Let's (finally) review: LG 29UM58 ultra-wide monitor. IPS panel, price, sharp, funky resolution.

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Finally, finally, finally (OK dude) gotten around to edit and upload my review of the LG 29UM58 ultra wide monitor. It has been months since I uploaded one unboxing and one assembly video of said monitor. I hope now I’ve come full circle.

As you’ll watch during the video, I am very impressed with it’s features, the image quality it offers, the novelty of the ultra wide resolution and the reasonable price. You can shop around for it and if you find it at the 240$ range, I suggest you take a good look at it.

I’ve tried to cover as many aspects of the monitor as possible. I suggest you watch the whole video and you’ll have a very good idea whether it suits your needs.

Anyway, check out the unboxing video at the assembly video at and my review of a bottom of the line LG LED monitor at That last review was done (kinda) side to side with this ultra wide one, so it may show some interesting contradictions feature-wise.

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Let's (finally) review: LG 29UM58 ultra-wide monitor. IPS panel, price, sharp, funky resolution.

20 thoughts on “Let's (finally) review: LG 29UM58 ultra-wide monitor. IPS panel, price, sharp, funky resolution.”

  1. Can my ryzen 2400g run games with this resolutions in low-mid settings? I tried this monitor with the graphics integrated in a laptop, of course without any game but I fell in love and I want to buy it again :v

  2. hey really nice video
    rather indepth review, quick short but complete really liked it.
    all the best for your feature videos

    subtitles are not bad at all, but speach along with it would be just fantastic

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