Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia [48] “A Trip Down Memory Prism Lane”

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Before we meet our fates, let’s enjoy some backstory…

Lenny plays his first ever Fire Emblem game, but it also happens to be one of my favorite games I’ve played recently.

A great story, great characters, amazing localization and voice acting. This game has everything I look for in video games!
Now it’s time to share the experience with Lenny!

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right time to move on here's the hallway so what if I told you there was a way to actually save recruit you would you be mad I mean I well I guess but I mean I don't know it was a pretty I'd say it was a very good way to end his character so I mean but is there a way no you can't but in the game files there's acts actually like voice lines for when he crits well of course because use them but also for any levels up hmm so it's in at some point and developments he was supposed to join you I guess that's it he asked voice lines for everything so the divine symbol so it's either this one or this one is a other two meaning nothing mm-hmm with a divine symbol I'm guessing they mean because I mean Celicas which i think is this one sure well let's find out what happens when I take the wrong one but damn get to this one that's nice quick what is this oh hey it's the battle okay give it to Lucas I think Oh Lucas isn't eat when Lucas why it was those deep weapon for Lucas boom but it was the five boom coins I could never actually do it oh that's like a mythical weapon so it's good yeah I got it right did you do do I what's a mogul don't fight it Daggett oops oh I started they multiply I'm killing you so speaking of brick dude you should probably check out his ring he's it's actually a night I probably should ring keepsake ring a ring that belonged to recruit sleep mother try to cope it and move up so you actually see all move on something that isn't a good there we go so are you blind so skill luck and resistance yeah those five I see yeah you went disorder dance obviously I guess give it to you well you should give it to somebody it's a really good ring it's like plus 15 stat littles like five level ups under your belt it does have a great recovery good there we go wait this is all gave the ring to faint hmm all gave recruits ring to fame oh wait crates is this where they keep all their baking supplies if not only in Douma tower the secret vault oh god I miss this yeah garlic meat what's the plan wait what's eat garlic meat sausage chocolate they want to make a very fancy breakfast holy jesus yogurt then sausage yogurt yes either making a full English breakfast where it being and honey for on the fly on pancakes and stuff or whatever or the waffles or whatever you are depending your tea oh yeah that's true see maybe – all do we need there's a nice breakfast be like oh I would be insane without a nice office – no not anymore high-five millets I just get very cranky in the morning don't talk to me until I've had my coffee all of this has been in a single day Oh dead Oh dang dang it yeah that's it oh yeah there we go right lights know what mama okay there she is their heads been torn off but whatever hello Claire I seem down I simply missed my Manor in Sofia my parents my nursemaid the ladies-in-waiting and servants I wonder what they're all doing right now if they knew I was washing my own hands before supper and a supper of dried fish at that they would simply keel over in shock oh but it would be fun to look fine for a change and attend a grand ball do you dance um ah well when the war is over I was wondering if we might have a dance very much I want to see her in the fancy dress phase like listening standing there like I'm never healing you again when we first left Ram oh yeah I only talked about you hehe I'm so silly now very important man herbs and turn wheel and we have a lot to watch all right there's four and you know if you know the characters just I mean I'll just say like pick the one you want to watch first that's everyone for Clive oh wait went for Clive one for brick coots one for Rudolph Adam one for babby silicon Babeu silica I'm just I'm gonna start with the me ones first and work my way up to the big ones boy I like the title an oath at dawn no no I mean I have this dance oh yeah definitely like I already know it's gonna be less so bittersweet hmm Fernan you came of course I did I am honored to finally be able to call myself a knight to Sofia alas I fear I'm going to incur your family's wrath anew for this they blame me for every reckless thing you've ever done what choice did I have I might tell while away the time frolicking with my sister unfortunately she's never been one for climbing trees or playing at the river she's nothing like your Claire I fear my mother has about given up a my dear sister she worries she'll never marry her off to a proper family if Claire hears he joined the Knights she's liable to try and follow she does a poor being left behind I've no doubt Claire will come to her senses she's at the age where girls learned to embroider and be demure she'll soon realize it best to leave the kingdom to us men embroidery needles are just weapons to her but we've other matters to discuss tell me old friend perhaps this is not a matter I should speak of especially not while I service Majesty himself to say swift rise at court troubles made for all intents and purposes now rules the kingdom I he's a cunning one he has been putting pressure on my father