How To Get a Clock On Your Desktop in Windows

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what's up YouTube Meggy tutorials here today I'm going to show you how to install this really cool looking clock in Windows using a program called rainmeter rainmeter lets you do really cool things like this to play on your desktop you can also do things like email widgets or weather widgets your music playing type things and they're actually called skins not widgets I just say that for simplicity sakes anyway I'm going to be showing you how to install this really cool clock first of all go to the first link in description which is rainmeter and click the download under the 2.3.3 release anyway just download the newest version and it's an exe just double click that and it will install the program obviously it'll be in your system or your task manager taskbar I don't know what that thing is called it looks like a raindrop then you need to go to the second link in the description which is a rainmeter skin and the name of the skin is super colossal it's a clock as you can see right here now there's a couple of different styles as you can see this one it just has the normal time the seconds p.m. or a.m. and then the date also has this ticker thing which ticks every time there's a new second you also have this version which has when you're playing music it shows that I don't know what these two the differences in this is and that might be the date that might be the date I'm not entirely sure you can check it out yourself there's also this version that has just a green background I think you can change this but I'm not entirely sure there's also another version that I guess is more transparent looking and then there's this version which is still also customized it has a red ticker instead I'm going to download the default one every time you choose a new one it will say you know download file and it will be different I'm going to download this file and then it just is this small zip just extract that into your super colossal folder open the super colossal folder and then open the next one open the font folder and double click the font file you need to install the font so that it works then go back up to the second super colossal folder keep that open you're going to need that right click on the writing meter in your system taskbar thing hover over skins and click open folder you'll see this folder which is in your My Documents a mere skins and then all you'll see is just one skin I don't remember what it is but then you won't have this basically just drag this in right there restart line here so exit out of it and then turn back on right-click on it hover over skins hover over super colossal and then choose one of these I'm going to choose tiny real quick and as you can let me shrink all this stuff down so you can see it easier right here that's it you it's not very big and it's actually kind of hard to drag around because it's so small but you can that if you just want to put it right up in your corner down on the bottom or in a little test a sidebar or something for your other rainmeter skins but you can also do the same thing but choose with 1:24 it makes it much bigger you can drag it around by just clicking on any of the text and just moving your mouse unfortunately you can only go so far there's a border right here when you go over here because of this second thing it will well you go any farther than that won't let go any more down or up but it you know if you can move it around it's not like you're super limited you can choose different sizes if you have a bigger or smaller a computer monitors or resolution this one obviously takes up the entire width and then the next one can't even fit on my screen it's that big so I guess if you have multiple monitors and then this one's just kind of in the middle of those so you have a pretty good range of writing unfortunately it doesn't work with all backgrounds because of the black text so if I put it over in the black it's kind of hard to see the five or if you have glare from the Sun or a light fixture it can be hard to see so you just got to experiment desktops you might be able to change the color of the text or find a different clock for rainmeter that's how to get a really cool clock for Rainier in Windows thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up don't forget to circle me on Google+ and if you want more tutorials subscribe

How To Get a Clock On Your Desktop in Windows

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  1. if youre only looking for a simple time display, open a new instance of your web browser, go to and resize it the way you like. You could also put it behind transparent elements of your Windows, like title bars or the taskbar. btw resizing can be done by holding Ctrl and scrolling your mousewheel or Ctrl and +/-, just in case you dont know.

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