How to Hide A Drive or Partition in Windows 10 Tutorial | The Teacher

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Hiding Folders and Files in Windows is not always the best case to safeguard your data because any user can see the hidden files. To be more secure Hiding Drives in Windows is the best option that protect your important data. In this video, you will learn four easy and different ways to Hide Drives in Windows 10.

Information Applies To the following versions of Windows :
Windows 7
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 10

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Emma (TTS)

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Presented By The Teacher
hello everyone and welcome again securing your personal data is the first and the most important step that every user should take while working on an office or personal computer you should probably be hiding or locking a folder or file which is confidential data but what if you have many such folders and files that you don't want anyone else to access a better way of doing this could be that you place all of your confidential files and folders to a specific Drive and then hide that particular drive so that the drive is not visible to anyone after that if someone uses your computer they do not know that there is such a drive exists on your PC so let's get started there are various methods to hide a drive in Windows the first method is to use Disk Management utility right click on start button and then click Disk Management I will advise you not to hide your boot partition where Windows is installed even if you will try Windows will not let you do this now right-click on the drive which you want to hide and then click change drive letter and path click the remove button and then hit OK Open File Explorer to see the changes whenever you need to access the drive again just follow the same steps again and this time assign a drive letter to your drive by clicking on add button and then choose a drive letter from assign the following drive letter the second method to hide a driver's to use group policy editor hold down the window key and then press R to open run command type gpedit.msc to open group policy editor now navigate to user configuration administrative templates windows components file explorer from the right side pane double-click on hide these specified drives in my computer the problem hiding drives through gpedit.msc letters then you will not be able to hide the drive using Group Policy editor but for the time let's try to hide drive D and sometimes it quickly take effect without the need of restarting your PC otherwise you may require to logout and login back or restart your PC completely for the changes to take effect if you want all the drives back just set this policy to not configured and apply the changes the third method of hiding drivers to use registry editor it is highly recommended that you should take a backup of your registry before proceeding to open registry editor hold down the windows key and then press R to open run command type regedit and press ok button to backup your registry first click the file menu and then click export type a file name and choose the location where you want to save the backup and then click Save button now to hide a drive you need to modify registry entry navigate to the following registry location under Explorer folder look for a D word value called no drives if it is not available then you need to create a new D word value right-click inside the right side pane and point the new and then click D word 32-bit value name the new key no drives without space now double-click the key and enter the value for the drive that you want to hide each Drive has a unique value and you need to note down this chart for instance if you want to hide the drive D then you need to enter a decimal value of 8 if you want to hide more than one drive then you need to sum the value of both for instance if you want to hide the drive D and drive E then you need to enter a decimal value of 24 which is 8 plus 16 you may require 2 logging back to your user account or restart your PC for changes to take effect whenever you require your hidden drives back just delete the newly created registry entry or set the value to 0 you may require to login back or restart your PC if something goes wrong while modifying registry then you can restore your Windows registry from the backup that we have previously taken click the file menu and then click import select the file and then click open the fourth method to high drives is using an elevated command prompt to do this right-click on the Start menu and then click command prompt admin at the command prompt type diskpart once the diskpart utility begins running type list volume and press Enter key to see all the drives available decide which drive you want to hide and note down the corresponding number of that drive for instance if you want to hide drive D then volume could be number zero now type select volume 0 and hit enter key to hide the particular Drive type remove letter equals D you can check either the drive has been hidden or not by opening File Explorer any time when you need your drive back follow the same commands but this time use a sign command instead of remove for instance to reuse the drive D type a sign letter equals D and hit Enter key so this was all about hiding drives in Windows without installing any third party utility hope you may have learned something new and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more upcoming videos till then goodbye and have a nice day

How to Hide A Drive or Partition in Windows 10 Tutorial | The Teacher

25 thoughts on “How to Hide A Drive or Partition in Windows 10 Tutorial | The Teacher”

  1. There is a 'System reserved' partition which suddenly appeared on my pc.When i click on remove in disk management,it gives a warning message saying that,'it might cause problem to you pc'…is it really safe..??

  2. I merge my unallocated space to my C drive then after restart, the windows recovery partition is became visible in "this pc". Does hiding the partition will get me problem when I need to use windows recovery?

  3. Thank you.Your tutorial was very educative.My question is,I watched an old video where the tutor worked with Windows 7 and I applied the same trick in Windows 10 but I got locked up.I want to have access to my drive but I am handicapped now.
    This was how he did it to lock the drive in Win7: i)Right click on the drive and selected properties ii) Select security and to the advance option
    iii)Remove all allowed permission
    Now I do not know how to allow them in Win 10.
    I need your help as soon as possible.
    Thank you

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