How To Repair Old Microphone

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This My Tutorial For How To Restore Or Make Mic At Home…if like this videos please like n subscribe my videos…thanks for watching

How To Repair Old Microphone

10 thoughts on “How To Repair Old Microphone”

  1. Just buy a new one.

    Edit: Here's the list of wrong grammars:

    Today I'm trying to "restoring" this broken mic [Correct one: Today I'm trying to restore this broken mic]

    Now "I'm" replace this broken mic [Correct one: Now i will/i'll replace this broken mic]

    Also I "add new" mono wire for connecting the mic [Correct one: Also I added a new mono wire for connecting the mic]

    Now take _ mono jack wire [Correct one: Now take the mono jack wire]

    Now connect "this wires" to mic speaker [Now connect this wire to the mic speaker]

    It will "gives your mic long life" [It will give your mic a long life]

    That's all

    It's because people might get the wrong idea, when he said 'Now connect this wires to mic speaker' i thought i need 2 or more wires. Well, don't judge me. I'm just trying to prevent mistakes and misunderstandings here.

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