How To Benchmark Your Gaming PC FOR FREE!

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This is how to benchmark your gaming PC. Want to compare your benchmarking score to others? These are the best ways to benchmark!

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so you just put a new gaming PC or you just upgraded your CPU or your GPU and you want to benchmark it to see how it's comparing to before or compared to other people's pcs what's the best way to benchmark it for free well I got you covered let's get into it hey welcome to Zach's Tector today we're gonna be taking a look at my top 5 best benchmarking software that you can download right now for free and if you want to see more benchmarking videos or PC building videos and hit that subscribe button down below and also that notification bell that way you never miss an episode but yeah let's get into this benchmarking software now I want to quickly clear up the difference between a stability test and a benchmark a stability test is something like I to 64 or prime95 where you just let your computer run it and you make sure that it doesn't get an error or crash but a benchmark is something that you can have your computer run that will give you a very consistent score and then you can use that score to compare it to other scores some people get that confused alright so the first benchmark on my list which is in no particular order is Cinebench which you can download absolutely free from the link in the description I'll put all the links down there by the way Cinebench is one of my favorites because after its installed it requires zero setup and all you have to do is click run for either the CPU or the GPU test I really really like Cinebench because there's no setup at the beginning which means you don't have to change any settings and you can quickly see how your CPU is comparing to other people with the exact same CPU plus you can really easily tell what kind of performance increase you get after overclocking moving on our second benchmark on the list is the heaven benchmark immunogen which has been around for almost 10 years now this is more of a GPU benchmark and it can also be used as a stability test after overclocking a lot of people just let the application run and make sure their GPU stays stable but if you hit f9 on your keyboard it'll start a 4 minute long benchmark and at the end of it it'll give you a final FPS average and score the thing I really don't like about heaven is that there's a lot of settings to configure in the beginning which just means if you're trying to test your overclock you need to make sure that you're using the exact same settings every single time and if you want to compare your results online you have to make sure that you're using the same settings that someone else did don't get me wrong though having flexibility is awesome you just have to make sure that you're setting your API quality anti-aliasing in all of those other settings the same way every time that way you can get consistent results next up on our list is probably my favorite out of all of these synthetic benchmarks and that's the famous 3d mark you can the 3dmark demo for free on Steam or from their website and it'll let you run some of the benchmarks but I do have the pay version here which gives me access to some settings and more benchmarks the recommended benchmark right now is time spy which is a DirectX 12 benchmark just like the rest of these it'll measure both your CPU and GPU the other popular ones are the fire strikes they even have an extreme and ultra version to test those superball or pcs what I really like about the 3d mark benchmarks is that it breaks it down into multiple tests for the CPU and GPU so you'll get a score for both but then at the very end you'll also get a total system score which is great to compare to others you can then take that score and compare to other people's pcs online and I think it's pretty cool because like Cinebench there are no settings to configure at the beginning so everyone is on an even playing field it's pretty cool to know that this PC behind me is within the top 1% of all gaming PC's in the entire world well at least pcs that I've actually run the benchmark moving towards the end of the list the fourth benchmark that I really like is simply in-game benchmarks now there aren't that many games out there that include them I definitely wish they did but there are some good titles like Far Cry 5 and Assassin's Creed origins that include awesome benchmarks I really like using these because they're super simple to set up all you do is adjust the video settings that you actually want to use in game and click benchmark but the one thing to note about these is that the performance you get in the benchmark doesn't always represent the exact performance you'll get when actually running the game for example Assassin's Creed origins is definitely a tough game to run but the in-game benchmark is much harder to get a good score than it is just to run the game for some reason different games have a benchmarking tool that's harder so just be aware of that and finally my fifth benchmark is to just play any game that you want and run fraps just pick the game you want to test set the in-game settings and just simply run the game by using fraps you can constantly monitor your FPS like this in the upper left hand corner and you can export this data to text documents so you can see your min Max and average FPS settings you can also combine this method with another free software like fraps drop the text file in there and perhaps will then give you your average FPS 1% and point 1% lows this is actually exactly how I benchmark games for you guys so to recap these are my personal top 5 ways to bench your PC and there are certainly plenty of other options out there I use Cinebench heaven 3dmark in-game benchmarks and fraps on almost every single PC that I'm testing because I really just like the simplicity of all of them and they're very accurate without wraps up my top 5 benchmarking methods video be sure to let me know in the comment section down below if there's something that I missed or another software that you want to see me dive into in another video well hope you guys enjoyed this video please drop a like down below to help support my channel and as always thank you for watching and please subscribe for more Zach's tech turf videos

How To Benchmark Your Gaming PC FOR FREE!

34 thoughts on “How To Benchmark Your Gaming PC FOR FREE!”

  1. I have

    OS : win 8.1 64bit
    Cpu : i3-4005U @ 1.7Ghz (4Cpu)
    Ram : 4gb
    Gpu : 2gb Nvidia geforce 820m
    Internet : 2mbps

    Laptop. And still I am unable to run pubg emulator on it. It lags like shit. Gives me around 20fps. Can you tell me what should I do so that it performs at its best?

  2. I just got all my parts today! GTX 1070, i5-9700K running 3.7 ghz, 16GB ram. I think it’s pretty beastly, do u think it can run games and record without any problems?

  3. Should've told us if fraps benchmark the same as what you really get without running background apps(fraps). I noticed mine takes a bit of a hit when benchmarking with fraps… But I don't really know how much fps is lost

  4. hey can you help me out if you can over comments… my pc runs pretty slow half of the time but it is pretty high end..
    it has a:
    GTX 1080ti 11gb
    i5-8600k 3.60ghz
    TUF-gaming pro z370 motherboard
    and 16gb 3000mhz ddr4 ram
    you have something i could try or is something here a bottleneck?

  5. Thanks bro for the information! I'm about to build my first PC this weekend once the other half of my components arrive in the mail! My specs are

    Ryzen 5 1600X
    B350-F Gaming Motherboard
    16GB of RAM clocking in at 3000 mhz (2x8gb stick)
    SSD for fast boot
    HDD for storage
    and Asus Radeon RX 580 8GB ROG Strix GDDR5

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