HP 22W – Best Budget 1080p Monitor?

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hey guys Hirscher and welcome back to technolo buying a good monitor for your pc or laptop in the budget segment is quite a task because there are so many options available out there today let's try to make that task a little bit easier by having a look at the HP 22 w 1080p monitor I have been using this monitor on a daily basis for more than four months now and it is in time for me to give my final verdict so without wasting any more time let's roll that intro first up let's start with the design and build of this product I really love the design of this monitor it has almost no bezels on three sides which made it look really really immersive and cool it does come with a chin at the bottom which honestly isn't that big either now one thing that I feel that is missing on this monitor is the scope to adjust height so the stand doesn't come with an option to expand or retract the height of this monitor which is kind of a bummer but hey at this price point one can't complain much with that said the build quality of this product is actually pretty good the monitor is well built it is lightweight and doesn't feel cheap at all one more awesome design aspect is that you can wall mount this monitor it comes with a standard visa mount so that you can easily mount this monitor on the wall you can also buy more than one of these to use it in a multiple monitor setup which is pretty cool in my opinion so if you want to have a dual monitor or a triple monitor setup then you can do that easily with this monitor now as far as the options for connection go you get a couple of posts at the back one is a standard VGA port and the other one is HDMI you do get the VGA and the HDMI cables inside the box itself which is always a good thing I have connected this monitor to my macbook air using the HDMI port okay now let's go ahead and talk about the main aspect itself that is the display so this one comes in two sizes 21.5 inches and 23.8 inches I went for the smaller 21.5 inch one as it suits my desk perfectly both of these have a resolution of 1920 by 1080 that is full HD and I have to say that the display panel is superb it is bright it is color accurate and also anti reflective which makes it really awesome I have had a really good time so far with this monitor right from editing photos and videos to watching movies everything has been really good on this monitor one aspect that helps a lot is the color accuracy I added a lot of content and having a color accurate display kind of becomes a necessity and I'm glad to say that the HP 22w is a color accurate monitor now I've been using this monitor on a daily basis for more than four months now and one good thing is that it does not give any strain on my eyes so it is a very good display in terms of that as well so if you use it continuously for eyes it won't strain your eyes which honestly gets a thumbs up from my side and as far as the display quality goes this monitor is a clear winner therefore overall to sum up I would say that the HP 22w is surely one of the best monitors out there in the budget segment it is really good for any kind of creative work and also for gaming it is a 60 Hertz panel which is good enough for gaming for this price point I got it for the price of rupees 8500 and now it is available only for 6,500 rupees on Amazon which is a steel deal so as of 5th November 2018 you can get this for 6,500 rupees which is honestly the best deal that you can get on this monitor so what are you waiting for there's a link available in the description box below go ahead and check it out if you're in the market for a good and affordable monitor so anyway that's been it I hope that you like this video in some way or the other and if you did then make sure to smash that like button also if you haven't yet please hit that subscribe button below it would mean the world to me my name is Hersh Punjabi I'll see you guys in the next one

HP 22W – Best Budget 1080p Monitor?

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