Ezapor Mini LED DLP Projector Review

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Good image quality and WiFi streaming, little/no lag, use external speakers for better audio.

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hey how's it going guys Phil here and this is a review for the as a poor mini smart DLP projector you will receive the mini DLP projector and wall adapter a mini tripod remote control HDMI cable and instruction manual the projector has a glossy black finish and measures six inches by three inches and three-quarter inches thick the outer frame is aluminum and on the bottom is a built-in speaker and quarter inch 20 threaded hole for mounting to a tripod on the front is the lens on the short side of the projector on the right hand side is the focus dial power switch and TF card slot then on the back is the IR receiver for the remote and on the left hand side are two USB ports the DC power port headphone audio out jack and HDMI input when you plug the unit in the internal battery will start charging but you can use the player while it's plugged in as well on a full charge the player will last about 2 hours of playback I was a bit disappointed that this unit didn't come with a USB cable for use with a portable battery pack just in case you want to use it for longer than two hours without access to an outlet when you move the power switch to the on position the unit enters standby and you'll have to touch the power button symbol on the top to turn the unit on the other touch controls are for menu and menu navigation the projector takes a few seconds to boot up and is preloaded with Android 4.4.4 it has built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to your wireless home network and Bluetooth capabilities so you can stream the audio to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones using the remote to navigate the interface is fairly easy and you can also change the volume or bring up a mouse cursor however I did find it much more convenient to use a wireless keyboard and mouse especially for typing while you can't rearrange the icons in the menu I was able to use the Google Play Store and download the Amazon Prime video app sometimes when streaming video from the internet though there is a bit of lag between the audio in the picture but other times it played just fine I think it really depends on your wireless signal strength the ad ANSI lumen brightness of this projector makes the image hard to see in a brightly lit room especially when the projected image has a large diagonal but it looks fine and complete darkness the larger the image though the lower the perceived brightness and the more visible pixels will be text may also become somewhat blurred as the native output resolution for this projector is only 480p while the projector will be able to accept input resolutions of 1080p it down scales the output the color contrast and saturation were quite good and in general the images are clear and crisp the on-board speaker however sounds boxy and not that great it's okay if you don't have any other option and it does get loud enough to cover up the fan noise which can be bothersome as the fan sits at the front of the projector a better solution though is to use a speaker connected to the audio out port or stream to a speaker via bluetooth 3 axis gimbal for digital cameras when streaming audio via bluetooth there wasn't noticeable lag between the audio and video you can also cast your smart phone screen wirelessly to the projector but there was definitely a delay between what the phone showed and the image and sound coming from the projector overall this projector delivers impressive quality and functionality for its size it works pretty well as a streaming video player even for images with diagonals larger than 100 inches the unit itself is compact and portable which makes it convenient for traveling although the battery life could be a little better I hope you enjoyed this review you can ask me any questions in the comments I'll put a link to the product in the description below don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me next time

Ezapor Mini LED DLP Projector Review

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