as well much to his chagrin no wonder your father is a good and kind man he doubtless has no desire to put his own people through such hardship but he would be wise not to incur to say his displeasure not these days I hope he knows how to play his cards as do I we all know what happened to some my son after all it's a damned unfortunate business all of it I'm certain sir my son would have let his Majesty down a wiser path but now that he's been driven off there is no point lamenting it if only that were the worst of it now that the king signs are no more what becomes of the royal bloodline the Knights of Sophia need a true King to protect not a laughingstock mind your words Fernanda the king is yet young he can produce more heirs and while we cannot choose our king we can still serve our people the nobles of Sophia have a duty to her small folk on that we agree king or no it's the kingdom itself that is most worth protecting no are you going to tell me how things are done around here or not let me get you settled it was nice yeah where in the world did he go wait is that aunties on teases that you comment I can hear you but I don't where aren't you um good morning morning it's past noon what were you doing under the bed I was hiding so the ghosts wouldn't take me away what ghosts mother told me all about it she said that if I'm bad a ghost will come for me in the night it'll come down from fear mountain and réguel they'll take me away oh you're so lucky your mother's word Gillian so she has all sorts of fun stories fun so you're not scared of the ghost no why would I be I haven't done anything bad Conrad broke the vase in the Great Hall then I cleaned up all the pieces and buried them in the garden for that base we have to go tell them but but I'll get in trouble they'll be fine Conrad I'll go with you we'll pologize and they'll forgive us I promise besides if you don't that ghost is sure to come and get you tonight no if it took me away I wouldn't be able to play with you anymore right and I don't want you to go away either so then shall we go all right let's hurry and put this all behind us oh wait I'm kind of scared can I hold your hand all right Conrad you do it so precious Oh such a loser kid so precious hmm Rudolph are you here it's me Mison I've come here as promised ah Mison it has been too long thank you for answering my call there you are my friend I must say I never thought I would set foot on regalian soil again no pray tell what was so urgent that you summoned me here I know it cannot be to simply reminisce how days gone by alas I fear not Mison in all my years I have never known a truer friend than you you are the only man I can trust with this yeah an infant Rudolph is this you're my son yes it was only just born his name is own I want you to take him to Sofia and raise him as your own are you mad what father would hand off his newborn child I love you most dear but I must know the reason for this request yes the reason I'm here is destined to one day champion Valencia how can you know this look at his left hand the brand indeed two children with such a mark a prophecy to save Valencia from ruin and now my son has been born with it I also hear tale of a newborn sofiane princess who has this self same mark two children then Valencia's n destroying near is Dumas madness to blame yes his time is running short I see my son I have to draw first blood I must awaken the people to their potential their own strength and stop them from leaning so hard on the blessings and precepts of gods I know the people who rise up against me for what I do but as a father nothing would make me prouder and then for all to lead them Rodef promised me my friend promised he will shape my boy into a true champion before that day comes if he stays in Raquelle the Duma faithful will doubtless attempt to take his life I want none to know of him so he has a chance to grow up hail and happy this is the only thing I can do for him as his father very well my friend I promise to take care of him I'll do what it takes to make him the finest champion Valencia could ask for thank you Mison good biome may you never forget how to be kind when next we meet my son it will be on the fields of war Rudolf there live oh what a boss okay now time to get even more emotional Lord Rickard pray forgive me my lord I did not mean to give offense not at all I approached you it seems a terrible waste that you would come to a ball just to be alone perhaps but mine is a lesser house and I do not seem to find much favor here in the end I tired of all the eyes on me and retreated you are mistaken my lady you were invited here you have the right to carry yourself as anyone else as you say my lord do you not like dancing my lord that is say I love to dance in most circumstances there is a little growth behind my manner inside is a flower garden where small birds gather it is a place dear to me on days of fine weather I go there alone and dance until my feet forgive me you must find us all so terrifically dull on the contrary huh tell me your name it's Renea my lord Renea a lovely name Renea may I have the next dance what you mean with me I couldn't possibly I mean what would people think then we can dance here away from prying eyes and wagging tongues that is if you do not mind the absence of your garden and birds Lord break out you are too sweet I pray that as a yes I am the Emperor's nephew after all to refuse me would be most uncouth I would love to dance with you my lord shall we my lady like yeah that's in a way Oliver Nia gets no but it's a sweet moment