FeelWorld FH7 Remote HD 7 Inch Camera Monitor Review

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Large, bright, clear HD picture; easy to use/setup, lightweight.

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hey how's it going guys Phil here and this is a review for the feel world 4k camera monitor model number F h7 you will receive the LCD monitor a sunshade frame a shade box a mini HDMI to HDMI cable a micro HDMI to HDMI cable an MPF 550 battery battery charger a user manual a cold shoe mount cleaning cloth allen wrench and extra screw the LCD panel measures four and three-quarter inches by 7 inches and the screen has a seven-inch viewable diagonal the native output resolution of the screen is 1920 by 1200 which is HD although the HDMI input accepts up to 4k signals from your camera on top of the unit are a few physical controls for power three function or F buttons menu and menu navigation keys which are also used for volume control on the bottom of the LCD are the ports and you've got an HDMI output port HDMI IN port mini USB port headphone jack and power port there's a quarter-inch 20s threaded mounting hole for the cold shoe mount or for any standard tripod mounting system on the back of the unit is the battery plate and the external speaker the unit is basically plug and play all you need to do is install the battery then plug the HDMI cable into the LCD and then into your camera here I'm using my sony a6300 if you want to use the sunshade attach the sunshade frame bracket to the front of the LCD then open the sunshade and attach it to the velcro hook in loops around the frame this will help you see the display better in bright sunlight the LCD display panel is bright and it has great resolution in detail it lets you monitor your camera feed on a bigger screen and off camera it's also easy to attach the monitor to other rigs for remote monitoring the one hundred and sixty degree wide-angle viewing lets you see the screen clearly from different positions one thing that I found is that if you're using the monitor for live recording you'll want to turn its output volume all the way down otherwise you could get feedback to your camera mic overall it's a really useful tool for photographers and filmmakers who can't get by on just looking at the tiny LCD screen on the camera I hope you enjoyed this review you can ask me any questions in the comments I'll put a link to the product in the description below don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me next time

FeelWorld FH7 Remote HD 7 Inch Camera Monitor Review

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  1. Nice video. Straight to the point. I am using the Sony a7 R lll. I have the Feelworld 4K FH7 7" on-camera monitor. The monitor is not showing the image in full view. Could you please explain why? I have tried it on other cameras as well. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I have a Sony hxr -nx80 video recorder. However, when I am shooting a video nothing is shown in the monitor. Any idea how to setup the HDMI output in the camcorder to see the recording in the monitor?

  3. Thanks for your video! Do you happen to know how this monitor compares to the FW703 7 Inch monitor? I'm wondering if the FW703 is worth the extra money and what the difference is? Thanks!

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