Korg Kronos Workstation Keyboard Demo Part 1

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Luke from Korg UK demo’s the main features of the fabulous Kronos workstation keyboard featuring stunning sounds and the easy to use touchscreen.
Part 2 here…
The Korg Kronos Music Workstation is the single instrument designed for live performing musicians, for artists creating in a studio or computer-based production environment, and additionally for musicians and sound designers seeking the ultimate synthesizer. The Korg Kronos provides the absolute finest in keyboard sounds and is accurate and responsive to the player’s technique. The expansive control surface offers joysticks, sliders, knobs, switches, a ribbon controller, assignable pedal inputs, and of course an improved resolution colour TouchView display. New additions include an easy-to-use Set List mode for song-specific and gig-ready sound selection, and the Smooth Sound Transition feature. Plus, Korg have included their finest RH3 keybed on both the 73 and 88 key model (as shown here) for a solid performance whilst the 61 key version enjoys the responsive action shared with the Korg M3-61.

For many, the studio is where the work gets done – from laying down tracks, to building up grooves for on-stage performances, to delivering the soundtrack for today’s media rich world. For these creative leaders, Korg has equipped the Kronos Music Workstation’s sequencer with 16-track MIDI tracks plus 16 audio tracks, the Open Sampling System, hi-fidelity effects, as well as flawless plug-in integration with many popular DAW platforms. Of course, Kronos is equipped with phenomenal sound, dynamic drums, and an impressive array of premium sound effects. Add to that the ability to use KARMA, the Drum Track, and the sequencer’s RPPR to greatly speed up and enrich the music creation process.

In addition to being Korg’ premier workstation, The Korg Kronos 88 has it in its blood to satisfy the programmer, sound designer, and synthesizer enthusiast, plus the musician who dreams of turning visions of the cosmos into sound, of tweaking parameters to conjure invisible sounds from the ether. Kronos rekindles Korg’s founding dream that is at the core of synthesis – the exhilaration and enjoyment of creating new sounds or sounds never before heard. A variety of exclusive Korg technologies drive the synth engines to provide astounding results — CMT (Component Modeling Technology) – Physical Modeling, Digital Synthesis, Wave Sequencing, MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis); KARMA and more. Come and check out our range of Korg synthesizers, workstations and mini-synths on your next visit to PMT

Korg Kronos Workstation Keyboard Demo Part 1

45 thoughts on “Korg Kronos Workstation Keyboard Demo Part 1”

  1. I see there are quite a few sounds available online for free download. Do you (or anyone else reading this) know whether it is possible to use these sounds with any other keyboard? Is there a workaround?

  2. Is a used one worth £1000 ? That's what my local music store in Bridgend is asking for? Also. . What total storage is in it and how easy it to use?
    Thanks for the demo. . You're a talented natural

  3. What a smokin' bad ass this dude is on the keys. I bought this board because of your bang up demo. It may be the best keys demo ever, certainly of the Kronos, it is. Get hold of Korg and get your commission! I have a receipt. lol.

  4. Great workstation yet almost too polished no bite It reminds me of early workstations circa 1990?? What intel chips are you using now in this version 2 ?

  5. as mentioned, your playing is just excellent! However: the bobbing camera is disorienting, and this of course is not your fault, but your British accent is very heavy and for me, hard of hearing, when you speak fast there are a lot of words that I miss. My advice: slow down! let the camera focus also on the actual sound or combi that you are using at the time. But thank you for some wonderful playing of this fantastic instrument.

  6. I have the 88 key version. I've had it for over a year now and every time I play it I have a big smile on my face. Great sounds, easy to use interface and the set list is vital to me for the various bands I play with. Just about the best keyboard I've ever used…..

  7. For the money, a large color screen and oodles of memory are expected. Manufacturers boasting about two gigabytes of memory as a great thing makes me laugh, when a half-terabyte solid state drive can be had for about $200.

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