Large 3D Printer Kit Assembly – Modix Big-60

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Large 3D printer assembly highlights. Modix Big-60 is an affordable large format 3D printer with 610x610x610 mm print volume. Large 3d printer heated bed with touch screen control.

Large 3D Printer Kit Assembly – Modix Big-60

13 thoughts on “Large 3D Printer Kit Assembly – Modix Big-60”

  1. This looks like it is a breeze to put together compaired to a Folger Tech FT5. The direction for the FT5 are a shit show then I had several component failures to sort out before I got it working properly. Needles to say it will be the last printer I buy from Folger Tech.

  2. Waiting for delivery in US in March. Very excited. It will compliment my (2) B9's nicely. Can't wait to print my "jewelry" in the sculpture scale they were designed for. 6ft instead of 60mm.

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