How to DESTROY a Minecraft Server in 0.0002s

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what's going on everybody welcome back to another video and today here we are on Skyblock and what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be crashing players deleting their Islands and resetting it back to the default island and getting their reactions so yeah if you guys like this video then know subscribe and if you don't then I'm gonna steal all your chicken nuggets and I'll take the barbecue sauce to monster what can you do to prevent it you can subscribe please so we need to go to a default eyelid tiara and we just need to copy a schematic of it probably should delete the sign so it doesn't say my name there we go and just go ahead and save that schematic and now we just need to find somebody to troll Holy Mother of sanity this is entire eyelid this is high okay so really quick ready crash him set zero haste now that a fault eyelid is here I always need away from the log back on this looks at the chest use all the default stuff oh hey god that's my cow that easy B shoves off that said my name that was the evidence we need to remove is he gonna say a heavy video chat hello he's just gonna look at her out like what's happening he's just like looking down like he's sad like weird my stuff go committing suicide what is he doing so he stored his stuff and then he committed suicide you know I wonder what's going through his mind right now because I mean like what does he think by the way here's anyways curious what I do slash crash and type somebody's name I just said you to the hub and it gives you this fake internal exception thing by hungry Tang oh and he left oh we made a ragequit I guess that's a pretty good first reaction so there we go we went ahead and put his eyelid back and gave him all his gear back so he logs on if he logs on cuz this I beat let's face it this was probably his first day here he's he's probably done with a bay lens forever good job big lips and never coming back so we're going to crash him at zero and paste so there we go and kill the cow cow it needs to be gone okay I had Confucian I am Confucian that's right I even went so far as to troll the staff ever that's supposed to be helping me with the trolling and this kid had like hours and hours dedicated to you a silent and now it is gone it's just like looking at the chest to disbelief every night I don't think your eyelids hiding under this one buddy hello I think we broke this kid's brain he doesn't even know how to react and now the funniest thing you've ever seen bears I circle around the tree and then open the chest will be guided nope my island just reset there we go luckily he says something so we're gonna go ahead for somebody to type a chat gosh there was an internal exception of the bisecting unit that saves data solve eyelids may have been reset I don't even know what I'd say I just said random words yeah who needs somebody to be here and help me when I can just suit him to say the messages myself gosh try relocking that may reset your data back to normal thank you oh you're so helpful to Modi and now he's gone and he's gonna come back and he's still gonna be here store your gear and I maybe action of dying will reset a question mark that's what the dev said and he says case and now he's just gonna story scare a jump-off and there he goes straight into the void and there he is he's dead add now he's got to come back to his Island and it's still broken okay here's what we're gonna do I'm going to quote-unquote fix it for him I can fix it so I'm gonna say okay one last thing I can try beds are saved it is say bisecting unit so in theory if I bid you it might refresh your data and restore it your island he says hmmm relog it's soon sohe Modi has permanently banned him so we could just undo what we did and now it is back and we could sue Doha Modi to unban M now the kind of bummer is I broke all of his redstone as you can see here it's all frozen so he's gonna have to fix that once he comes back lights oh well I mean at least he has something to come back to yes yeah there you go buddy your eyelid is all fixed the database bisector should be fixed later today so this doesn't happen anymore glad I could help Kosh and he says thanks you're the best oh and nobody's there Eddie sigh I know I'm the best so I got a trophy poland' delete their Islands so that way I can restore it to appear to be a good Advent well I they thought her Modi fixed it so so I guess Modi's a good buy but I'm still bad admin cuz technically her Modi's the one that fixed it for him so oh we got a guy alone with a pretty decently sized eyelid all right this one's gonna be fun so this is this guy right here we're gonna go ahead and crash him to zero and paste no no no no no no get on get on Oh shove off the cow you can't be here the cow is the evidence that we keep on having to dispose of oh no oh no phone out teleporter back he was about to follow the boy to die so just teleported there that