ForceTube VR – Feel Gun Recoil In Virtual Reality! – Is It Worth Your Money? MRTV ForceTube Review

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The ForceTube VR Gun Stock sets out to bring VR shootes to the next level of immersion: it includes a force feedback system that lets you feel gun recoil! How well does it actually work? And should you back their Kickstarter campaign? All answers in the MRTV review!

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this is the foster VR gunstock VR Eiffel it is made for VRS person shooters and the special thing is it will make you feel recoil in VR all the details coming up hi welcome to MTV my name is Sebastian Aang if this is your first time here if you're just as excited about VR and ayres me then subscribe now and click on the belly button so don't miss anything as you know I'm a very big fan of immersion and of those accessories that make VR games even more immersive than they already are now this year is the first to be are a VR gun stock rifle that sets out to make first-person shooter games much better than they are now and it sets out to give us PCV our players something that can compare with the psvr aim controller from the psvr so this year is made by the same company pro tube that also makes these pro tube gun stock rifles so but the big difference is now instead of just having this here which does not in any way move we now have the forced tube this module here and this module will not only Rumble in the game it will give you a feeling of recoil and how does it do so with this year this thing shoots out whenever you shoot in game and gives you this feeling of rico let me simulate this here with the Android app simulator so let me do that now and well you will you will feel it here and it's not only for rapid fire just like you feel now only also for sniping you will it will come out one time and you will feel it here in your shoulder now how does it work well it's very simple you have this on and off button let me put it off now here zero and one that's really the only thing that you have on this def kit version and I'm going to talk bit more about the different versions a bit later you only turn it on then on your Windows machine you will see it as a Bluetooth device you connect to it and that's it then you start your game like for example war dust or any of the the games that are already compatible with the game and you simply play and whenever you shoot you will feel the recoil here it is really so easy now for those games that are not yet supported that have not yet put in the SDK of the forced tube you simply would start an app a backwards competitively compatibility app and yeah then the forced tube will simply get the Rumble information from the game and also give you the feeling of recoil and you know what I simply checked it off for you for a couple of different games and let's have a look at them together now and I started with war dust and my first victim this dead cow and it felt very very good to feel the recoil shooting this dead cow but also in the normal gameplay it does feel great and yeah I was pretty much impressed even when you are in the helicopter and choose new regime game you will also feel the recoil and that makes it just more immersive next I tried on award and here I simply want to show you how it looks like so I show this into the camera so have a look at the device and you see how the force activator this is how I call it now comes out and here another weapon and here I'm using the weapon and well I'm showing off the device directly at my shoulder so please we have a look at right from the corner to see how the applicator actually applies the force to my shoulder now if you want to play a game that's not supported you would simply use this software you will just check this one field and then all the other first-person shooters will work because this software reads the rumble information from the controllers and it translates them into recoil and yeah gee I'm trying of table and it works great also sniping feels so much more satisfying then it will be politically correct to say here it feels great and yeah let me show you some other weapons that I tried here in Pavlov yeah simply works great is lots of fun and feels more immersive so for all of you who know the gun stocks you know exactly how it works but all of you who don't know how that works well if you would like to do something like loading you would simply take the controller out of the gun stock or if you have a mega tube like I have you will simply detach it from the mag tube and of course you can also use one-handed weapons just like that in these situations the first you will simply hang around your shoulder thanks to the strap as you could tell all the games that I tried out worked perfectly with the forced tube of course the ones that already are supported like war dust and onwards but also those games that are not supported yet like Pavlov and stand-out worked perfectly using the backwards compatibility tool and well the the makers of the force you tell me that all these big games will be supported directly from the game itself very very soon but if you find a game that is not support you can simply use the backwards compatibility tool which is pretty cool now for the for the experience itself it is truly much more immersive then first of all of course just using the controllers there is no question it just feels great to yeah to have something in your hand that feels the real rifle but it's also better then simply having that normal Pro to Bravo since yeah well you can feel the the recall that is just such a cool sensation if you fire on something and you can really tell that you're firing by feeling than recoil now how strong is that recall well it's not really super strong so it will not like pull your aim away or so so I have read some times that people think like hey probably you won't be able to aim anymore that is not the case so it's not too strong in order to so that it would like kind of mess up your aim but it's also not too weak so you won't feel anything it's it's a good middle way middle ground I would say so it will definitely increase your immersion and well that's what it set out to do so in my opinion this is an amazing accessory they will simply make your games feel more immersive so the big question of course how much does it cost and when is it going to be available now good news for those of you who really want to have this you can have this quite soon pro to VR has just started a Kickstarter campaign that you can beg and the link to that Kickstarter campaign is in the description of this video so this module alone this module here is going to set you back 199 euro in the early bird so of course this is not cheap but in my opinion this is also not like crazily expensive for those people who love first-person shooters for those who already love their gun stocks and for those who simply want a more immersive experience so 199 dollars for the early bird for this module only so you already need to have the gun stock so probably you already have the pro tube or the met chip at home then you can simply go for this module only and this part simply yeah simply replaces this part here from your pro tube and then you're good to go for the force tube now on Kickstarter something is not really very easy to understand in my opinion so what they do they sell a deaf kid this year is the deaf kid and they're selling the file version of the pro tube of the forced tube so what is the difference between the deaf kit and the final version well the Deaf kit you will be able to get it directly after the Kickstarter ends this should be delivered to you in May which is not so long away and if you go for the final version though then you'll have to wait until Italy until at least December 2019 and probably even a bit longer right we know these Kickstarter's they can yeah it can take some time until they really send other stuff so the difference is the death kit doesn't have any ports so so in order to yeah to recharge it what you have to do you have to slide this away here there's something you can slide this open and then you have to get those batteries out these are some standard batteries I'm going to write the the battery type into the description below and you have to put them into the charging device that will come with the package so I received the package and there was a charger and those batteries and I had to charge them first and yeah then you're good to go so there is no kind of use we see port or something and you won't be able to recharge them by simply putting putting a plug into it no you have to open it slide it open get the batteries out and charge them and then the batteries are supposed to be good for quite a long time more than 8 hours on one charts constantly playing and that should be enough and then you slide this back once you have chart and put them again and then you're good to go so for me I think the Deaf kid is really no problem it's totally fine for me for the final version well you're gonna have this port and you can you can charge them and yeah that is probably a bit more convenient but well for me the Deaf kid version is completely fine so should you back the FASTA VR well it depends on you are you already a big fan a first-person VR shooters and do you already own one of the pro to be our gun stocks and love it well then I believe yes the Faust uvr is for you because well it will make your game so much more immersive it feels great to feel the recoil it feels great to feel the rumble when things are going on around you and yes this will make your game better and those hundred 99 euros are a great investment simply to make your game feel much much more immersive now if you have never used one of those gun stocks then I'm not exactly sure because honestly speaking there is quite some learning curve involved when using those gun stocks so probably you should first get one of those gun stocks you can get them for 59 euros and you can see if you actually like it to use it if yes then yeah then of course you can you can bec the the forced tube Kickstarter you still have like like 40 days so there's still enough time if you are just a casual gamer that is looking for some more immersive gameplay then probably paying like 300 euro for the full package is going to be too much of an investment of an investment for you especially because you can't be sure if you really want to yeah want to go through this learning curve learning how to use the forced tube so it really depends on what kind of player you are for me I'm really happy about it well I'm I'm a immersive I'm a fan of all the immersive accessories and that definitely is great and finally PC VR gamers also have something comparable to the PS we are in control but piece VR a PC via our players can even use that on any game on any first-person shooter and that is pretty pretty amazing and that's it for this video if you have any more questions about the forced tube or about the forced tube Kickstarter please do leave them in the car section below I'm looking forward to answer them I really hope that you enjoyed this video and that it was helpful for you if yes give it a thumbs up and of course if you've not yet subscribed to Emma TV yet do so now never before – see you in the next video

