Focal Stellia Headphones Review w/ Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal

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Focal shipped Kevin Stellia serial # 000001 for his impressions. Did he like them? “I think the Stellia may become our best selling headphones.”
hi this is Kevin teal from upscale Audi and today we're gonna talk about something I love so much the faux Cal Stella headphones now this video is coming out on the announcement day for this headphone so you might wonder how we were able to produce a video and have it all ready to go when the headphones have not even been announced officially and that's because they sent me these this is Stella number one serial number one the first one off the production line and they sent this to me as a special gift now you might ask yourself self why did focals send these to Cavan at upscale audio is it because we're the largest vocal dealer in North America and possibly the world I don't really think that said because I've talked to the people there and I really think the guys at folk cow and and women the men and women at folk al they're not like venture capitalists and I hate that that the money people seem to be getting into some parts of our business the people at folk al are enthusiasts they are music lovers they are technology people they like to use technology to increase the performance of loudspeakers and they've been doing that for such a long time and I went to go visit the factory in France a couple years ago and they know that I was just so wowed by their products and I think that they really appreciate my love for them and that's why they sent them to me and I really want to say thank you to them so what is it that makes these special let's talk about the company you know there's speaker companies today that would not even exist were it not for folk al Falcao made a lot of people rich for a very very long time by making their drivers that's what they're famous for their an engineering and manufacturing company that makes the raw parts and so at some point they said why are we making everybody else so rich why don't we make speakers ourselves and that's what they did and when you look at folk al they make like over 250 different drivers so you look at a six and a half inch W cone mid-range driver from an Electra and you look at one from a sopra and you look at it and they might look the same but they are all different because what they've been able to do is manipulate the manufacturing of a specific driver for the exact speaker it's going into and if you can make the driver behave naturally the way it's supposed to behave you don't have to make a crossover that says oppressive to the speaker and oppressive to your amplifier and that's been known for a very long time for kal speakers are a little bit easier to drive they have a fairly benign pedan s– and so they work with many many different amps whether it's tube or solid-state and so you can't say that about any other speaker company in the world and certainly not anybody else that makes headphones and they decided to really rethink what it is to make headphones and one of the first things they did is they took their strong suit and that is the use of beryllium why is it that beryllium is such a terrific material and I'm gonna tell you because now that I think about it what did I do with the dome crap I had a dome here it's so lightweight oh my god here we go mmm this is a beryllium dome and I want to show you something it took me a long time to talk them into sending me one of these but I want to show you what beryllium is about it weighs nothing instant start time instant stop time and I was curious how it reacts compared to things like aluminum and titanium magnesium so I went out in a great expense I got myself some tuning forks beryllium aluminum titanium and we decided to record how these different tuning forks react and record the results with Pro Tools and we're going to show you a chart right now of the actual recordings and you can see that beryllium is a superior material you know it's the ringing of drivers that causes listening fatigue and beryllium is magical in that way because it starts and stops instantly it does not continue to rain that eliminates or at least greatly reduces listening fatigue but Rou Liam is very very difficult to work with so some companies have alluded to using beryllium but they're really using beryllium mixed with something or they're taking beryllium and spraying it onto another kind of driver because to actually make drivers from beryllium pure beryllium is not an easy task when I went to the factory I saw where they were making the beryllium domes and it was in a big cleanroom all the drivers being made by one person in a spacesuit really it was like going to NASA because it's hard to work with beryllium this guy's in a spacesuit in a cleanroom but that's what it takes to make it happen but it's worth it so what they did is they took brilliant and they made this new 40 millimeter w cone driver and they did that to increase dispersion and increase the stiffness of the dome then they used something called a pour on suspension and you got to remember this if you by any focal headphone that has a poor on suspension or a focal speaker it's a brilliant speaker with a brilliant tweeter you got to make sure you put time on them because you have to get the suspension to loosen up and the only way you do that is with use so this headphone is going to sound better after hundreds of hours of use and breaking in so you got to do that with some music with some good bass don't play it so loud that you damage them but play them aloud enough with some good bass to exercise the drivers now looking at the headphone itself you can see that this is very very special it's a sealed back enclosure and it just gives you a much more intimate listening experience amazing amazing bass response they place the drivers forward in the casing and I thought they did that for looks and it wasn't for looks it's because it actually helps to affect the stereo imaging and the way that your brain processes what you are listening to and it works it actually works and it makes it sound more realistic the the frame itself is aluminum but the way that they designed it is so that it can flex and mold to the shapes of different heads I took these on an airplane flight a long flight I fell asleep on the plane listening to music and I didn't even know I had them on they're super super comfortable and then the cushions themselves are made of a very nice just unbelievable buttery leather and they use memory foam these headphones are super easy to drive a hundred and six DB efficient and they have a 35 ohm impedance so you can run them with all kinds of personal players portable devices you can also run them with output transformer less headphone amps this is the amazing feliks audio euphoria OTL headphone app I'm gonna be doing another video on this one very shortly and it is like peanut butter and jelly with these headphones so you can use this with all kinds of tube headphone amps you can use them with all kinds of portable players and it drives them super super easy it's a beautiful package that it comes with I mean when I open this up I got to tell you something man it was like Christmas cuz I go oh my god what's in here you know and this is where your cables come and then this is where your XLR cables come and then your owner's manuals in here and it's just it smells hey I wonder if that's actually really leather I think it might be anyway I mean it's such a beautiful presentation then this is your I might give that to my wife for Christmas and I'll tell her it's a Louis Vuitton you think I can pass that off maybe not but it's a beautiful case for carrying your headphones look uh huh utopia is our badass everybody knows that that headphone is kind of like the ultimate but I got to tell you something I suspect that this might be the biggest selling headphone I have them at the store this year but you can come here and determine that for yourself we have an amazing headphone Experience Center we take trade-ins we always guarantee the best price I've got dedicated specialists here that are moderators on forums that know their stuff and they're not on commission so they're gonna tell you the truth about things so we guarantee the best price 12-month low-interest financing and we take trade-ins I mean we're gonna help get you the hook-up and then if you want to talk about amps we carry beautiful things like the Felix audio and all kinds of other hams and you can come here and check it out for yourself so again come to our beautiful 10,000 square foot store go to our website give us a call upscale audio I promise you I promise we will treat your system like it's our system Thanks

Focal Stellia Headphones Review w/ Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal

14 thoughts on “Focal Stellia Headphones Review w/ Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal”

  1. I own some focal speakers and headphones but focal really needs to stop making their headphones so colored. The measurements of this looks super bassy. I had the elear and I would say it is the worst headphone I have ever owned.

    I have the Elex now and I like that one better than my hd800S and LCD-X. I feel like focal is making good headphone drivers then totally messing up the sound with poor pad tuning… makes me sad to take highend equipment and then tune it like beats.

  2. Great headphone BUT Focal should stop manufacturing "leather" in their products. Ths are "killed" animals and its primitiv. I dont want dead parts from an animal body, its ugly.

  3. I watch your videos almost daily to get my self educated. I am not rich, but my entire family love music. So I just got Focal Aria 936 for my living room. Now I am adding these headphones to my wish list. I am not sure when I will buy this. But I loved your detailed description. My kids like to make YouTube videos, but keep them private. I am going to show them your videos to learn how to sell products by telling the facts and details.

  4. You did not explain the issue of the tuning forks. The significance is that beryllium damps out the signal very quickly, as opposed to titanium or aluminum where the ringing is not well damped and continues to ring for much longer.

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