LG 34UC79G Review – 144Hz Ultrawide Gaming Monitor!

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LG 34UC79G review time! This ultrawide gaming monitor is both 144hz AND IPS! Join PC Centric for the full review…
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LG 34UC79G Review – 144Hz Ultrawide Gaming Monitor!

32 thoughts on “LG 34UC79G Review – 144Hz Ultrawide Gaming Monitor!”

  1. Hi, great video! Please help me picking my monitor for my RX580 8GB: 29" 75hz or 34" 144hz (both 2560×1080)? I'm looking for the LG ones with freesync, 29UM69G and 34UC79G. Also I got a Ryzen 2600X with 3000mhz RAM. Probably I won't be able to push the 144hz of the 34" with this configuration, right? And I'm afraid of the "pixelation" of the 34" people say (although I've never played at higher resolutions so maybe I won't feel this effect). But, with the 29" I feel like I will be already at the limits of the monitor in case I upgrade my parts in the future, and, some say 29" ultrawide feels "small", so I would go for ir if there wasn't this last reason specificaly (although I'm coming from a 21,5" monitor). Then, later on, I would upgrade my video card and get a 3440×1440 monitor (which is too dam expensive at the moment where I live) What are your thoughts about all this? Would appreciate any help! Thanks!

    Note: the 29" is half the price of the 34" here.

  2. I wouldn't get this unless you had a vega 56 or up, you would get shit frames otherwise. I also don't understand why people complain about the 2560×1080…. you would have to have a really good gpu to run this monitor if it had 3440×1440

  3. Look at the TFT Central Review. This monitor operates best at 120Hz with override set to fast. above 120 Hz you get additional smearing, because the panel isn't fast enough to keep up.
    Below 100 Hz it's recommended to set override to normal, otherwise you get overshoot artifacts. I got myself the G-Sync version 89-B it's 50 cd/m2 brighter and don't get darker at higher Hz settings, but suffers from coil whine at brighter image content. BR

  4. Hi, looking for a 3440 x 1440 AMD IPS monitor at least 8 bit color, no frc, DC back-lighting, no pwm, … that matters first, a must have., second would like split screen or able to plug in two pc's into the monitor, not necessary,. …third would like highest refresh rate "freesync" prefer 144hz …
    What Monitor(s) would you suggest for me, ..???
    Will consider 2160 x 1440…I don't do gaming but high refresh rate would be a good resale point to a gamer, I have a Quadro K-1200 workstation graphics card…please help.!

  5. Hi
    First off thanks for the reviews
    May I request your help in choosing a monitor as i've just built a new PC (receiving it very soon)
    I will be using it for photo /video editing (premiere pro photoshop etc..) and also for gaming.
    I have read and watch a lot of videos on monitors (4k, ultrawide, 144hz etc..) still can't decide
    I was about to purchase the Samsung 34cf791 but I'm still hestitating
    My built : i7 8700k, 32 go 3600, mSI gtx 1080 ti x trio gaming 11go, Samsung 960 pro SSD etc…
    Honestly which monitor would you go for with my needs and built? I have about 850 euro budget
    Appreciate your help
    I'm quite novice this is my first built
    Again thanks a lot

  6. Monitor is great actualy if : a) you have a 1060/Rx480/Rx570/Rx580 b) want a fast response IPS panel c) want Widescreen d) don't watch your monitor in less than an arm's lenght.

    It's simply impossible to drive a widescreen 3440×1440 monitor if you don't have at least a 1080. You might get away with a Vega56 or 1070 but not on all games with near-max settings.

    This is basicaly the "poor man's" widescreen high Hz monitor, it's cheap on pricing and lets you drive it with a mid budget graphics card. Ofc it has drawbacks.

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