Mac Pro Upgrade: Nvidia GeForce GT640

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Here’s this card:

HUGE thanks to Todd for donating this awesome peace of hardware to the channel:

Watch the video to see everything that went into dragging my ageing Mac Pro into 2013! This includes Mountain Lion, the final usability of my Samsung 830 SSD and of course the new GPU!

Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy…

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Mac Pro Upgrade: Nvidia GeForce GT640

43 thoughts on “Mac Pro Upgrade: Nvidia GeForce GT640”

  1. Hi, did you get DVI video output with the GeForce GT 640? I purchased one for my Mac Pro 1.1 but I get only video output through the mini HDMI port in Mavericks, although in Lion I get DVI output normally

  2. Hey iMNC, would the GeForce GT 640 work in the mid-2006 Mac Pro? Mine runs Yosemite now, after I got it 3 years ago with Lion. The original GPU is still installed (7300 GT) and I was considering getting one as I can't stand how slow mine is at the moment.

  3. when You buy a card for a mac does it have to specify that it is for mac ? or I can just get any brand that is a gt 640.. I dont really understand how the whole gpu thing works. I own a mac pro 3,1 2008 2.8- 8core I want a graphics card that would enhance my adobe premiere pro editing. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  4. Meh gt 640 is a low end ofcourse it was free but it doesint touch my gtx 780 ftw but I wonder how your dual CPUs will go against my i7 4770k that will arrive today I can't wait 😀

  5. so the graphic card determines if you're able to use mountain lion? Sorry im new to the mac pro family. i have a GeForce nvidia graphic card…it's old. i have a Mac Pro 2.8

  6. The main reason I see people building Hackintoshes is because of potential upgrades. Having built your own computer, you're in control of all the parts as long as they're compatible with Mac OS. I think the reason people choose this over the Mac Pro is because at this point in time the Mac Pro is just overpriced and it's cheaper to actually get a mac mini and get the OS off of that, or even from an OSX recovery disk.

  7. You mentioned usb 3 drivers for your mac pro. Did you put a usb 3.0 card in your computer? if not, how did you get usb 3.0 performance? Also, is your Mac pro a 3.1?
    I just got an 2.8 ghtz 8 core 3.1. UPS will deliver it on monday. My first mod is a HD5770 graphics card, an SSD then a fresh mountain lion install.

  8. I don't know about the stock PSU's that come installed on the Mac Pros… even the ones from 2-3 years ago (which presumably is how old your particular model is). Considering how many drives you're powering, external USB/Firewire peripherals, and RAM, I hope for your sake that the Watt rating and Amp rating on your PSU are enough. I know you primarily do A/V editing, which is fine… but if you plan to do any gaming on it, your PSU better be in tip-top shape… dust-free at the very least!

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