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Welcome to my Unboxing of what might just be the best 4K Monitor on the market for less than $500. The LG 27UD68 not only features a full 4K resolution, but also AMD FreeSync for Gaming, an incredible design and very small bezels.

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hi guys how you doing this Sebastian from text century your source for independent and reliable tech videos welcome to my unboxing and setup of the LG 27 UD 68 which might just be the best 4k monitor under $500 so in addition to this high quality IPS panel that we find on this monitor which makes this interesting for video and photo editors alike it also features AMD freesync which also makes it interesting for gamers inside the box we find a regular HDMI cable the display quality assurance report and then also an external power break the power cord which of course depends on the country that you live in a CD as well as the manuals and a display port cable moving on we also have the stands that's made out of plastic the second part as well some screws and some cable ties then we also see these tend from the bottom and we see that the base is actually out of metal and we also have some rubber pads so it's not sliding around now the panel itself is really nicely packaged here so that it doesn't get damaged during transport and then we take off here all this plastic from the back because we have the glossy plastic coating on the back which looks quite nice now in terms of ports we find the DisplayPort input two HDMI inputs a headphone jack as well as deep power input moving on we also have the visa mount on the back which allows us to mount this monitor to the wall or mantri arm then attaching these stand is fairly simple we just have to put this first part on there and then screw this in with two screws so we need a screw driver to do that and then next up you basically just have to put on this cap which makes the design look a little bit nicer and then last but not least we also have to attach the stand with this one thumb screw that's really simple to attach and then we are basically already done with the installation of this monitor and we see it in all of its glory I think the silver stand in combination with the white on the back looks very nice but unfortunately this stand has basically no economic adjustment so it's good that we also have the visa mount in terms of energy efficiency we're looking at a be level with 47 kilowatts per year so it's quite good for 4k motor with such a high resolution I will take a look at the front I really like the design with these small bezels and the contrast of the black and silver from the stand I wish that this 10 was made completely out of metal unfortunately this is not the case but still this monitor looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to test it so thank you very much for watching I hope that you guys enjoyed this short unboxing and setup of this monitor let me know what you think of it in the comment section below subscribe to the channel for many more videos and like it if you did see you next time

LG 27UD68 IPS 4K Monitor with FreeSync Unboxing | TechCentury

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  1. purchased mine about a month ago, the 25 inch 1080p with the same design, about only $180, but feel pain in the ass if u used to use the iphone, ipad and macbook with retina display, those visible pixels are killing me. need one of this 4k LG monitor.

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