HOW POKI SLIDES INTO DMs! | Syndra Mid Lane!

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Poki shows you how to slide into the DMs on twitter. No flirting, no bs… ONLY MEMES!

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only don't be in my VM talking about how you you know this this is what i DM some Kokila saying ain't no flirtin send me good mean potential only that's called the end time I make such a good guy what I'm not I would make such a good yo you don't want to Studios think a maguro more like this fake Canadian phone not like you're saying otherwise on account because I'm actually a game at Shea gamer guy who a kappa prizes would you guys do pokeyman literally pokey okay y'all watching my six-pack [Laughter] hey guys for today's video I've partnered up with pro guides which is a website that helps you to become a better league player they have lots of courses videos with pro players and my personal favorite feature is a coaching program where you get to talk to a challenger player whenever you want if you have any specific questions since placements are coming up soon it's a really good time to start training they have a free 7-day trial program so you have nothing to lose if you're interested check the description bar below enjoy the video see all right guys step 1 warm up your hands did you guys see me trying to click into this stupid kid wrong plugin button literally like I was pressing I was like wait it's not on number two and then I was like don't worry guys the good game place coming later you know later Nashua my cruise CD bit wood oh shit get beat it hippie come on y'all come on I told you guys did I say the good gameplay was coming later or did I say the good game ah Wow just barring y'all just do the damn what are we stupid no team no we are not stupid yeah booter go go go go go what's up mr. buuder let's go here always stupid no no okay that was so stupid I should have kept up my suitors I like mess up my delay I played that wrong I have to all first an uneven are we stupid is worded come on later later they need you to my friends later 5eg i think pretty good game was not going good I guess what not is going good and why chat why is the game going good now because are we stupid yeah those two barons honored let me honor oh it's pretty good y'all know it's cold would I got these hot wok you fix wait that's what they're gone hot hand warmers hot pockets shiny that in that word coming forward turn into a pleasure she don't

HOW POKI SLIDES INTO DMs! | Syndra Mid Lane!

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