How To Fix Bluetooth Not Working/Bluetooth Not Connecting On Windows 10

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3 simple steps/ways to fix the Bluetooth not working on windows 10/Bluetooth not connecting/Bluetooth device not connecting/Bluetooth not responding to windows 10/8/7 Laptop/PC. After watching this quick tutorial I hope you can find the best way to solve Bluetooth connection problems with Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard Bluetooth speaker or any other devices not working/not connecting/not responding/problem using Windows 10. This tutorial also works any later edition of Windows 10 OS builds 2019-2017 from 2016.

According to this video, you can also fix the same problem using Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

How To Download And Install Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10 (2018)

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How To Fix Bluetooth Not Working/Bluetooth Not Connecting On Windows 10

42 thoughts on “How To Fix Bluetooth Not Working/Bluetooth Not Connecting On Windows 10”

  1. I followed 5 different videos with no solution then went to devices-bluetooth & other devices- selected the huge + symbol on the top left of page catagory add bluetooth or other device lol then it popped up and when i selected it(i have a favi bluetooth keyboard) it gave an 8 digit code that i typed on the keyboard and i was like no fricken way lolol

  2. If your bluetooth is in your motherboard just go to the bios> disable the bluetooth controller> reset> then switch off the computer from the powersupply or just remove any batery or AC conector for more than 10 seconds then reconect>go to the bios, enable the bluetooth or default bios settings. after that i fixed my non appearing bluetooth in windows 10. that is in my mother board (Asus strix z270e Gaming)

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