MacBook Pro running an NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti over Thunderbolt 2

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MacBook Pro running an NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti over Thunderbolt 2

44 thoughts on “MacBook Pro running an NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti over Thunderbolt 2”

  1. I have a late 2013 macbook pro ((13 inch) and I have a 5k HP z27q screen. I can't seem to run even 4k with thunderbolt or HDMI or dual thunderbolt display ports. Can I buy this external GPU hardware and hook up my 5K monitor. I would love to even get 4k. What kind of external GPU is compatible with macbook pro late 2013 , 13 inch

  2. For all you here First you need a Thunderport 2 and for better gpu TB 3 for connecting if not it will throttle no point thunderbolt 1 gen is slow for that so the old HW macs bye bye , i love like people with oooold hw want to "just easy and cheap" connect some gpu and make from shit mac a supercomputer omfg

  3. Thank you for the video:
    Do you use Adobe Premiere Pro … does this card help ! in realtime editing …
    Does it help also with After Effects !
    Please advise if you have any information …

  4. Hey so i got windows and os yosemite back on my computer! Everything is working and on OS X i got the script to run and its good but on windows 8.1 it won't download the drivers! What do i do?

    2015, Retina Macbook Pro 13in
    Gtx 970

  5. Hello there. How do you game in the external monitor? Are you able to use clamshell mode (Use external monitor while macbook lid is closed)? do you use an external keyboard and mouse as well? Also, does audio come out from ur mac?

  6. This will work on Mac OS X on a MBP via thunderbolt 1 despite said MBP having an integrated "GPU" right? (mid 2012 13''). As far as i've read the only thing that differs between OS X and windows is the external monitor issue.

  7. Hey guys,need a little help ! I have an old laptop from 2011 and i would like to find out if i can upgrade to a specific eGPU [thats r9 270x],but i do not know if my configuration wil recognize the video card. I have an "ACER eMG729G-373G64Mikk 17.3" Intel Core i3-370M, 3GB DDR3, 640 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M 1G-DDR3 " .I am lost when it comes to specific details regarding the upgrade,and recognizing my system,Intel documentation suggests it's pci-e 2.0 but at 2.5GT/s which makes no sense for me, i knew pci-e 2.0 runs at 5gt/s.. And also, if u guys can help me out,i would like to know wich video card would be the fastest one that i could buy for my configuration.

  8. Did you use Sonnet Expresscard/34 thunderbolt in this? If u do. Can i not use it and simply connect from egpu to thunderbolt port on my macbook? I'm using Macbook Air 2013. Sonnet expresscard is too expensive

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