Make your Ryzen CPU faster, Memory Tuning Performance, Massive Gaming Gains!

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Make your Ryzen CPU faster, Memory Tuning Performance, Massive Gaming Gains!

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Make your Ryzen CPU faster, Memory Tuning Performance, Massive Gaming Gains!

45 thoughts on “Make your Ryzen CPU faster, Memory Tuning Performance, Massive Gaming Gains!”

  1. got an 2700x, pbo off, corsair 3200mhz 16gb kit, asus prime 470x pro, bequiet 530w psu, put it together instant installed newest bios not even an os, let the cpu on stock settings, and use the d.c.o.p profile for the ram, installed windows x, installed the chipset driver, activated the ryzen balanced energy plan, and everything was working just fine. The ddr4 are not samsung dies btw.

  2. My 2600 can't get stable past 4ghz OC. I might be able to push it slightly more but 4ghz last 3hrs for me on Prime95. I would go further but that seems stable to me and only goes to about 78°c tops. If I do 4.1-4.2, no matter the voltage, prime will freeze up my PC within 5-20 minutes. But temps also spike incredibly high past 1.325v. I tested temps on volts starting from 1.375 and worked my way down with all cores at 3.7ghz. from 1.275v-1.35v I get 80-95 temps. Once it reached 95 I usually stopped it if I caught it on time though. But they rise hella high within a minute or two above 1.325v. After 1.35 I see temps getting above 95.

    I guess the two things I'm curious about is why does my cpu temp jump too hard after 1.325v and am unable to hold 4.2 stable yet you run 1.363v. did you run stress tests like Prime95? And for how long with what temps? I know if I kept it at that speed and volts I wouldn't go about 75-80°c. In other words, I'd run fine until I would stress it in Prime95.

  3. I think one thing that goes unmentioned is that the memory speed (if anyone gets obsessed with it) seems to only have a "significant" impact at 1080p. If you go 1440p or 4k, the impact is negligible since your GPU is the one that's being taxed.

  4. I have a r5 2600 and rx580 8gb rig and I have the stock cooler and wanna oc to 4.3 ghz, so I might get the cooler master ml120 rgb liquid.. would this work or should I just spend my money elsewhere ,ps my ram is 2666 8gb which imma oc to 2933

  5. If I get maybe an MSI b450 gaming pro carbon ac with a ryzen 2700x then which RAM would be the best choice supported by both the cpu and the mobo? Then If the RAM is 32 GB and 3200 Mhz will this setup be able to max out the RAM usage or the b450 mobo is incapable for that?

  6. Great vid! Did you by any chance test the productivity apps for more basic memory overclocking, i.e. from 2133 to 3200? Namely, Blender, Corona, VRay?
    Sorry for a possibly dumb question, couldn't find such a video on the channel via Search.

  7. i still cant get 3200mhz stable on my ryzen 1700 with a gigabyte x370 gaming k5 not to sure if the board is trash or its the ram but the ram is the same kit everyone else seems to be getting 3200 easy on.

  8. please put more Multiplayer games in your benchmarks, esports is important nowadays and have different requirements then singleplayer games. i would love you to bring in like PUBG, WoW (yes, millions play it in 2018), league etc.

  9. i am hungry for a new CPU, Motherboard, DDR4 Ram for my WoW only PC build, but not yet AMD can give me a good reason to switch out my 4770k, 16 GB DDR3 crap.

  10. these are the kind of videos that are usefull for everyday users and are well made. 10/10 good production and value for the viewers, thx for the work.

  11. I was hoping you would add the results of a Ryzen processor with stock cpu speed but with OC'ing of RAM cause it seems the biggest gains are because of OC'd RAM, not OC'ing cpu.
    Just build a Ryzen 5 2600X rig with an ASUS RX 580 OC with 16 GB RAM 3000 on a 470X MB.
    Overclocking gave me 4 system fans blowing full speed the whole time for a couple of frames more since it's auto controlled. CPU temperature went 10°C up.
    It just doesn't gave me the results I was looking for…

  12. I'm planning to build a Ryzen PC. Ryzen CPU+Mobo are cheaper to buy than intel's. However, RAM price basically negates all of that, or worse, it's a little bit more expensive after you bought everything you need for the PC. The G.Skill Flare X 2x8GB 3200MHz alone cost about US$234 in my country.

  13. I had 16gb (2x8gb) g.skill trident Z 3600 cas 15 running at 3200 cas 14 on my 1800x. I only really set the basic timings. 14-14-14-34-1t and that was it along with voltage.

    And then I finally downloaded that "ryzen memory calculator" tool you can get. And for about an hour I ran even tighter timings, with way more shit to tune it correctly. And I couldn't believe my eyes. It ran better!!!! I run 1440p and I noticed way more stable frame-rates with proper semi-full tweaking.

    And then, I got my upgrade package. I bought some Kingston hyper X 4x8gb (32gb total) at 2933 cas 16. I wanted 32gb and I figured, even though im changing brands, It wouldn't really be an issue and my old 16gb can go to my brother, who has the same 2x8gb kit, so now he has 32gb too.

    A lot of people bitch about hynix ram not working with ryzen. BULLSHIT. I am running mine 2933 14-16-16-34-1t (plus other in depth settings based on the ryzen mem calc program) which isn't all that bad to be honest. In fact, the fps from what ive seen is exactly the same as my old 3200 kit I had been running prior. And remember, that's 4 chips not 2, because people have complained its harder to get higher clocks when running 4 chips as apposed to just 2! Hell even motherboard memory support pages recommend 2 chip configs over 4. I could have bought two chips of 32gb tridents, but matching the kit i had would have been almost 700 bucks. I got my 4x8Gb kingston ram for 315 bucks on amazon….

    I thought going cheap on my new 32gb kit would make me unhappy, not the case. and I overclock everything. I run my 1800x at 3.9ghz all core and my 1080ti at 2ghz playing 1440p max settings in every game. runs like butter.

  14. Ryzen just seems too temperamental. Sure, tech channels have extra motherboards and RAM to try and see what works best, but for the average PC gamer, they have one mobo and one set of RAM to use. Unless they want to buy and return a lot of parts to get the best result.

  15. This video is actually perfect.
    My x99 motherboard blew up, was going to wait it out until 10/7nm came out.
    Now I think I'll get this mobo/ram/ddr4 with a cheapo 2600. Then upgrade to whatever the 8c 7nm part is next year.
    Assuming AMD keeps their word and it's compatible. If not, then I'm screwed.

  16. Jeez, I thought AMD was suppose to be "Best performance for price" But then you have to buy a certain kind of ram.. It's pretty much the same price as the 8700k when you factor that in lol

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