GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony – Mission #25 – Party Over – icenhancer 3.0

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Oh have you heard that our lives are falling apart no need close down the club you're serious mother father's fuckin bullshit Adele shitty maybe this is a good thing at least we can concentrate on getting off every gases endless we better do it quick there's no more money coming in it's only gonna get worse for us I need some blow supposed to that's what I told him that shit would never happen back in a date what's up ladies still living the high life I see fuck you doing here cruisin very funny you know missed Ancelotti's still blaming all that diamond ship for Gracie's kidnap oh you did bring the heat down on the club so I can't understand why they'd blame you in those chinks they still fucking pissed at that dispute of ours again fair enough whatever it don't matter right what matters is the Russian has come to mister Ancelotti and said he wants the head of anyone involved with the diamonds now on top of all that Gracie and chink shit the old man is pissed he wants blood I think we can cut a deal we give them one body all right so basically it's you or Tony one of you has to die me and Vince would prefer to work with you in the clubs over the faggots oh you're lucky you kill Tony you get to keep the clubs you want us together partners either that or the Russian is gonna send some serious people round to whack you and the fag with Ancelotti sanction yeah you'll both get wet you're way out of your league kit and you you're fucking looser hanging out with children living a fantasy life I killing Tony but I may be about to kill you two fucks though then you're a dead man you and your family and those spic drug dealers you hang out with you're all dead it's your choice it ain't our fault fuck you think about I'll be in touch fucking spic please make a u-turn we're safe in 200 yards right you have arrived [Applause] Joell what's happening stuff got weird with Tony test there's some really bad shit they might be about to happen in there Oh Barry thank God you got here Louise these fucking guys I talked to them till we can figure it out it ain't that simple don't shorties we got money coming we can expand refurb rebrand I'm an earner I'm a survivor I've been in this game since 1987 ouch the terrible irony you better tell him Tony man what things are kind of fucked man these guys man he's fucking guys you never should have bought him in man now somebody's got it you know the Mex is with us now you gotta be fucking kidding me times change Tony your brand of charming homosexuality it's kind of run out of steam someone has to pay for what's gone down do we sorry I'm sorry man oh I'm sorry tu you was family man but I see that you or all of us the Russians are coming man we don't got time for this gay shit fucking pop them already you fucking moron hey I had second thoughts man you fucking killed yourself just then there's Russians fucking everyone they're coming after you the old man you're fucking dead the both of you they're coming any second and they're expecting corpses we better not disappoint then keep your head loose he's a made guy fuck him alright get out of here Rocco it's a pretty old man that's it you're a dead man taco get out of my club you fuckin Mook you saw that was smart you should not shoot me with smart I don't think so all right forget operate we're gonna eat some some goodwill here what now I don't know didn't he say the Russians are coming doesn't stop like it wasn't bullshit d you're fucking kidding me more of them are arriving outside then we're gonna have to go meet a boss it's got an sometime you send more guys Jillian will be fun come out wait to kill me Lu you want to fucking kill me Tony man what the fuck we got through it we beat them who do we beat a couple of goons the guys who wanted us there is still out there I'm done I'm packing up and I'm leaving town I'm heading to a spa town in the desert been nice knowing you don't be stupid T D please don't be stupid I'll just don't find you shit

GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony – Mission #25 – Party Over – icenhancer 3.0

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