Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer REACTION

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now Game of Thrones Season eight official trailer has dropped a day it's one minute no it's two minutes and two seconds long probably 1 minute and 40 seconds if you count all the intro and outro and stuff like that I'm looking forward to it I'm looking forward to it I'm looking forward to it already has 15 million views it's been out for like what a couple hours and things so go yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo go go yo yo go we're gonna check it out and see what it's all about Suns little fingers dead oh man I don't know what's gonna happen I'm looking forward to seeing the White Walkers kick-ass and Jon Snow I don't know what he's gonna do man we're gonna see what's gonna happen anyway guys I'm excited yo Reno without further ado quartet as being a run that shit I know dad I don't miss us I look forward to seeing this one who's not goose bump you'll get goose bumps in a real family everything you did know what you are you all now where you belong oh here we go it's a lawmaker our enemy doesn't time those deaths that get Mac doesn't stop doesn't feel this length mm-hm or museums to fight for the living who well White Walkers baby those nice see final season oh man y'all Khaleesi oh my god that's gonna be fun man this is gonna be fun fun fun I am so looking forward to this so looking forward to this I am so so looking forward to this finally it's been a year over a year wow man I don't know she's running from somebody man wonder who's he's running from I got goose bumps like four times did you give did you guys get goose bumps I got goose bumps at least four times throughout this react I don't know why I'm so close to the camera that's excited you can see ugh I don't care bro April 14 what when April 14 next month oh my god Wow that's gonna be sick I hope it's a lot of episodes okay give us at least ten episodes at least at least ten episode we we need at least eight up we need at least ten episodes guys at least ten episodes so beautiful I'm gonna miss his show I'm gonna miss his show so much man I don't want it to end but watch it watch it I've been watching this series since first season day one eight nine years a nine year I was 40 years old when I started watching this bro looking forward to it man it's gonna be great signs so oh she's kicking and she was kicking ass right look at that whoa look at that move she did this is a great looking at the Dragons oh man look at that oh my god I'm so excited look at the dragons vests that is gonna be amazing and then they lost that last dragon with the auto last Reagan died last time so I know they got a white Walker dragon man that's sad man look at that beautifully little dragons beautiful beautiful CGI man Wow look at look at her she's going nuts we had this fight right here look did that turn she's doing bro oh man what's gonna happen man Game of Thrones anyway guys I'm looking forward to it that was a great great trailer I loved it I loved I was waiting for April 14 bro here we go 10 episodes at least please HBO come on Game of Thrones you already know looking forward to it man if all you're doing pursue your goals I'm get to share Darren care and share my video with social media just click Share put on Twitter Facebook YouTube wherever Instagram put it anywhere I don't care just share my videos leave a like please comment say what's up say hi all that almost talked about so how you doing whatever whatever language you speak say hello and let me know how excited you are for Game of Thrones I didn't get keep living down there let me know how excited you are for Game of Thrones Game of Thrones Season eight but not least I'm spitting on the play there's no excitement I don't season final season when that shit by

Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer REACTION

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  1. cant wait but very sad that this is the last season. both of my most favorite shows are coming to a end between 2019 and 2020 vikings & GOT 🙁 both shows i love so much that im going to go buy all season s of both in blu ray witch i dont do ever so should say a lot

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