like when they met and it shows a human side of recruits it was a nice guy good with the ladies alright so that's all them there's a few dlc dlc ones probably but yeah for the main game this is all them all right there are really nice touch you know like expand on the story alright guess how it make yeah offering and then offering orange just to cure fatigue yeah hey sure mommy there we go alright move to move on mmm-hmm okay continue on do we what you mean can you go to the right you could okay Oh Oh gargoyle here I have never found this item it's probably for a sidequest huh sure weird man I need a nap after that probably in the description we'll probably something like oh this seems useless super duper all the way to the right at the bottom it isn't over two materials of course yeah here yeah for side quests somewhere spring oh I swear I think this is a fatigue spring but now Miller has our order thing we wit oh oh oh yes please probably not a fatigue spring dude we would be weird place it yeah this right here no oh serious yeah give it to whoever has the highest level because they get the most out of it well not pythons anyone but five home all right I guess anybody who can use it well who has the lowest rating like we're not gonna level up a lot anymore yeah a fake what okay aside from fake 42 1 24 and 21 on 15 ok so just open up you guys want to tell when and when to Claire please fate and fortune well I bet the other side is gonna be resistance and if it is should be resistant you're like Rare spring no nothing more nothing oh it is god damn it oh it's weird sure game Thanks nowhere where you are yeah like oh she's faster than I thought so hard oh yes yeah she was in a Oh hindsight is 20/20 for you should've stood in those pillars man I need a nap after that next time good he needs more level ups yes definitely more breakfast supplies no oh niggas some some herbs to finish yeah the spicing a little touch myself yeah we're back where we were wait so we just looped around we did which means so wait which means it took the wrong teleporter I guess I did right do that if I hear this one then I'm guessing this one because with the divine symbol it was right mm-hmm I mean then it has to be this one right or is the brand of the bearer not the divine symbol I'm not sure Lenny is there a way I can like check this if it's like an item relate to Miller that has the symbol anima codes this one this well if it wasn't there vinegar oh cool weapon last time so hmm see it with somewhere sorry have this little switch back somehow doctor dun da-dun da-dun go i'll fight on even resistance wake up this guy this guy as bad that he started by thumb had a like the entire character orange yeah it was better number shoots right that's mosey on along ignore him oh come on sorry he didn't see you could skip this I'm just glad Tobin's here just Tobin he's amazing thank you such a good friend I think I remember me isn't this area Oh God that even splits to our God it's gonna be amazing it it's not a maze shouldn't me get to Drew yeah go forward first Snickers block yeah there we go there's a Rakesh ah shucks maybe you should take the other route first there's more teleporters like a simple math question if gray has 85% crits and 69% hits what is what what are the odds of him actually critic I don't see anybody oh well sometimes they just can be a sneaking mission that I guess you should get going somebody hurt you or did they just look around they're just looking around you know you know I know he's behind you boobs gonna hear somebody contact oh is this doing here what where are those this is gonna take me son benjin right I hate it so much oh god the teleporters I swear to god no crater yes a gold coin well actually you never checked the slates in the floor teleporter room so what if it says like if you like kiddies to take this one this teleporter goes to the kiddy vaults there's a guy to the left and it'll just lead back to the beginning this roof oh so it's either take this teleporter or go to the four teleporters he's coming back my way which way it's clumping this way well I mean I would guess good for to follow what else is this purpose because it's guarded by a bunch of dudes mm-hmm I'm guessing but I'm guessing it's gonna will probably take me back though oh now I'm back here again and it's still the same god damn it Jesus already got damnit you did this already know that take the teleporter oh I took the right one but we obviously good job go no no other way look the lion's tail gee I wonder hey it's a new place big room big room mm-hmm egg the war offer around the earth mother's twin relics no I'm all I do whatever I want Oh talk to the door door please then move into door it's like four enough to my door can't just rub it door please come on door well yes we have to find the two relics yes we do

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia [48] “A Trip Down Memory Prism Lane”

8 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia [48] “A Trip Down Memory Prism Lane””

  1. There should be one more actual (Non-DLC) Memory Prism. However, you can't get it till Post-Game. I'm sure Fatguy knows where it is, right? I really hope you guys do the Post-Game… I wanna see Lenny's reaction to the backstory.

  2. 8:24 TRIGGERED

    12:23 I think I acquired diabeetus

    Memory Prisms are fantastic, they give exposition without being exposition-y, because instead of telling you, they show you. I'll be very surprised if they don't appear in future FE games.

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