How To Make & Where To Get Black Ice Overload Enchantments In Neverwinter Mod 15

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In this neverwinter mod 15 xbox one gameplay i show you guys how to get and wear to get black ice overloads enchantments in mod 15
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Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic PC Case
Asus Hero vii x470 Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 2700x Processor
Corsair Led RGB 16GB DDR4 Memory
Asus Strix GTX 1070TI Graphics Card
ElGato HD60 Pro Game Capture Card
Corsair 750W Power Supply
Aigo White LED Ring Fans
Samsung 970 Pro 512GB M.2 Hard Drive
GPU Bracket- Clovertale Red Aluminum

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what is going on YouTube the assist man I'm coming back at you guys with another YouTube video inside of this video man it's gonna be a quick one but it's just a helpful informative video for you guys in my 15 a lot of you guys who used to use the black ice enchantments the black ice I'm sorry the black ice overloads the lesser purified the greater purified since they took black ice away you were probably wondering did they take these out of the game or where are they well I got good news for you what you need to do to find them is go to care Koenig and then once you go to care Koenig you want to enter in and go to the back and you want to go talk to this guy I'm talking to you right now he actually sells them there and you don't even need to craft them anymore so you could either trade in your raw black ice for regular black ice to this guy or you could just make the grater purified or the grater corrupt enchantments or the lesser you know black ice enchantments as well so all you need to do in order to still make these things is go to this guy in Cara Koenig in Icewind Dale and you could just make them just like normal and it's even better this time because you actually don't have to craft them in black ice shaping professions anymore so you don't have to wait for them or any of that stuff you can just go right here and as long as you have the black ice and the wedges and all the other weird things you need to craft these things you can go ahead and just make them or you can just go ahead and go here and just trade in like you know your old you know black ice for the regular black ice your raw black ice I should say so like I said this was just a quick video for you guys just to let you know I know a lot of people have asked did the black ice overload enchantments go away where hot where and how do you make the black ice overload enchantments this video will show you where to do it and how to do it all you have to do is go to Keira Koenig you know when you come through the door just go to talk to the guy up on the stairs like I just did in this video and that's how you can make them and either use them for yourself again or sell them or trade them to people so this is how you make and still get the the black ice enchantments in mod 15 so if this video did help you guys out make sure you share it with your friends let them know about it so more people can know about it make sure you hit the thumbs up like if you did like it and most importantly man make sure you guys hit the subscribe button on my channel so you don't miss out on any of my future Neverwinter videos because I have tons and tons of useful helpful videos coming about mod 15 probably every few days on my channel so you guys know what to do I'm glad you guys found this video and if you were looking for ways to still make them now you know how to do it this is a short video I know most of my videos are more longer in depth and give you more information but this one is just pretty much to the point of how to do it and how to get it so anyway man youtube this is the assist man and until next time I am out

How To Make & Where To Get Black Ice Overload Enchantments In Neverwinter Mod 15

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  1. Assist man! Please spread this word. It would help the game if the developers counted Scourge Warlock Temptation as healers for public queue. There are lots of people waiting around for healers in the game and queues can take way too long sometimes when everyone is just waiting on a DC or Devo.

  2. Yo, I have a question. I have a TR at around 13K, with 4-5 legendaries, no myth yet, but can't really progress. I have dailies and weeklies which I do, Chult is ahead of me, no OMU yet, finished Barovia. TR doesn't seem too strong either. Question, is it worth starting another character (which I did) an Oathbound Paladin? Is it going to be better at the end game than my TR? It is fun to play though. Thx.

  3. Hello, thanks for you content i really enjoy!
    I have a question to you that i think you can help me…
    I always liked the Black ice transmutes, but nowdays i can't find the Black Ice Shield, or the Black Ice Mace, or even any Black Ice Weapons, do you know where i can find them?

  4. Bro have problems in 15. Was thinking maybe make a video for new players. Like best to start companion. Not to join high level dungeons until ready. How the stronghold works an what to do. I don't know just a thought. Keep up the good work bro

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