Gigabyte GA z270XP SLI 60 Second Break Down

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Today we check out the gigabyte ga-z270XP-sli motherboard
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hi guys please Molly here back with another 60-second break Janet I will take a look at the gigabyte GA sled 270 XP and a light motherboard giving everything you need to know about it in 60 seconds or less so let's start the clock so this is the board and it actually on the surface looks like a pretty stealth looking board with a small red accent on the vrm and also – on the chipset but one part of this audio divider will light up red and that is about it for the colored accent so should go with most builds IO wise there's nothing too special being a top tier motherboard with six USB 3.1 gen2 on port 1 USB type-c 3.1 one USB 3.1 gen2 type-c and also to a six port audio interface now by the realtek ALC 1220 chipset there's also 280 bit LAN port powered by Intel's chipset with super speed accelerator software for Less wagging games with packet prioritization for gaming packets there's also to support for end or two drives of up to 110 millimeters and as the name suggests support for two-way SLI or 3-way crossfire thanks to the three precise press lofts that are all metal reinforced we also do get five fan headers which will automatically adapt whether you plug in a fan or a pump and will allow you to controller through software that comes with the board finally thanks to it being an 1151 socket with 8:07 a chipset we can overclock ask I like all Kb like chips depending on if you have a case skews and coming in around 250 Australian dollars this port is definitely on the higher end here of 1151 motherboard so there we have it everything you need to know about the gigabyte GA LED 270 XPS align six seconds or less do keep in mind that this figure only really scratched the surface of what this project is all about and if you'd like to know more check out a full review otherwise guys if you'd like to purchase your own you can find pricing and availability link down below thanks for watching and I'll see you all in the next

Gigabyte GA z270XP SLI 60 Second Break Down

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