GTX 1660 Ti Mining Performance, Data & Results

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Mining on different Algos, adjusting the Core and Memory settings didn’t do anything to increase hashrate but adjusting the TDP reduces the power draw to 90 Watts. Measured from wall, Average temps varied between ALGOs from 63C to 67C. When Mining Equihash 144_5 it seemed better to leave to core clock and memory clock alone and just reduce TDP to 75%. GMiner performs better for me then EWBF miner. As driver & DEVs release newer revisions of their miners, we should see more stability – better performance when mining with the GTX 1660 Ti.
hey what's happening guys Vega here from surfing ex-special forces and I got the 1660 tee I know in my last video I said I was considering it maybe we won't get it but I did get it is a decent price around 280 279 there are higher-end models around 300 but I primarily want to show you my data as far as mining performance I might do another video on gaming performance but as plenty of reviews on that particular topic out there from common tech tubers and they do a much more professional job so I'm just gonna share my mining data in this video with the 1660 TI being priced at 280 dollars it's a decent buy but there are some variables you want to consider now I'm gonna go over the data temps and pretty much anything else that I can share with you but the first tidbit is basically I was having issues with it I know the day one drivers gave reviewers problems but the most recent driver that Nvidia launched for this card is 419 point 17 and I hadn't obviously update a afterburner but even with the update both Nvidia inspector which I do prefer for fine-tuning my mining on my Nvidia graphics cards remaining I prefer Nvidia inspector over MSI both of them were having issues on three algorithms cocker route 29 MTP and aetherium for some reason when I would overclock it even with the TDP set at 75 if you look at the bottom window I have it set at 75 don't look at the burner it would push past it and sometimes I was set to overclock to 120 on the core and it would just wind up pushing past to 75 % TDP and go up to 2100 or past it and crash and included driver errors minor crashes whatever so I'm still fine-tuning I do I am NOT a expert in every single algorithm or every single minor that's out there so there's something that you do see I ask that you spectrally let me know in the comments if there's any command line parameters or any information that you could share if there's a particular algorithm you want me to test my stuff I will also have a link in the description below to the reddit just like I did with the r-tx 2080 and rx 590 I would be posting my data on a reddit post and I will be asking for your input and obviously we know what you want me to test parameters I'll goes miners to whole nine yards so feel free to hit me up on reddit or in the comments below but just showcasing after you know the the testing and awesome miner here and pause the screen if you need to I'm not gonna shout out every single algo algorithm the card performed as far as power like a 1060 so around 90 watts and that's not only testing from software that's also testing from the wall which I'll put that up on the screen as well I do want to share my information with the the team working on the prog Pio w integration for aetherium I did run the test net application they do stay way to report it which I will be doing at a later date but the 1660 TI on cocker route 29 which is on your screen I was using B minor because G minor didn't like it too much I was getting around three point three hashes with the core clock of 60 memory clock of 300 when I upped the core clock to 100 and then memory to 600 I got three point four five hashes now the memory could be dropped in the the the core cried to be dropped to 80 I found the sweet spot for this card to be about 80 on the core plus 80 on the core and either plus 200 to 600 on the mem depending on the algorithm and every algorithm performs differently so again I'm still testing but this card is new and it's giving it's given me some issues depending on the algorithm as I mentioned as you can see here in the upper left hand corner I'm gonna get out of your way so the MSI Afterburner was crashing fluctuating between you know 28 to 30 MSI Afterburner kept crashing every time I put the core above 100 mega but that you see in the bottom left here got plus 80 megahertz but plus eleven hundred megahertz on the memory still same 90 watts and then the MTP I'll go about 1.8 AG and emitted wattage or power consumption is ninety pretty much to a power consumption for most of these algorithms are anywhere between 80 to 290 somewhere in there and then prog powr course this is the test net eleven point nine for eleven point nine three somewhere in there with a core clock of plus eighty and a memory clock of plus 200 anytime I did plus 100 eventually the program would crash and then x16 our I was getting about eighteen seventeen which is equivalent