How To Create A Restore Point Windows 10

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Today, you will learn how to create, load and manage restore points in Windows 10. Making restore a restore point in Windows 10 is really important, and did you know that Windows will turn off this feature by default, so make sure you watch this video to learn how to turn them on again!

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today I'm going to show you how to make a window system restore point and how to manage them okay so I just found out that by default Windows actually disables these system restore points anytime it makes these restore point is when you update to a new version of Windows now I'm going to show you how to check this on or off by default and how to change that and how to manage them so the first thing we need to do is head over to the windows icon bar left and you just want to type in restore and it should not with create a restore point when you clicked on that is then going to bring up a new tab and here it's going to give you all the information you need to know under system protection so as you can see I've got two drives of stored ins my computer the system drive here is the most important one because that's what your operating system is installed on now here West's protection that obviously means whether system restore is enabled or disabled on that drive so you want to make sure the both on I dearly in case something goes wrong so in order to enable it just once select the drive you want to turn it on for so I'm going to set the D Drive and you want to click configure boost on that you want to click on turn on system protection and you want to select how much room you want to allocate system restore points now this all depends on how much storage you've got on that drive I've got two terabytes on this so what I'm going to allocate about 10% that should be more than or for restore points and that's when jen86 gigabytes of course if you do less storage you can probably pop it down to five percent or three percent but I won't recommend going any lower so we've done that you just want to click apply and then click OK so now both fire drives are protected if you want to you can go ahead and create it among your restore point what you compute it does this automatically every seven days anyway so in order to this we want to select the drive you want to create the restore point for so I'm going to select the C Drive we then want to go ahead and click on this create box here I want to call it something memorable so preferably the date and time I once you've done that you just want to go ahead and click create now restore point usually take anywhere from a quarter seconds to a couple of minutes three hour how fast your PC is and hampshire's got to restore social layer do this thing I knew eventually finish okay so let's just say you want to go back to that restore point you just made or one that's previously been done you want to go ahead and select system restore wench here it's going to bring up a new window box and you want to go ahead and click Next and select the restore point you want to make so this is the manual restore point I've just made but I'm going to select this one for example and if something has gone wrong since that point you can click scan for effective programs and this shows you all of the updates and programs you've recently installed since that's asset update so as you see I have recently installed a update for private Internet access which is a VPN it's actually really good to be honest say sure I just and get a VPN to be a link below and I've also installed updates from Microsoft professional as well so go ahead and click on close and select the restore point you want to backup to and click Next so here it's basically just giving you a warning saying that you must always restore the drive that contains Windows no no that's been restored because protector has already been on for that so we have to worry about that for now all you do is go ahead and click Next and then when you're ready here just go ahead and click finish and that's going to basically go back to the restore point you've just selected this can take anywhere from our 30 minutes to an hour it's one on how far back it's got to restore as we become more dependent on our digital devices and services it's more important than ever to keep them working safely and efficiently see cleaning is a program that will do exactly that automatically for you it keeps your PC clean and free from junk files and security trackers that you don't even know about it will also give you faster boot times we could process in and safer browsing or while running in the background so you don't have to worry about a thing if this is what you want click lenient below to find out more so if this video is helpful please leave a like and pass on someone who may find it helpful as well if do any questions or comments just leave them below and I'll reply to you as soon as possible so thank you so much for watching and have a good day

How To Create A Restore Point Windows 10

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