Gaming On A $35 Laptop From eBay!

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Today we are going to try and game on a $35 HP 11.6″ laptop I purchased off of eBay. Is it up to the task? Let’s find out 🙂

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Specifications of the laptop:
Intel Core i3-3217U dual core @ 1.8GHz
2GB of DDR3 memory (before the upgrade)
320GB Hard Disk
11.6″ 1366×768 Display

Music used:
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

this laptop cost $35 including shipping from eBay was it worth the price can you game on it let's take a look at this HP EliteBook 21 70 P and find out opening up the box we have a surprisingly compact 11.6 inch notebook the first thing that strikes me is all the sticky stuff on top of the display we'll try our luck cleaning Matt in just a second the rest of the laptop looks all right with a bit of light cleaning it should come up pretty good the only major cosmetic flaw is the deteriorating rubber spacer around the display on closer inspection it looks like it was picked off intentionally that's the gamble you pay when you buy an X school laptop another thing to note is that this did not come with a charger luckily most HP laptops used the same big round power plug and I had three or four compatible charges literally just lying around now that lid needs some desperate attention the substance doesn't seem to want to wipe off stepping things up a notch I tried using a BBQ scraper and some fairly strong cleaning chemicals this proved to be somewhat effective and layers of the gooey substance started to come off I also tried using a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove more of the gunk finally after many rounds of cleaning I had the lid looking far cleaner and way less sticky so time to boot the Machine up straight away I noticed a purple horizontal lion running the entire length of the display this was not how the laptop was advertised on the eBay listing the seller actually offered to refund me half of the purchase price so it ended up costing $35 instead of 70 so with that out of the way let's install some programs to my surprise this thing was slow really damn slow it had a fresh legitimate copy of Windows 10 home installed and also features a very capable Intel Core i3 3217 u processor adding more RAM could definitely make this laptop a lot more usable so I did just that knowing this laptop takes ddr3 and likely has a vacant Ram slot I removed the cover on the base of the laptop made sure to remove the battery I then added another stick of RAM I had lying around bringing the total up to 6 gigabytes I was also surprised how clean and dust free the laptop was inside when I powered it back up it functioned without any issues in fact it was quite a lot faster looking at the task manager I can see that the laptop idles using close to 2 gigabytes of RAM while this laptop is definitely small it has a decent selection of ports including two USB 3.0 full-size DisplayPort a smart card slot a 3.5 millimeter audio jack VGA rj45 Ethernet connector as well as an SD card reader the angular design is very much of its time but the excellent build quality is probably the only reason it survived being in a school when it comes to gaming performance this cheap little laptop actually surprised me running the games off an SSD definitely helped and in beamng drive at the native resolution on lowest settings I was getting a very playable thirtyish frames per second the next title player unknowns battlegrounds is far more demanding dropping into the game I was only getting around 7 frames per second but like the persistent person I am I did not let that horrendous framerate get in my way after some time it settled at a slightly higher 9 frames per second somehow I actually came across a care package and once kitted up in my ghillie suit I was ready to take on the world and then I died next on our list is Counter Strike global Offensive running this at 720p lower settings yielded a playable but definitely not competitive framerate hanging around 45 HD YouTube playback was fine but the display on the laptop isn't very bright as far as productivity is concerned the keyboard has a very nice tactile feel just the right amount of travel in my opinion the trackpad on the other hand is not great there's definitely a reason I used a mouse while gaming let's just say last of all the battery life is going to always be a real gamble when it comes to ex-business and school laptops the one in this laptop comfortably gets over 2 hours of use which in 2019 really isn't that great so would I recommend one of these little notebooks without a ram and possibly an SSD upgrade I would have to say no to gigabytes of RAM just isn't enough at least if you're running Windows 10 if you were to find a similar laptop to this with more than 4 gigabytes of RAM and you threw in an S d you'd actually have quite a capable little machine on your hands once again thank you very much for watching if you've liked what you've seen feel free to leave a like and if you want to see more definitely consider subscribing I'll see you in the next video you

Gaming On A $35 Laptop From eBay!

20 thoughts on “Gaming On A $35 Laptop From eBay!”

  1. I have a Probook 6470b with 6GB RAM and a 2.5GHz i5-3210M with a 320GB HDD. Wished it had a SSD… only £120/$225 (AUD). Was in great condition and nothing noticeable yet in terms of scratches and marks yet 🙂

  2. I had to choose between an HP just like this but with an i5 and an 11 inch MacBook Air. Glad I went for the Air. My biggest concern was the battery life on the HP after sll the years.

  3. I have a 7-year old laptop made by Toshiba, and I have done some upgrades to it. I put a lot of things that are just laying around on it on an external hard drive that I always have at my desk, and I now have 12-gigabytes of ram installed. It is slow, but it is better than it could be. I want to put an SSD in it, but I really don't think that this laptop is worth it. I am probably either going to put an SSD in it or just replace it. But, yeah. I like to watch your videos. So, yeah. Bye, I guess.

  4. Nice laps for the money I kinda wanna find a cheap small laptop a thin and light if possible because my 15" laptop is just too big and heavy even if it is powerful

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