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yeah what's up guys so this video features Gumby my brother bootay and I furthering our exploration of day one of this wipe-on a high pop server again I'm not gonna spoil what happens in this video but I continued Adventures proving to be quite a lot of fun and in particular we're also creating some humorous amounts of soul for players we take down thanks so much for being here today I hope you really enjoy this one the following has been no arrests is so good why did they come back I don't understand it I think they just ran out of fuel or thereabout you are they just fuck I have my iPhoto fuck that was scary do the Evan okay cuz there's handmaids yeah tiny oka get making workbench this guy's yeah they did cruise off smelted yeah little stuff that other guy must been loaded he just took off big yeah let's go action yeah we're ready to go in some rooms now morning I mean Gumby might have to go to a name server real quick I'm alright once I get warmed up okay anything happened that night with that fight he did I can hit shit up beginning and I just started fuck are we gonna kick in the base for the night it's like yeah yes yes alright I'll be back yeah I think how the furnace for you yeah Ronna most impressive the start you guys haven't killed each other well it's coming you need to be fun : yeah we do Gumby can you watch me outside well I bet that were up we just need a little bit more wood I don't want to fire Brad town so it's more like you know there are well will them make sure you guys have an advantage –is hopefully we finally double barrel I'm gonna bring a bag to go I'm gonna put two boxes here I'm gonna stick a repair bench um just said sighs we got to start learning should fucking do this point I'm ready when you guys are once we hear the birds we go I heard yeah just shut the doors yeah there's another door okay let's go straight fucking down in it's gonna be skinned my girl see okay instead of the snow let's go to the let's go this way paka Rogers base there look at that fucking bitch 150 Scientologists watch those horses fucking shower fracks dude I'm gonna put it back here name it um oppa I'm making you one too I put mine down I'll get out of it what you name it outpost just cuz we're behind it because oh my god this is gonna be prime location on your person what the fuck there's a chopper in there and I don't say our job is that their job did the shoot it out of the sky yeah that's so far we go we can check out the dome see if anyone's here and then loop to lunch we're gonna fight to bring it up and automate someone's up really I mean yeah yeah yeah Bradley shooting good stuff it's just like you guys are terrible don't even let him talk take it son – gonna go dope or no I didn't see anyone as always mr. Shaw so I'm hitting those because I didn't have a skin crossbow do you want to get animals or no hmm I don't think we need them actually it might be good if because then I could balloon home if we needed yeah let's get that pig some bass down here – bye – same stone it's like fresh waters pretty much everyone at home there's three bases over here but you know there's some people in fucking Air Field definitely there's cargo – okay right here should had 300 heading to shore he is he's just got a bow probably going for this phase – guys I'm gonna get up on this rock and start don't stay ground on you guys gonna go shoreline and go loop always gotta be see he's building come on quick yeah they are always underneath the arch I can see it the homies getting trees lucky just shut I'm gonna get the guy getting trees where is he oh nice okay I'm gonna go to the front door yeah a little wood door he's building inside he just spawned we can go deep on this let's go I don't know where I am there's a door game oh this door okay is it a single door guy me yep hit me yeah the wolf headdress miss them it hit me though the foot Betty hill real quick there's a guy coming up well show okay I'm coming one yeah one sound sound reloading reload it he's coming you got him dum-dum pushing up he's out herself got his gussy good show I just watched the kid run into airfield by the way yeah let's go let's go pod kill me I'm you guys can kill them this is freaking out great and then we'll go for the hazmat go for the guy that Louise the armored and check out the bill yeah going to the second hangar can't see do you need a cross see Adam I have an extra yeah I'm dropping right now let's be on you there's a green box in the middle at the back come back come and cook of it right I'm gonna go up in itself the Russian guys are charging up through the middle oh he hit me at the phone company let's go back here gonna be quick they're in the third hanger that you shut the door in that back room pushing in pushing enter I'm on him you know he hit me hard though he chucked a fucking grenade I got a heal I'm lit I'm live you ready got me oh yeah gonna be let's go let's go let's go let's go in go first yeah watch it just Peka Peka Peka watch him go just one death the back bar I miss some missin bottom good good good I just finished his French good shake it you missed everything say there's a green box in the middle yeah yeah I'm gonna go grab it I have three crosses and a bow and me SMG do Tommy no way Dan really Oh what golf fuck alright let's go deep oh maybe fucking Tommy is that practice yeah it's really good we're far well we have to go back here wait where the fuck's our base oh well it's all the way wait I