HP Chromebox G2 Review – Intel Kaby Lake Powered ChromeOS Desktop 2018

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Find it at Walmart – (affiliate link) – HP has a new desktop ChromeOS mini PC running with Kaby Lake processors. In this review we look at the lowest cost HP Chromebox G2 that starts at around $200. See more Chrome devices: and subscribe! — Index and links below:

Chromebox unboxing and teardown from my Extra’s channel:

Linux running on the Chromebox through Google’s official Crostini:

00:38 – Hardware Overview
00:45 – ChromeOS overview
01:17 – Price and Internal Configuration
01:24 – Processor
02:21 – Other Available Configurations
02:42 – Ports
03:00 – Confusing USB-C port is NOT Thunderbolt
04:14 – This device is not fanless
04:51 – Difficult to take the Chromebox apart
04:59 – RAM and Storage are both Upgradeable
05:24 – Performance: Web Browsing
06:04 – Performance: YouTube 1080p60 Playback
06:55 – This is not a home theater device
07:26 – Browserbench.org Speedometer Test
08:34 – Android Apps
09:11 – Running Linux on Chrome OS
09:45 – Final Thoughts

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HP Chromebox G2 Review – Intel Kaby Lake Powered ChromeOS Desktop 2018

42 thoughts on “HP Chromebox G2 Review – Intel Kaby Lake Powered ChromeOS Desktop 2018”

  1. ERRATA: The Browserbench.org speedometer test result on this one is the 2.0 benchmark which was incorrectly compared against a 1.0 test on the NUC that I mentioned during the video. The 1.0 benchmark came back at 90 which is faster than the Gemini NUC mentioned. We've mostly been using the 1.0 benchmark but are beginning to record 2.0 numbers now.

    Also : some viewers are disappointed that I didn't do much in the way of home theater testing. Here's why: these are not home theater devices. I did go back and test Kodi and Plex. Here are the things it doesn't do: no frame rate switching, no resolution switching, no lossless audio support, and the HDMI port can only to 30hz at 4k.

  2. I have recommended to a lot of families who were frustrated with the the windows 8.1-10 confusion.
    They absolutely love these. I have set up google remote desktop. They love the fact that it is fast and fairly bug proof.

  3. These devices and anything that runs Chrome OS in general are pretty cool. They take the hassle out of computing. They are useful as a second device if you're a Windows power user,or the main device if you're not that good with tech but want to use the internet. I told my Dad to get a Chomebook .He's online in 3 seconds and compared to a tablet no app updates which slow it down if you haven't turned it on for a while.

  4. Now if only Chrome OS could start supporting printers without any problems and having not using cloud printing as an option. That's the last problem, as Linux & Android Apps work now.

  5. Hi Lon….I noticed that you have not yet reviewed the Chromebox 3. I have a question….not sure you will be able to answer….but would appreciate it…I don't know why I can't get certain Android video apps to work properly, especially Netflix on this device. I specifically got this device for the Android capability. When I try to play the Android version of Netflix there is only sound, no picture. Same for Hulu and some other popular apps. I think I read that this issue stems from HDCP. That makes no sense to me since on the same device I can use the Chrome version of the apps without difficulty.

  6. +lon.TV – Can you tell me if Crostini has any possible support for External DVD Drives and Linux applications like Handbrake and VLC? I have a Dell Chromebook 13 that performs well enough via Crouton on those counts, but having a more native access would be nice for the full family.

    Also, you make it sound like the M2 SATA drive is capped out fairly low, but I put a 250GB drive in my Chromebook, and it works quite nicely.

    Thanks for the video!

  7. Good info – I want to place a mini pc (low power) at daughters house to watch live/recorded TV at my house. I live in a dead spot for some over the air TV. I will place Plex there with daughters modem/router behind a good UPS to cut down on any need to reset after power outages. I will use "team viewer" software to control Mini PC from my house here in TN. Question: With Steaming and P to P downloading in mind (legal "over the air" recordings only), what Mini PC is best for this? Also am I leaving anything needed out? IS this doable? I will be downloading to my Qnap TVS-783 NAS.

