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FLAWLESS V2 Rocket gameplay on Call of Duty: WW2 NEW DLC maps in 2019. Lots of hackusations and clips with the NEW SNIPER RIFLES. TOP PLAYS email: [email protected]
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Sniping on COD WW2 PC on the new DLC maps in 2019. I get a FLAWLESS gameplay and V2 Rocket with the NEW SNIPER RIFLES. Lots of hackusations, montage clips, and funny moments: “Did your daddy work overtime to pay for your hacks?” FLAWLESS V2 ROCKET SNIPING! Call of Duty: WW2 DLC in 2019
yo what is going on guys X WASD Mitch here and look at the map or plan right now this freaking airship or something first time ever playing DLC on this game up is actually beautiful but uh as you could probably tell we got some new guns new maps so a big shout-out to my fans Sam he's letting me use his accounts guys master prestige he's a beast you upload some nice videos as well so check out his channel link in the description but yeah I really appreciate him letting me use his account because God knows I'm not spending my hard-earned money on DLC Call of Duty PC content should just be included in the game especially considering this game launched with what like four or five Maps compare the amount of maps in this game to modern warfare 2 it's actually embarrassing anyways then we got this m1 9:03 this is called the warbird – it's a epic variant or legendary variant who knows but yeah not quite as powerful as the PT RS just shoots a lot slower but does a lot of high damage so you rarely get hit markers watch this anyways no promises I'm gonna hit a clip because it's 3 V 3 but I'm gonna try and stay in this Lobby I literally just started recording as soon as I noticed it was DLC I was amazed anyways while we wait for this Lobby to populate I can do a couple announcements I guess big announcement guys I am starting a top plays series on my channel gonna be the best top plays series on YouTube oh another person connected so please submit your clips to the email address on your screen now every single week there is gonna be prizes ok you never know what its gonna be it could be some advantage cash prize who knows man but yeah that's gonna be a weekly series on the channel ok I'm trying to get serious here on YouTube so I need to do some series affect a lot more videos coming soon this is my full-time job right now as I've said before also another announcement make sure you guys follow me on Twitter and twitch links in the description very important because soon enough I'm just gonna be live-streaming like everyday I just got to get into a routine and get all my OBS settings together but yeah I always got comments people want to see me livestream so you don't want to miss the follow me on Twitter and twitch on Kirk I'm down you guys see that movie that was a good movie and look at this as well on this guy's friends list look who he's got Yong tuk 4:20 oh wow look their friends that they played together he's got the warbird and he's also got this one this is the three line sniper aka the ARS akka 1 amazing bro yo ho that could have been a quad feet and I've been going for that clip forever that is such BS respawn like the rest of us you know it's part of the game man I didn't make the game I write – they're all over here f AG hacker f AG that stands for a freaking amazing gamer and pretty sure and if you don't know what I'm talking about check out my latest mw2 video I had like three triples in that video and some multi kills a five on check it out how's that miss okay one two you got two kills it automatically reloads by the way in case you didn't know cuz I got escalation on rockin commando escalation and look out and look at its red names above their head I always get so many comments when I'm playing this game people think I'm using like an ammo reload hack or something it's ridiculous look even this guy thinks I'm hacking report this new boo you a question mark gaudium here we go a last second clip although there's only two kills left ended in style though GG report lawl okay it's not even my account maybe I should download some hacks action oh and I just remembered I'm doing this new thing every video Twitter shoutout of the day today's Twitter shout-out goes to Wyatt hunter at nubs underscore whitey you guys want a shout out then follow me on Twitter at WASD mitch to one guy over there buncha guys over here three oh nice try I see you why does it show people like that on the UAV it literally just shows their entire position must be like the class were using or something so he tells me to die and he calls me a freaking amazing gamer again but he's literally showing up on the UAV did I get a better class setup but report his ass oh god him he's mad hey let's turn this into a street another thing about this guy's accountants he's got rocket v2 enabled or unlocked whatever it is I could never figure out how to unlock the rocket me to think I like prestige all the divisions or something I don't know too complicated all I know is when I got 25 kill streak I want a rocket these xws you suck loot dude we get it we get it you called me out like five times to they're mad bones flips oh what's that twenty plus a super kill I don't remember getting super kill Oh 25 yo where's my v2 rocket thirty five and seven right now got him got him nice try oh yeah oh look at that thirty plus that's a good badge guys leave a like for that game okay I got a 25 kill streak super kill literally my first time playing this mouth now you see his hack frickin amazing gamer new because night he keeps calling me such an amazing gamer such a nice guy good game everyone good game especially you Unforgiven you have a mic Unforgiven by any chance cuz you seem pretty mad that game you'd all like me oh you speak English your mic quality sucks just like you're a game player I listen I don't know pick the mic in you that you want no good game though good game good game good game okay back to the overpower and warbird to class guys honestly I think this is like the most beautiful sniper in the history of Call of Duty I might title the video the enemy were rocking the UK flag as well anyone want to team up and get in discord Nam can join my discord though everyone joined my discord link in the description it's a beast discord get the hell out of here four quad feed let's go baby see I told these enemies I don't like this Matt but I'll still destroy you on it okay that was nice guys leave a like for that the movement in there and he'll scope with the second kill I'm pretty sure that shit reports loser he spelt it wrong hold me a looser loose report please know a good