I’m Gonna Get Demoted For This…

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what's going on everybody welcome back to another video and today I'm just gonna feel like I want to ban some people you know just for no particular reason I'm just kind of feeling it that I that I want to bend some people you know like for instance if I wanted to do slash band hold down tab pick a random name you know like for instance not squid and then just ban them for if no reason I just kinda felt like it's just go ahead Benham oh and they literally typed a half a second before I banned them yeah if you guys like this video and you like what I do here please be sure to the like button consider driving follow my Twitter and yeah let's just go ban some random people you know good way to find a person to ban is by hosting TNT tag and forcing the winner to be completely random and the way that you do that is you make a region and then you set entry to deny instead region which completely prohibits movement help me so now you can't move around and hit people which mean the winner is basically gonna be random I'm glitched I glitched help glaze did I literally just see it's Jojo get banned yeah I'm gonna have to unban them hey go just go ahead and unbanned them element Milliman – well gili meno well Haley malval I don't know how you pronounce that name but yeah he's about to die add to pour as so us which is better for like a minute because they won the event that's a pretty good prize right you win the event and then you you get banned so I mean that's good right now somebody's hosting sumo so I'm going to say if the first person to lose this sumo round gets banned okay you better hope you're not first and if you are first you better hope you don't lose otherwise you're getting banned and the first two is absent and Mel who is going to lose he's getting banned and poor edson let's just hang on Oh add frosty already fandom and I get an F in it Chet's your bad just got you yeah you totally stole that from me bro that was not polite I'm just saying that I'm banning whoever spawns on this side so we seem to get it ready TT we L so they're banned and that's a big rip you're just kind of can you fall please you know he just hit you off yeah force him to lose the round because if not then it would glitch the event so I had to make sure he lost so I guess they're both losers there and I guess we can have people who kind of volunteered to get banned I guess so we'll just say if you want bandit say one two three or four LCP our story is a frog-leg and the first one to say it is going to get banned mu chat and who's the first one not squid we literally already banned him okay I guess he gets another one another one why is he saying no please though you volunteered for this I mean all you do is that type it pseudo frosty to chat one two three frosty is a frog-leg and then we'll say you said it it's there now we have an excuse to ban frosty you're welcome hi so I have an idea what I'm gonna do is I'm going to make some super easy peasy parkour right now you're gonna want to do the parkour because if you complete it you get a prize but if you fail you get banned all right there you go here's our super easy parkour just finish it I think it should only take me one try right yeah literally one try okay easy though knowing in beta lens players they're probably gonna fill this like immediately so if they want to play it they have to say one two three eight cheese is Gouda and if they fail band for 15 minutes if they win begging some keys and frosty was first so I guess it's only fair good luck frosty I believe you frosty you can do it [Applause] ah Rossi just bad himself what was that Rafi bro okay mute chat who's gonna be first here okay here you go again super easy I imagine most people would complete this okay and there you go 1 2 3 yet you get 3 keys there you go GG I guess I should probably make it a little bit harder there you go now we have a five-block jump in here something that a lot of people will probably fail though it's it's still pretty easy if they save kid that I think it was that lost the TNT tag I guess he's back now wow that wasn't that's just a pressing broke ow okay okay okay you got this bro easy peasy you're a dog in a Hawaiian shirt never mind you don't got this like why are so many people failing that job right there like seriously you use go here okay a little hip little hop there you go I think you like that and then you just go like that and then there you go easy peasy it's so much more fun to ban people that fail rather than just you know like sending them to spawn or something it's just so much more entertaining to do that like seriously should do this more often and watch the fail watch it oh gosh she didn't even hit jump he didn't even hit jump I want to see just somebody bake it past the fire block jump like come on come on you a polar Apple you can do it ah and you failed so you're doing it wrong you got to get a jump in there and then you go like that and it's super easy that's how you make five blocks quietly okay only took I was like I don't know seven minutes to get somebody there you go take your three keys that is a magnificant sin at you it there you go yet one more key just cuz that's a dope skin bro look at that face look at that face and there we go just a mess a 2gg two hens he did the parkour that like eighty people failed yeah we're done now y'all can stop spamming what other challenges you guys got a key all this is not a challenge yeah as much as I think you guys want key all to be the answer to everything more often than not its it's not I got an idea this is a good one okay okay so what I've got here is a command block to run the commands who suta myself to ban @r this is 100% random and are as you can see is