  8. In my experience Chromeboxes are great for people who work remote and need a "desktop" PC running multiple cloud based applications. Of course most businesses could easily switch to Chrome OS from Windows….but Windows still has that perceived industry standard business OS stronghold, even though most of the actual software businesses use also have a cloud based or app based variant in this day and age. Chrome OS is sloooowly creeping in though as more and more people start realizing it's just a much better solution in most productivity cases. Because as most people know…most office environments are typically running lower end Windows PC's that take 15 damn minutes just to boot up let alone all the other dated Windows silliness….and when you're a Chrome OS user you find yourself saying "why?". Why deal with Windows if you don't absolutely have too? Every time I'm forced to use Windows I can't help but feel like I'm a time traveler who came from the future. Unfortunately because of outright bad journalism in the early days of Chrome OS, every time I bring up Chrome OS I still have to explain that "you can just plug a hard drive into it for more storage". Without fail….every single time. But then good luck trying to follow that up with and explain that they typically will not need that extra storage in the first place.

  9. Do you have any videos showing how to correctly interconnect a Fire TV box or an Nvidia Sheild to an AV system. I have an all Sony system and cannot get 4K or 5.1 consistantly if ever to work even though all items are capable. I am sure i cannot be the only idiot out there. HELP!!!!!
    Swadeyboy UK

  10. Not dropping "all that many" frames on 1080p60 Youtube? Regularly dropping frames throughout a video would be a "fail" for me. Why the review leniency for this device when Youtube playback is such an important aspect of this type of device?

  11. I'll probably move up to this one to replace the original hp Chromebox that I use for my kitchen desk that I use with a 23 in. Tv. Great for news reading, music and espn. Interested in the Android apps that I can use.

  12. Who is a chrome box for? Education, mostly, sure, but I think a lot of people who are not tech-friendly and want to do simple stuff are also the targeted audience (like elders, kids that want a first computer, or technophobes like my mother who uses an android tablet every day but is afraid by windows).

    In fact, I do not see why someone who needs Linux apps will need chrome os. It's now so easy to instal a Linux distro, even a user friendly one, why bother with chrome os to use Linux apps?

  13. Would have liked to see 1080P and 4K MKV or Plex tests done regardless. Whether or not something can handle video is the determining factor for me. It appeared to handle the [email protected] Youtube video fairly well which would make me think it should have been able to handle a 24 or 30 fps 1080P video with ease.

  14. Who is this for? Three years ago, I got an Asus Chromebox for my 85 year old father. Plugged it into a 23-inch monitor and a recycled Dell keyboard. It replaced a Windows desktop that I had to constantly provide "tech support" for… The Chromebox does all what my father needs (browsing and email) and keeps itself safe and updated without needing any support from me.

  15. Hey Lon, longtime viewer, first time commenter. I always enjoy your content but at least from my recollection, you do not seem to use the information cards. I personally feel this would be very beneficial especially for those of us that view your content through a mobile application

  16. 32 gbs is a bit small for android apps, linux and chrome os, well, from linux i usually only use libreoffice, gimp and a couple more tools, around 4 gbs only, but on android there is alot i use, doesn't leave much space to have local files, cloud storage is nice for some things like small files, but other things like videos is not ideal, they should offer it with 64 gbs at least

  17. Lon, if these are anything like the old HP/Asus Chromebox's then the home theater capabilities will increase exponentially if you replace Chrome OS with LibreELEC. Matt Devo over on the Kodi forums maintains the LibreELEC version for Chromebox and this one should work fine with the version he maintains.

    You should do a video on installing LibreELEC onto this and see how it performs. The old Asus Chromebox I had could play pretty much anything at 1080p without an issue and that was running a Celeron too.

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