How To Enable File Extensions On Windows 10

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hello everybody and welcome back to another video for today's video we're gonna show you how you can see file extensions on your files if they are hidden so step one you're gonna do is you're gonna go down here to where it says where your Cortana little thing is or says type here to search or if you hit the little bar or the magnifying glass you're gonna click here and then you're gonna type in here you're in type control panels you're gonna go to your control panel and then you're gonna go to appearance and personalization File Explorer options and then it's gonna pull up this little mini that's going to look like this you're gonna go to view you're gonna click on hide extensions for known file types you're gonna click apply and then boom that simple and you can also change other your file explorer options – I'm gonna go to probably if you guys have questions for that I'll probably go over there and now you can change the file extension to whatever you would like for instance if you want to do a dog fat I don't have any code in it right now we're gonna make a batch file or any other extension or changer just see what it is so you know you can do that and you can just rename it and obviously don't have any code so it's not gonna do anything but if you guys found this video helpful leave a like and I'll see you guys at next video bye

How To Enable File Extensions On Windows 10

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