lost track it's up top first oops yeah which enough to go up that first guy's not peaked them and I draw little fucking snap peek bud Gilliam left side left side yeah – like this right by the base where you mean really yes I thought he goes Russian I think they're I think they are gonna push it dude I can't do it I had a head shot let's did you they're not gonna come they're just gonna go in there basic music trying to flank us dude all right yeah just come over here what you loaded for this sitting I was going right by him go free we can't fight I know it would be good but yeah Nora smart yeah yeah I mean you got that Tommy dude yeah seven bullets so you can set them up and train ah no fuck it let's just I shouldn't be calling strats I'm too hungry I got Monty and I we were like full full dude we had like 20,000 sulfur on us and like let's fight these guys is like don't and I did it who lost everybody serious right here greyspace but listen he's gonna go back in hit him oh my god what's up down these I up here is it up here yeah 17 for me okay you could be walking right into him oh yeah here bow guy hit him on see sense I can't get his shit though guy straight ahead he's got a bone of hatch it sound by the water now oh my god dude yeah look at this he grabbed us I can't even grab it in it's nothing no I mean I grabbed some he had like three Cawood and to get stone but if that's you to be like let's pretend like you're someone I'm killing me it's hes so salty no soul fuck you do freebies a ginger we hire sauna organizer I know that I'm gonna get these Pharisees going right I'm back to our Chi Chi and read outside oh my god I did okay we're just gonna you want the what I'm using whatever yeah there's a gold one or this is the one I use we got sick was clean yeah we have enough to research pistol bullet we have almost 200 scrub but yeah we'll keep Roman you fucking salty bro you fucking salty dog dude listen it's wipe day dawg come here let me talk to this prick you talk to us good he's done he's salty at all no soul no fuckin solid Ian yeah let's um let's go again I only down them for you alright let's go – lets go around lunch and power plants you will just get salty man I think that's a guy you guys killed with full fuckin in like we're kos in everything so this is like you line it right he goes I think I'm just got a single pipe be watered by him fuck my me boo try up come back come back pushed come on bro he's up he'll shock him coming up with some scrap on him good hatchet oh he's got a base a oh we can go deep I got a water pipe right here here did should we research this fucking blankets back should probably take this back and research it I should I should research this pipe I did it's gonna be a game-changer in some way that guy captain Chris thank you this is gonna try to creep up that's what I would do good luck mountain guy the other day was so fun oh we should get some sulfur going to make handmade to put it outside recycle or do you have well we have I have enough to do to learn it do you we could get the hatchet learned isn't it 75 yeah you want to bring now there you go okay the hot-air balloon here really we could probably take that to the middle of the mouth I'm sort of running one actually we don't have a lot of fuel okay water put it actually gummy can you go to recycle real quick yeah let me give you some stuff Oh coming out here's the box is that you talking again don't care be on the basically right over there speaker dump them there's a guy down here – down – shit shit he's holed up yeah there's dude fucking here 24 arrows what's he doing really yeah let's go get this stuff though I just want to grab everything yeah yeah yeah I planted all the seats he's down yeah nice okay you can recycle I should just donate waves another one yeah he's in the tree okay so everything not pipes alright cuz we go on them for Eve oh yeah waffles uh let me see what I need trailer want to pick I don't need ya you can keep some for the pipes sewing kits take those mm-hmm take a lot of the bullshit tools and get wood from that too like we don't need it's many spirits as we have got me there stuff in here you can grab all these Spears make a two pipes so far look they're like they they get so mad you guys gonna kill me I'm okay all right I got three pipes made you give us all the recycled I think so you got him took most of it just so funny like he thought I was running from me but I'm allostery they start shit talking and just turn around the headshot oh shit do we want the cloth yes there's pipes in here and a Malone fan made a bunch more bigoted start fucking Gumby can you craft some arrows we have a bunch of bows and shit if you want a crap arrows grab-and-go food that's only really need I'll be sharing part three and four of this series this upcoming Friday and Sunday so look forward to that thanks again for being here and for all of your kindness in the comments section I'll see you guys this weekend take care of yourselves we're not you Oh


39 thoughts on “HE TOLD ME I HAD NO SOUL! | RUST (Part 2)”

  1. Fridu thank you for being a youtuber I never would of bought rust even though I run it at like 25 fps I love it and I never would of bought it if I never watched you.

  2. people seriously underestimate the value of the crossbow, myself included. Its a weapon that I definitely need to improve upon for primitive PVP. Keep up the good work, hope you're staying warm up there in Canada.

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