HP All-In-One PC 27" Overview!

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This is the HP All In One 27″. It’s HP’s all in one solution for the family, or creative person. here is an unboxing and overview of the computer!
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YouTube what's going on Kevin the tech ninja here and today I'm gonna show you the new all-in-one Pavilion PC from HP this was announced this year at CES and HP sent it along my way and they want me to tell you about all the cool features and how I was using it for my time and a big thanks to them for sponsoring this video computers are in a weird spot right now and they can be a little confusing previously you needed a desktop and good monitor a speaker set in peripherals like a mouse and keyboard just to have a basic setup and then laptops came around and then tablets became more powerful and people started using that so HP is looking to reinvent the desktop once again and this is their all-new HP Pavilion 27-inch PC it's a powerful all-in-one computer built for entertainment and productivity this particular model features a quad HD touch display an Intel Core i7 8700 T with six cores 16 gigabytes of RAM and an SSD drive do be aware that HP has several different models for any budget so the specs will vary depending on which one you purchase and they all come at different price points but even the cheapest ones feature a powerful Intel processor the most expensive ones feature a dedicated graphics card for gaming and all these come with the latest version of Windows Windows 10 and depending on what you do and how you interact with it your experience will be a little bit different so for example I can see this being used by a family multiple people in the house they all have their own profile and something that you can have a centralized area for computer and just an interactive computer so if you're like doing Photoshop or using paint you can use your fingers to interact with it a great way for learning tools and learning games or that professional that wants to have some type of touch input you can do that with the screen and it's beefy enough for the video editing and for any type of graphic design that way as you can see here I'm using Adobe Premiere it's working great on there and I'm editing 4k content shot from a red camera as far as ports go it has two USB sea ports three USB ports two HDMI ports and even an S card-reader it has all the ports you need and it's actually nice that you can hook up multiple displays to this too so if you want to have a three monitor set up it has the ability for that HP included a pop-up privacy camera that sits behind the top of the display this allows the bezels to be so thin while giving you the privacy of blocking the camera when it's not in use when you need to make a video call or use the camera you can just pop it up with your hand and you're good to go another nice feature that's baked into Windows 10 is that it could recognize your face and log you into the profile based off this and you can use the pop-up privacy camera for that you could pop the camera up look at the camera and it unlocks and gets you into Windows the design of the HP Pavilion 27-inch features a modern frame with fabric accents and it's truly a stunning design that works well with any setups the bezels are so thin it doesn't look like an all-in-one PC it looks like a monitor and that's a big shout-out to HP and their ingenuity of building this the aluminum stand is durable and it's fully adjustable allowing you to tilt the monitor up and down to your liking now the best thing about this all-in-one PC is that they simplify your setup now this model features a dual front-facing speakers setup custom tune by BNL play and it comes with a mouse and keyboard HP gives everything you need to have a proper desktop setup in this all-in-one PC it's literally take it out the box plug it in and press power HP's focus on performance and the commitment to streamline the desktop process could be a winner for a lot of people you don't have to think about the monitor you don't have to think about speakers or fishing for mouse and keyboard it's just right there whether it's consuming content or getting things done the HP Pavilion 27 makes your task easier it's an immersive 27-inch touch display it's sharp its large enough to see your programs and the relevant specs won't last many years if you're looking for a PC that brings aesthetics to your desk while being simple and powerful this is a PC you should definitely check out my name is kevin of tech ninja if you like this type of video hit like and also subscribe and tap that bill notification icon to be notified when I make a brand new video have a great day peace out

HP All-In-One PC 27" Overview!

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