HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Unboxing

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hi guys this is Dundee from bored of work and right now I have with me the Kingston HyperX cloud yes this is the first headset from Kingston and I want to do an unboxing because literally is the first one you know so might as well give it that unboxing honor and all that stuff so this is not a review this is an unboxing and you definitely see the full review come sometime either this weekend or the sweet show the HyperX cloud is available now you can pick it up at either Kingston calm or on Newegg it's $99 Thank You Kingston for sending this over so it's going to open up the package in here so you can see this is brand spanking new so for all of you guys who are heavy doubters out there and think that I am not unboxing something fresh well sorry this is so the HyperX cloud so this is Kingston's first entering to the gaming audio arena and you can see here from the packaging it's all red well red and some gray kind of the Kingston colours you've got um the other image of the headset you've also got some warning here as a pro game headset now this comes with memory foam ear pads so this should be comfortable I should also block out a lot of noise it's pure hi-fi it's designed in Sweden they use 53 millimeter drivers on here so it's it's nice big drivers you can see it's got a detachable mic some more photos on this side here as we pan around at the back you can see a clear glimpse of the headset aluminum build soft leather pad in audio control box all that fun stuff together so let's go ahead open this up so the very top corner here you do have some tape just pull this back you know so for somebody I'm I'm a big fan of these that you tend to pull back always get stuck somewhere there we go so we're going to open this up boom pull that package that of course reveals the box in here which whoops now one thing I will mention like most Kingston products this is this has a two year warranty on here and also it's a so basically you do have some protection on that now here it is the HyperX cloud this is the packaging it's got that silver etch in there you can see says hype IX hype x pro gaming kingston headset and let's go ahead and open this up oops so I'm using my hands are sliding all over the place today there we go alright so in here you have some greetings from from Kingston from from the high-back steam welcome to hi Pat welcome to the IPX team you've now got some ultimate gaming headset HyperX gaming manager pretty nice nice little extra giving there to fans see the headsets got some foam pad in here now you've got to your double prong port here basically you know if you're traveling on a plane that's what you use this port for so set that aside here's your microphone it's detachable mic it's also bendable and see Scott of course a wind blocker bendable mic it's got a right angle connector to it here so it's a nice nice piece then your control box which is right here and the headset itself so let's actually do this is full head set out but and pull the control box out so the control box comes with this extended a wire cable of course separate our red and green for headphone and mic it's got this matte finish and you can see clearly there if you've got the mute button here on the side and you've got your volume read volume rocker right there connect that to your headset we've got another double splitter cable here so in case you just want to use a direct single cable to your mp3 player you've got that you've also got an extended cable cord just in case your PC is way out of reach and here is the headset so let's let's take all this stuff out move this aside open up some of the cabling and let's take it aside so here are the HyperX cloud gaming headset from Kingston so the cloud here has you have two different interchangeable ear cups or ear pads if you will you've got the leather right here which you can see it's on and then you've got some kind of that velvet soft lock you replace so it's easy to take this out and replace I will not use the velvet I'm not a big fan of velvet even though they're nice not a big fan now you've got that aluminum build right here you can see I'm just going to zoom in a little closer for you so you get a better look at it so you got aluminum build here HyperX right there this is your cable you've also got oops that pulls out here and that's a you can put in a 3.5 mm jack that way and that's basically the jack that you use for your headset right here so for your mic microphone right there so you actually connect that right there to the headset in terms of look and feel feels right lights go soft padding and very top it says hyper X edged into it right there so you get some nice good solid solid look on the headset altogether it looks very nice retails for 99 bucks and something I would you know I definitely recommend I've heard it before sounds pretty good quite impressed with the sound altogether I think you know they've done a solid job right there so you can see that's how the mic actually connects and he use so I'm going to using it this weekend with the weekly hangout on Saturday so you can check that out also we'll have the review for you probably by Monday we'll use it just to game throughout the weekend do some voice calls all that kind of fun stuff all together so if you have any questions or any comments about the Kingston high X gaming headset let us know otherwise don't forget to like this video share this video and favorite this video also subscribe to boarder world top right-hand corner of your screen or in the description below the one thing I did notice quickly uh-oh that I almost forgot to show you so actually is a carrying power – right here it's got a nice pouch pretty cool so you see the mesh pouch it's got two seconds sections you have a small section for your accessories very key very cool I love the fact that they actually thought of that so I can throw in all this stuff right here on this side and then I can put in my headset in the main section right here so it's pretty cool that somebody actually thought of this as most people don't but just want to show you that quickly reading me guys so stay tuned for full review Monday this is done de Seine thank you and always enjoy entertainment

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Unboxing

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  1. Hi dude. Great video! I was wondering , since i have the xbox adapter, can i just plug the headset right into the controller? or does it have a power cord leading to a USB cable? I am looking for a headset with just 1 cord to the controller.

  2. So, I'm saving for a few money because I would love to get a new gaming headset especially I just got my new budget gaming rig… I checked the stores and I am stuck between two. Logitech G430 vs. Kingston HyperX Cloud (Yes, just the cloud. Not Cloud II or Core). So, the both of them are having the similar price. Very similar… I checked reviews but the both of them are having a very decent features. But I do not know which feature should I really want. Any help?

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