better pull apps for Richard comes to the ears and I oh she's super loud tonight Molly oh I'm starting out with a better load that's 16 percent damage trailer that's yeah I changed it to a tanker engine did you might have been diesel die in tanks it's really strange I will all get into different modes yeah they're the same exact selection on the dispatch we hit the different trailer I picked this trailer that's what it's different to yours Jesus he didn't want to stop there did he Molony wake it up wake up go sit down it's not happy letters let her go to sleep over there so what are you hauling this time ghosted it's got you I mean I'll check the cargo market everybody mascara the coast Oh from Romney which company all of it yet we pick tomorrow the marker for this one is in Konya thanks Connor we need to go there or should we just put him there anyway I think it's fun if you have a look at the fat while I'm getting on surface yeah it's just a tiny little detour down a road but that's at work mr. Oliver so like wiping it out may give a go I'll go withdraw hold tight yeah Italy I here ika yeah the good one that they let you buy your own business that what I hope so they say that that is in it for my profile something's coming back in now go for the holdup guys Richard is this good on your string yeah can you turn it off but I'll tell you you every advice bait that's it all right that landed properly this time yeah I put my weight Locker on I'm gonna have seven for the spanner guys 186 that's way ready to go go see you want to go see to our lead no no I don't like a trailer go see go later I'm typing it leave this Harry my love was so funny it's one of my favorite things to do I don't even think you know who you are right here she doesn't does he now I'll pull up after this hole goes deep come on I just stopped dead then keep going keep going but he had stopped dead at the home I had to do ya door didn't open we'll be right behind go say yes whereabouts are you – that's me through the hole like champagne Oh Scotty's getting a savage well slow down a bit ghosty cuz we saw a lot then back in a minute guys I'll be two seconds they need to fix that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] trailer here that touch your truck so any damage to your trucks on you because I hit back a ghost really goes to what the hell you prefer to be playin he hardly ever gets that he's so freakin lucky we can we can get ready to start rolling out because almost cooler I can't go anyway because ghost is blocking the road didn't no such thing who's that six there Richard Mason I'm only 43 five guys I'm building up those Oh slow down up them down if you feel so bad even more I'm at 60 I can see y'all ahead I'm gonna have race mouthing ghostie break Testaments like pretty yes it's me behind you ghosty how's that cool that would be time on the break that doesn't mean nothing No bat files Richards 48 percent back image you'd even hit me go see 48 percent there me anyway so you come I'm gonna throw at you oh no it's sending me all the way back pull up odd go Steve no couldn't wouldn't let me know y'all keep going we're not gonna start sitting on the side of the road keep going I'll delay the Bologna I'm gonna dick but this this loaded is damaged so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna ditch it and I'll meet y'all and Pescara I've got the carriage there anyway okay so keep going keep going keep going 70 thousand pounds worth of damage Boston 36,000 falls on this lorry daddy broke my truck quick Richard Bach him into the other end I can catch enough speed right it's gonna fail lead that's a guy coming up my left oh my job's on race miles 63 does not get old does it no amazin bad Joseph you got the garage in and corner yeah because we yeah I'm just gonna make it you in Pescara though because it's not that much further down the road do we need to go to there then yeah you know you can't get it can you I've got it so ghosts ghosts might need it I've already passed it alright with master do a map fix though yeah you'll need to do a map fixer it's gonna keep trying to take your back to it over she's got mad love she's pouring some dates to my users even if he said she want somebody's demise without luck yeah dear kids oh stop being a tosser dickhead your ass you are exactly you ready just got there and us get you domination I've canceled a load now you've ruined it I knew it I've been kicked again Karma's a bitch I just I think it's drivers I think it's driver issues from that the one that can't undo it it goes on to a day well that was your fault that like Mantha's laughs that was the dead how many loads we got to do your another second I'll tell you how many loads we've got left I might terms I'm gonna stop stream in there anyway okay we can split it yeah we could do come with five ones working with it cuz I mean it's tacked on been doing two hours but I've accepted this load so I click shift jitter week and she didn't get it again yeah I just just I know I know Ben do you want to call important identity as well yeah but servers are down them for tonight the servers are down look down a partly finally they're having an issue you see the six hours ago we experienced a brief interruption of service which caused logging and matchmaking issues discussing result but we'll continue to monitor that's two hours ago via two week course wine was work what we doing here my boss goes to the ultimate AB what's that time code again who's Guerra sorry doesn't I'm sitting outside this banner it's my risible or tiny incoming where's my jack oh I didn't notice you know you carry on why are you continuing his paint job isn't a paint job

Euro Truck Simulator 2 // Italy Tour // Mad Hatter Style // TruckersMp // Server 3

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