ForceTube VR – Feel Gun Recoil In Virtual Reality! – Is It Worth Your Money? MRTV ForceTube Review

17 thoughts on “ForceTube VR – Feel Gun Recoil In Virtual Reality! – Is It Worth Your Money? MRTV ForceTube Review”

  1. Thx for letting us know of the kickstarter i was lucky enough to grab the last first wave #30. How much does it weigh. Unrelated, i strive for immersion so i have ankle weights taped along my protube about 5lb. Do you think magtube would work with 5lb strapped to it, or it would just break magnetic connection. If 1= free floating 5=protube(sling and everything works great but still a paper weight.) Add 5lbs= 7 immersion Add recoil=9 immersion factor boom. I also have pimax 5k+ and love it backer 800.

  2. Hello, MRTV you have all the Cool Toys I am Jealous, I already took advantage of the Early Bird Deal for the Cyber Shoes on indiegogo and I am planning on investing in this thing as well. I have one Question: Does the Force Pro Recoil have adjustable settings for "Strength" of the Force Feedback? I mean, Some people get hurt easy and I wanted to know if this thing is Strong Enough to leave Bruises? And if so, can you dial it down a bit…? I think Variable Power is needed for this thing. What do you think?

  3. Interesting. Still trying to decide which headset to buy. I hate screen door effect and will use the headset a lot for Netflix. Odyssey+ would maybe be fine but hard to find in Europe. Also thinking for Pimax 5k+. Currently i have a gaming pc with RTX 2080.

  4. I respect forcetube for going where others haven't. As with an earlier mrtv interview sourcing parts and materials takes immensive capital. They are not Sony or Microsoft so I understand the price.

  5. Thanks for the video revealing this new device Sebastian. Just for clarification, is the 200 Euro price-tag just for the force-feedback unit with the "stock" a separate cost? Further, I mean no disrespect here, but were you 'incentivised' by ForceTube to produce this video in any way?

    I realise that this is being kick-started, thus the price can be directly linked to limited production capacity and cost, and I do like the concept of the "vanilla" stock. However, for those of us who have had to really stretch their budgets just to get into quality VR, the cost of the "force feedback" option is, in my humble opinion, just too prohibitive. Making hardware such as this so expensive, simply raises that 'consumer bar' higher still, and whilst the reasoning behind ForceTube's cost structure can be viewed logically, it is examples such as this that are detrimental to a wider player-base adoption of VR generally.

    To shine a light onto my perspective, this rather simple FPS 'feedback' device is equal in price or more expensive than many force-feedback steering wheels, or flight-sim HOTAS systems, which are by orders of magnitude far more complex and give more 'bang for buck'. 🙂

    Please don't get me wrong, I love the concept of this peripheral considering the (limited) alternatives for "FPS immersion", and I really think ForceTube are onto a potential winner here, I just believe their initial pricing will only be embraced by more affluent users of VR, which could ultimately affect sales volume.

  6. Decided to back it today. Love space and FPS games and got the VR bug six months ago. Mostly Elite, but blown away by Onward etc. WMR tracking not so great, waiting for Pimax + better controllers 🙂

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