Mac vs PC – Which Is Better?

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Is Mac better or is a PC better? How do Microsoft and Windows compare?

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Mac vs PC – Which Is Better?

26 thoughts on “Mac vs PC – Which Is Better?”

  1. I'm not very computer savvy. Could anyone tell me why there isn't an alternative to Windows for PCs? I hate Apple for many reasons but I much prefer Mac OS to Windows, it's the only reason why I am still using Macs. I would gladly switch over to PC but dread having to use Windows. Why hasn't some hi-tech startup come up with an operating system which is user-friendly like Mac OS which would be an alternative to Windows? Thanks.

  2. I currently have a windows computer. And I’ve had 4 in the past that were destroyed by WINDOWS UPDATES and so I have another one. And it’s laggy asf. And I did nothing to it. :/ and I’ve never had an apple/Mac laptop but windows sucks and I think Mac might be better.

  3. Click off this video if you’re choosing. This is unfair towards both platforms but mainly Mac. He doesn’t discuss how the Mac is designed for ease of use whilst not compromising functionality. He does say about how the Mac is preferred by creative professionals and how the term “optimisation” isn’t a thought in any version of windows. There is so much more to know.

  4. Have gone from PC to Mac because of quality. The Mac computers are far superior in quality of build, the "budget" PC computers are disposable crap that will last a few years at most. I now have 3 used Macs from 2012 that are super sweet machines and cost me about 300 bucks each. These used Macs are way better than anything new in the PC world under 700 bucks.

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