game guys that was fun really fun was a big challenge for me to 300 yo this is actually pretty much yeah I'm just the best man much better than you you look at my emblem see what it says read that out loud fuck yeah that's what you said oh good play fuck you come on no you know you you can piece my hat okay fuckin Christ in Hoss is my favorite map in Call of Duty history that's in terminal I'll give myself a challenge use the three line sniper 2 headshots three head shots for headshots okay split quad headshot feed I think might have been a bit slow load to be fair oh we got the fury kill I don't know you ready kill all headshots whoa collateral please no I missed it oh my god that would have been so beautiful in the game if you're in a parachute and the game ends look what happens you're gonna see it later as well okay here we go one is instant replay of this clip two and then look at this beautiful clot this is jump shot the movement man collateral and then I missed the last guy oh my god can you reload already that's one thing I don't like about this gun yo me shots he shot they all missed it was like a centimeter away a long slope already no not yet okay still there he's mad watch this one two three four flip incoming got him you'll get the hell out of here stupid enemies thanks for Superman in my team now he's calling me Superman I went from a hacker at a Superman that's an upgrade I think good game unforgiving you finally won now that you're on my team a shuttle welcome I hope you Betty making all the paper your I hope your daddy works overtime to pay for your hack that's the quote of the week right there guys ok actually you know what I have another class as well let's get it out here this one the response this is a SDK this is a silenced sniper it's got a silencer built into it looks more like a shotgun than a sniper to me though this is the scope here that's slightly less damage but it should still be one-shot kills let's try it out yeah only three enemies though that's not good see I got to go easy on the enemies if I want to get a full lobby otherwise they just rage quit how did you come up with that name man my coach asked me did you or no no I don't have the disease I'm just a carrier like typhoid mary yeah I don't know me for pre-med but that's cool got your back teammate oh here we go spawn trap three come on who else spoke too soon a lot more people actually talking about this enemy doesn't seem happy dude LeMay Oh too bad I didn't have these maps for sniping showdown I could have won us a whole tournament if you ever get a clip on DLC you get extra points Oh two three come on one more paratroopers very interesting Oh 25 and oh yeah that's a nice gun let me know if you want to see more videos in the future with these guns here that is assuming Sam lets me keep using his account too many paratroopers that's when you know you're popping off to peek I know you're back there got him got him well I got a v2 rocket okay I guess I do have it enable Oh miss the triple headshot deep breath okay I got a v2 rocket guys that's good don't know why I didn't get one before maybe it's cuz this map is called v2 I literally have no idea someone told me in the comments what the hell's going on paratrooper is the oh I'm 34 and oh they're all over here look at that four 30s in a row what the heck they gotta get some more badges for me these games end so quickly I'd love to play a different game mode on these DLCs but it's never gonna happen that's game guys leave a like for that gameplay my first ever v2 rocket and we're using this beautiful class let's watch this one too aw just a three piece still nice though I actually had a really nice clip on this map recent news with the PTR s back-to-back 5on times to watch this oh I recognize this map this is resistance from Modern Warfare 3 which is a completely broken game on PC by the way if there's any PC devs watching at least fix mw3 shouldn't have to ask the game's literally broke it here we go 6v6 on resistance from modern warfare 3 I am so down I got to go back to the warbird toons just a nice combo like this sniper on this map I don't know why but it seems like the obvious choice how beautiful the sniper is ok awesome 6v6 the only downside about this version of the map is I do you can get into the apex life spawn if any viewers remember the slide series leave a comment ok I'll be impressed you got to be a longtime viewer to note the slide series is to please Oh collateral yo that was beautiful that was frickin so nice all arranged with the iron cytosol oh man and a 10 kill streak yo we gotta smash 2000 likes on this video this is some of the best gameplay I've ever gone and I'm literally playing these maps for the first time ever you know if any of my fans have like DLC on any other games that they would like to share with me I won't complain about it no bra that could've been a jump shot triple I think that would have been insane literally that would have been my best clip ever if I got the 5 on with the triple gg alright watch this watch this game-winner let's see if there's a quad lineup well it depends on which one it shows no I chose this one this one was nice though one two and then look I waited for the lineup look at this you barely see those guys oh alright guys thanks for watching the video hope you enjoyed if you did please leave a like check out all the links in the description follow me on all the social media Twitter Facebook Twitter you want to buy any PC games including Call of Duty maker use g2 a link in the description to support the channel and most importantly if you're new make sure you subscribe with notifications on I upload lots of Call of Duty videos so you don't want to miss those but thanks again for watching guys and I'll talk to you in the next video peace 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29 thoughts on “FLAWLESS V2 ROCKET SNIPING! Call of Duty: WW2 DLC in 2019”

  1. I just watched your “the enemies d dosed me” on mw2 and your spawn trap at the end was insane. I couldn’t stop laughing. I think it’s hilarious when you just keep killing the other players over and over

  2. Mitch it would be awesome to see these plays with commentary. I don’t ever watch twitch or live stream I like relaxing in the evening and I watch a few YouTube vids. Usually you RXQE and zynsize BFV content

  3. New drinking game. When where Mitch says or people say

    Leave a like = 2 shots
    Go follow = 1 shot
    Hacker = 1 shot
    Report = 1 shot
    Quad head shot = 2 shots
    Let’s go = 1 shot

    This fuck you up with in 2 minutes of the video

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