Kali Linux On Windows 10 Official Wsl Installation Configuration

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hey guys hackers Floyd here back again with another video and in this video I'm gonna be showing you how to install Kali Linux on Windows 10 this time also using the windows subsystem for Linux so for those of you who have watched my previous video where I covered how to install it using a docker system you can see now that they have finally released it so thank you so much to the Kali team you know for releasing this on the Windows Store making it easier to install and also there were a lot of errors that people were faced with you in the previous video where we use the windows we will use the linux workspace switcher that allows us to change distributions and again as I spoke of in the previous video regarding installing Kali Linux on the windows subsystem for Linux is that this is a fantastic opportunity for many distributions to get on board with this and it allows them to get an even better you know user base and you know possibly can convert to these people once they try it out to use you know in any one of these Linux distributions so it's a great thing overall for the Linux community in the sense that many people are able to try it out really easily and when it comes down to calories next they released it I think about two days ago and I wanted to go through it to make sure that it worked without errors and indeed it does the installation is smooth and it is error free at least it was for me so to get it installed you need to make sure you have your Microsoft Store open I'm not sure how many times you've opened that up but I'm really really glad that I have this time and you just want to search for Kali Linux alright very simple simple stuff like that and just give it a few seconds to load the results up and there you watch the under the apps section so just open that up and under the app section you should have it and it it should prompt you to install it you can just hit install or download the file is about 122 megabytes so just get that to download it and once you launch it which is what I'm doing it should start up the windows subsystem for Linux now by default if you don't have that in if you don't have that enabled on Windows 10 you can go into a control panel go onto into uninstalled programs and turn on Windows Features on or off and you want to go just wait for the Windows Features this little menu to open up and you want to go to the bottom and you want to look for windows subsystem for Linux and you want to make sure that that is checked all right so you want to make sure that that is enabled and just hit OK and then you can launch it all right so I've launched it and by default it's not going to give you this screen it's going to prompt you to install it and then it's going to prompt you to enter your username and your password so I've already done that so I don't need to do it now the most important thing that many of you will be wondering is can I install the penetration testing frameworks and the truth is yes so if I just try and first of all update my repositories so I've to get update which is ma again another error that some of you faced in the previous video and the reason why is because you have to create your own your own repository file and you had to finally add your repositories in there and then you can go ahead and update so in this case let's just update which is eirick I really recommend it and it's going to ask you for you have been straight-up password I'm gonna enter I'm just going to enter my password and there you as you can see it is successfully getting the headers and there you are fantastic so just give that a few seconds to update the repositories and then finally you can upgrade them alright so I'll get back to you when this is done or actually it should be done now don't worry if you get the the set configuration or the set policy error that is something they have acknowledged as well the next thing again is you can sudo apt-get upgrade which will upgrade your packages and just gonna enter and as you can see there you are I've upgraded mine so they up to the latest version of course the latest of what has been installed now by default this does not have any penetration testing tools installed pre-installed that is so to get it installed is really very simple what you could do is just sudo apt-get install let's see something really simple because I don't want to install something like Metasploit framework that'll take a while so I'm just gonna try something like Wireshark hopefully that is in the repositories I'm just gonna hit enter and as you can see yes also this is quite a large download so 650 megabytes and no I'm not doing that right now but if you just hit yes as you can see the download the download process begins and that's how you install your penetration testing tools so I have tested this and it works now one thing that you will be facing or will be an issue but are really not an issue a serious issue is the fact that Windows Defender of course as we know will block most of the penetration testing tools when they are downloaded and that's because it will categorize them under malware or viruses so what you can do is you can just launch your your run command here and just open up your app data folder for some reason that's all sorry my bad app data app data and you want to go into your local you want to go into your let me see if I can remember that programs how was it programs or packages ICANN packages yes packages and you want to go into your kali linux package right here and you want to copy this directory here because this is the folder in which kali linux is installed using the windows subsystem for linux so just copy this address and then now you want to open up your windows defender so let me just do that right now so defender there we are open Windows Defender and we can go into virus and threat protection we can scroll all the way to virus and threat protection settings and we move on so for those of you want to disable it completely you can just you can just disable real-time protection and then you don't have to add an exclusion which is what we're doing all right so you don't go into exclusions and add or remove file exclusions and you can see by default I've already added mine so any files downloaded in this folder will not be scanned or we will not be detected for malware or viruses so just close that up and by default you can see that this is still downloading Wireshark and yeah that was how to get Kali Linux set up of course using the Windows Store courtesy of the Windows Store and this is really something very very exciting and again it's something that I talked about that has you know a huge potential and we'll be looking at this in future videos because this is something that I want to cover and I want to explore the the possibilities here so I'll be making a review video where I'll be going through it and as a follow up for this video I'll be making a video on how to install the different desktop environments on it you can actually get the desktop interface working or desktop environment working now the most common one that has been currently configured correctly is the xfce so I'll probably start off with that and then I want to look at some others like the you know like KDE etc etcetera but that's for the next video so as you can see the download is currently working and I you know straight out of the box it should all be working and it should be able to run penetration tests from the subsystem anyway regardless of that that's going to be it for this video I hope you found value in this video if you plea if you did please leave a like down below as for your questions and your comments you know the drill you can hit me up in the and the comment section or you can hit me up on my social networks or on the website and yeah thank you so much for watching and I'll be seeing you in the next video peace

Kali Linux On Windows 10 Official Wsl Installation Configuration

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