to target a random player so as soon as I press the button on this one person gets banned and it was I'm not even gonna try I'm really not even gonna try and there you go can I get an en Schatz okay we need more in our life no more F okay there you go give me that Ian's chat nice I've literally lost his name I can't I can't embed him now they did slash app twice I've lost his name I can't type it at a guess he's staying bent yeah let's do it again let's do it again in 30 seconds you know and by 30 seconds I mean literally right now JK it was now chris loves dusty well that's nice to know Chris that was pretty good you know we got two people random you know some people might think that me holding down tab is not random enough cuz I have to physically let go okay but a command block to ban a random person is undoubtedly random that's how it works alright let's say I haven't actually took an idea from a player yet I basically come up with my own ideas so I make sure you take an idea from a player this time what do we got water drop is easy bands that's a great idea because we've got a command block here to shoot on myself to ban the clothes as a person an arranger of one what I'm gonna do is I'm going to select it and I'm going to set it to zero so all's that to do is undo and it comes back so we're gonna host a water drop wait for people to drop put it there and watches people get banned as they fail Oh what there's already an event being hosted hello just like you know come with me bro just we need to like kind of end this that way I can host my event I got an idea right there there we go let's just put a command block literally right there so as soon as you walk forward and there you go right on it you get bad oh that's so good that's so good a few moments later Frosty's back oh I had to give zouk sub content so I eat it off his parkour sure you did a frosty sure sure that's definitely what happened do belly balling we need to lay down now we can do my idea okay well it's technically not my idea somebody else technically had this idea but it doesn't matter the sad thing is as soon as you press the pressure plate it's gonna deactivate so only one person is going to get banned oh well at least we'll get one person mr. elk I'm assuming I'm guessing he lost the zoom out well go ahead if Suat me I could use the contents and just paste that there OOP who got banned ollie oz BEC rip him open ever they'll be dumb enough to fall for it two times in a row right paste it Oh somebody hit it Hogg Potts I'll he's the kid that won parkour earlier now he's banned paste paste BAM landed right on it poor block gamer oh you end up getting banned twice does he have both of them nice you know I just got a random feeling that maybe restive melon once opie I don't know why it's just it's a gut feeling let's make two names and have players vote so we're going to say who against band members get up players vote who do you want band brain so or a heat a brain so who logged out he logged out okay well I was gonna ban him anyway because he was clearly getting the one with the most votes so ban brain cell had most votes plus logged out like a chicken so he's been that's a big rip to him you know does that mean you're more liked or more hated if they vote for you you liked so much that they just want to mess with you or your dislike so much that they hate you and want to see you banned I don't know you decide now I'm just doing some broadcasts who gets banned to either frosty or me I'm almost certain that they're gonna vote for me yeah I'm seeing a lot of twos but I'm also seeing a lot of ones that's like half okay we're gonna need a straw poll there you go would ends share the straw poll and just gave him a warning that if you don't vote I'll ban you forever not that there's any way for me to know who did vote I just wanted to scare a couple people else into voting so there you go so I mean I'm still in school started to try and get an education I'm grinding hard getting my papers so get off of minecraft and go to school I mean banning him would help him focus more in school right he's gotta like give me a resume as to why he should be banned so not window capture here I don't think I should vote that's not very fair but not the heck with it I'll vote for frosty and the winner is me with 20 to 12 darn it you can do it frosty go on do it get it over with I'll be taking over from here yeah that's fair that's fair fetus Cletus okay well yes I shouldn't have left it up to a vote at a time it seemed like a decent idea but I guess maybe not anyway I guess this is a good place to end it um let's go into a single-player world I guess yeah I had one funder just randomly banning people yeah that that was honestly some of the most fun I've had in a while I I love banning people for no reason it's quite entertaining so yeah if you guys did like this video and you like what I do here please be sure to that like button consider subscribing to me on Twitter and please be sure to leave all of your video ideas down in the comments below because I need ideas please I upload often I need ideas otherwise hair Brian is gonna kill you if you don't give me the ideas just just do it okay anyway that's all for me for today hope you enjoyed bye

I’m Gonna Get Demoted For This…

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  1. 6:53 Actually, It isnt random because the way the command block does it is in a way where if you ban about 5 players with 50 players on you will get a 50% chance. You see, the communism goes into the command block, finding out the spies, then what happens next is it does an airport scan on them. If they are guilty, they will be banished, and if they arent, the command block goes to the next player.

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