How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

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Powerline Ethernet uses your home’s existing wiring to transmit network data! How does it work, and could it be the right choice for your home network?

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How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

24 thoughts on “How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?”

  1. So would this work if I'm trying to get internet from someones house.(900 feet away) I'm pretty sure its not that simple but was wonder if I plug a PL adapter into the wireless router from their home. And directly plug the other adapter into my ps4 would it work. Please respond.

  2. Here's my advice through experience. If wifi isn't good enough that go powerline. Go MOCA instead. Along with cable service, there are no interruptions in the line and most of us already have cable line there.

  3. Nice… need to do some ground testing of these gizmoes, to see if I can link up across a short street, instead of doing a Wifi to Wifi link… and use the old school electrical cabling!!!! Hope it Works Linus!!!!! Good video Bro!!!!

  4. Trust me, avoid using powerline network adapter even if your life depended on it unless you live alone. If you live with others all it takes is for them to charge their phone in their room at night and you will not have internet unless it's unplugged.

  5. Akready have this. That is how my enemies are able to hack my computer even tho I have antivirus to the max. Master radio frequencies and power lines -> hack anything.

  6. Yea but you forgot that one good power surge or spike you can say goodbye to all connected devices to this solution until you setup a grounding setup in effect. Got to hate those lightning strikes!

    Just saying…

  7. I live custom built house, with parents sisters etc, we moved in 2 years ago, before I was into tech, came intotech about six months after that, I’m really mad at myself for not getting Ethernet in my room, let alone any room in the house.

  8. I’m told that the power line adapters have to be on the same circuit. I’m experiencing trouble with this after a recent install attempt; modem on one circuit and Xbox/power line adapter on another. I can’t catch a signal. Any thoughts?

  9. oK tHiS iS ePiC.
    No like seriously, in my room, theres so bad connection, and my laptop is so bad.
    But now, I can do this, and for just a low price a month, game through cloud gaming with good connection. Just like having a gaming setup :O

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