to a ten seventy as I mentioned before but again keeping in mind that we're only pulling about eighty six eighty eight eighty eighty nine watts from the wall I did do equi hash 144 for Bitcoin gold and I was getting about 3334 Souls depending with a core clock of plus sixty and a memory clock of plus 200 and it's in short at ten seventy that's what the sixteen sixty TI so it's it performs like a ten seventy but with less power draw I believe you can get a ten seventy down depending on the algorithm anywhere from 110 watts to 100 watts and get relatively the same hash rate as the sixteen sixty TI is producing but the sixteen sixty TI can do that at a lower power draw saving you a few watts here and there depending on the algorithm so now the question becomes do you buy a whole bunch of these cards to start up a whole new rig or a whole new station and start mining my recommendation is no because you can get a whole bunch of ten seventy secondhand like two hundred bucks you can get rx5 ATS if you really want 30 mega hashes of aetherium or if not more 3233 you can get two rx 580 and you can get that second hand I think below 200 or if some of the vendors are still selling around like 220 so I would recommend if you're just looking at this card and considering it from mining only that you look elsewhere a price comparison with other choices out there like a second hand and then second hand market but if you're somebody like a veteran who just wants to build a new system and they want to get a new card for not only gaming but then mining on the side then the 16 16 TI looks promising as well as a newcomer coming to the scene wants to build a new computer the 16 16 TI looks 60 16 60 TI looks promising these naming oh my god anyways this car performs very well at the amount of power consumption it has and it performs just like a 1070 and it started out less than 300 dollars so it's a card that I would say keep your eye on if the price drops to below 250 then consider it but at at the current market right now ROI is gonna take a long time especially depending on your electricity there's a lot of variables that come into play nobody can just say hey yeah you're gonna make your money back on this because it depends on your lectricity depends on where you stay you got solar or you're using like it's just there's all kinds of variables you know you know are you fine tuning in are you pulling you know max draw I'm definitely not going to say this card is something you should get specifically for money but it's a card you should consider if you want to build a new system and you're gonna use it for gaming and mining or rendering it's definitely a great 1440p card 1080p card but 4k not so much we already know all those gaming metrics from other reviews but for mining these are mine this is my information this is my data hit me up on reddit I'll have it linked in the description below and I post my data up there soon and I'm also you can hit me up on twitter at CMV Jack's and let me know if there's any algorithms you want me to test any minors you want me to test any command line parameters think I should be using on any of these miners you know any insight that you might have but as far as overclocking this card it's a little bit indifferent I would it's not it's like the 10 series but it's it's not I don't know how to explain it until you actually get your hands on it so I will continue to test and then I will continue to update my reddit post there's no need to do an updated video on it to be honest because it's essentially a 1070 at a cheaper price then it launched at not at a cheaper price comparing second hand and now but at the cheaper price when Nvidia launched at 1070 compared to when video launched to 1660 Ti it starts out at a cheaper price but performs like a 1070 but it's 2 years later you know then you getting the same performance as 1074 you know more than what we would have bought the 1060 at line so it's a couple pros and cons pricing it's obviously a con Pro is is that it combine very well at a 1070 pace but with lower power draw but then there's a lot of issues where is it needed right now there's a does it have a niche I know in videos just trying to push the 580 out of the scene but the 5 dark 580 is still one of the best mining graphics cards that you can get I know it can't do every algorithm the best but you know it's it's still one of the better buys you know sub $200 mark anyways I just want to share my day with you guys thanks for watching like share subscribe and comment below definite let me know if there's anything you want me to test hit me up on reddit or Twitter and I'll catch you guys on the next one appreciate it

GTX 1660 Ti Mining Performance, Data & Results

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  1. From what I’ve seen from others, memory can be pushed to +1000 for memory Algorithms and miner software that is optimized for memory.agree on to get a 1070/1070 ti used for the price

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