look kind of convincing right that he got teleported to a safe place and he just says what why did I get reset and he did /is and nope sorry you gotta stay there buddy I be the help why did I get reset CTS Skyblock reset LMAO oh he just thinks – everyone got reset right now and he's gonna start new he's just accepted as bait that oh I guess there was just some random reset we're done now so we're just got to go ahead and crash him again set it to zero and paste and we proved the log back on so that way we could teleport him to his little start there your back buddy on your original Island wait what happened okay so we've got homo tikka Vinod – Skyblock right now it is gonna pretend to help this kid I need help oh hi TTS what do you need help with says so Bodi he's just like sitting here staring at a boat he's not even telling him anything oh he's talking in DM hang on let me turn on social spy now he's saying those blocks that he plays he's restarting his island are now gone so hang on okay so we're gonna throw down some valuable blocks right here that he claimed he lost so rotella Cove ot that his valuable blocks should have dropped on the island and that he should go look for them we're gonna insist that he needs to search this eyelid for the blocks are you kidding me did you just kill I looked right out of to I don't see the you barely looked bro there you go hobo D lead up over here oh and there's your valuable blocks and he seriously just got himself stuck in his own fence that's just embarrassing maybe these are them but I do know this is like read a blog sitting down there that you never threw down of course they're your Hooker's this kid is like so clueless it's so dumb it's not the exact about I had it's not an exact system yeah there you go it's just uh it's a new feature you know Qaeda buggy does it give you everything exactly back but it's kind of close Oh sad face poor kid but why did my eyelid get reset your eyelid reset because Skippy was playing around with plugins oh yeah that's totally believable and sembly scapula does the plug ins and accidentally reset your specific island skep each RV my god let's just smite him once whoa so happy do it again okay I'll do it again hey yeah let's do it again now let's just might him to death what if I like create an NPC right there we go here's skep II this is sketchy right here Adelita ah that's it EDC sad face staff can disguise as NPCs though so they don't show up in tab if he believes that that's gonna be the dumbest thing that wasn't scabby okay well I mean I guess there's always so much this kid will believe and then I got an idea I got an idea okay so we got a command block here I'm gonna place this yep there we go I need your reaction for a vid okay only me homo D and TT I saw that he's just nodding it's just like tidy yes it j-just starts nodding okay Skippy isn't odd lied that you're trolling me hello D this kid thinks he's smart but he's not he's just totally been trolled okay I think that's good enough for him we can move on to somebody else and he could just sit here remain confused thinking it was a homo t-that trolled him okay so we have this kid I don't think that okay I think they were just here please don't be in FK I just spent a minute actually working to save your Island don't be afk okay am I gonna have to spawn a zombie on you oh no he's here okay crash him set zero and paste and shove off the cow so that way there we go can't have him and here we go he's back he went to splat he came back to see if he was glitched but nope this is your Island now he's just like flying around like what's happening did he just reset his island I got kicked what happened he did he reset his Island I guess he decided he didn't want it to get thanks she's just like nope I'm gonna reset it and that's it we're done so we're gonna go ahead and crash him set the island to zero and paste so there you go you're AI lives all back now buddy so for him he crashes his eyelid resets and that he crashes again and his Islands back so it's just sick day for him I guess it all he says is nice well at least he's happy to get his eyelid back I guess that's a reaction that was actually really fun I have that idea earlier today and I cut now myself I just I had to do it I mean people are so gullible they'll fall for literally like anything you do I mean we're talking about bisecting units and crap I'll be let's even the craps yeah be batches in his videos and beg kids still had no idea oh my god some people this is so darn gullible so yeah anyway if you guys like this video and you like what I do here police be sure to hit that like button consider subscribing follow me Twitter and yeah I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow and don't forget to if you don't subscribe I'm stealing all your chicken nuggets and the barbecue sauce okay stealing it all so yeah I see you guys probably Thursday so goodbye

How to DESTROY a Minecraft Server in 0.0002s

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