HP Z Workstations push the envelope of 4K digital workflows: faster, easier and less cost

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Ontdek het HP Z portfolio en stijg naar de top van uw business.

Brain Farm, a full service entertainment and production company that specializes in creating unforgettable film, TV, digital and commercial content deployed HP Z Workstations, HP ZBook Studio Mobile Workstations, HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro, HP DreamColor displays, and NVIDIA Quadro M6000 and K6000 Graphics to tackle 4K post-production workflows. With the performance, speed and reliability of HP Z Workstations, Brain Farm is able to manage high resolution 4k, 5k and 6k content and watch it in real time – saving time and money. Brain Farm filmography includes the That’s it, That’s All, Art of Flight, We are Blood, A view from a Blue Moon and Nat Geo Wild award winning documentary for Best Editing and Cinematography, Wild Yellowstone. Learn more: hp.com/go/filmandvideo.

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HP streeft ernaar technologie te maken die voor iedereen een betere levensstandaard creëert: voor elk individu, iedere organisatie en alle gemeenschappen overal ter wereld. Met ons portfolio aan printers en accessoires, PC’s, mobiele apparaten, oplossingen en diensten werken wij aan ervaringen die u zullen blijven verbazen.

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brain firm has really been known as a production company that made the art of flight and snowboard films and we've really been reinventing ourselves branching out into different genres we shoot a ton because in action sports sometimes it'll take a skateboard 50 tries to land a trick it's been quite a challenge to gather all that make sure it gets the right people by the right time and let them create these great products that we've been able to deliver we primarily were a Mac based workflow at the time we weren't able to handle 4k content so we saw HP had partnered with NVIDIA to create a product that serviced our needs I kind of threw everything I had at it see how it matched up to the old system I had and there was one animation in particular and it took about 10 minutes per frame to render out and once I got the Z workstation in the same frame rendered in literally 20 seconds having the nvidia quadro card in there is like having an IndyCar in my computer and you're able to render locally to a Z turbo drive I think was really nice to have that kind of efficiency so that you can stay focused on the creative the HP zbook studio is the perfect laptop for offloading and media management in the field where we can't really afford to bring heavier computers it's been nice to know that you can accomplish what you need to accomplish in challenging situations with the tools you have moving forward that's all about telling sad stories that inspire the world you

HP Z Workstations push the envelope of 4K digital workflows: faster, easier and less cost

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