HP Compaq Factory Reset For CQ2014 PC Windows 7

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hello welcome to Scotts computer repair welcome to another us factory reset videos this may affect it reset for compact the CQ 2014 PC it's a somewhat desktop/laptop thing so basically I'm this will take care of any performance or various issues that you have if you still have performance issues on this computer you may have a hard work more bigger problem in the hard work with the hardware um mind you this fancy reset is for this for HP or compact mostly not any other computer systems ok this might work with most HP's and most compacts so amazing I said that somebody was trying to attempt to factory reset a HP laptop with one of my East sous-vide Hills and I was like really and though that all of the factory sets were the same no they're not all the same every manufacturer has their own different vector resets ok if you can Bob back up any files like your pictures your documents or anything of sorts I recommend UK this will wipe all that out this method I'm going to perform ok basically you want to make sure it appears to flicking a power down after you're done with that then you make sure your power cord plug keep plugged in all times and you want to turn it on if you can if you don't all right what's basically get started once you first turn it on you got to tap the f11 key to the windows load screen comes up and stop this screen right here go ahead and stop tapping up a lot and it's been sold dirty as hell kitty all right let me come to this screen oh you want to go to system recover go system or click system recovery and click recover without backing up your files then click Next click they also taste myth it's gonna happen to remove all your data information bumper Bob letter tell you buddy keyboard and make sure you just the key we're muscles plugged in at this time and click OK same thing click ok and it starts all right you get to here just go ahead and click finish I removed okay you want to go ahead and click Next type in the owner and name of your choosing now if you're done this click Next you can put a password if you want you if not just gonna click Next go ahead and click both boxes and can set both agreements click Next click review is recommended settings make sure your time zone is correct your current time zone or you're already time to be off and make sure your clock is correct time is correct also click home networking and if you have a network hooked up go ahead if you want you got a homegroup password go and put it in if not just click skip alright go ahead and click go okay if you want to register this computer if you want or if not go ahead and click my sure later okay go ahead and click YES on some of this like the updates and stuff like that go ahead and click YES on everything like next oh go ahead and if that's up to you want to use door and or not I'm gonna put Norton on here I'm gonna uncheck it so might they start on the start from the off of the programs and applications uninstall programs and stuff and just click next if you're done click yes because you want to be sure okay go ahead and click finish compact set up click finish okay that's how you perform effective reset on this compact CQ 2014 PC that's up computer if you have any questions leave your comments below if you have those find this video helpful please like and subscribe and it's nothing else more enlightening much more to show you at this point visible upgraded schematics video for this fear will be Windows 10 installation alright I appreciate you watching this video thank you and you all have a good day Z nor day where do you want to be this time you watching the video alright have a good time

HP Compaq Factory Reset For CQ2014 PC Windows 7

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