Manx Gaelic recording – Ned Maddrell (Last native Manx Speaker)

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This is audio recorded from the 1964 by Brian Stowell of the last native Manx Gaelic speaker, Ned Maddrell. Ned was born in 1877 and died at in 1974 at the age of 97.

Ned, who went to sea at 13, found he was able to keep his Manx “alive” by talking to Gaelic-speaking sailors on British ships. He was brought up in the remote village of Cregneash, where “unless you had the Manx you were a deaf and dumb man and no good to anybody.”

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Manx Gaelic recording – Ned Maddrell (Last native Manx Speaker)

34 thoughts on “Manx Gaelic recording – Ned Maddrell (Last native Manx Speaker)”

  1. Thank you for this video! I am working with the UN on a global human rights project and we are looking for a fluent Manx speaker who could record (audio) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Fockley-Magh Cairyssyn Deiney cour y Theihll Slane). You can view the document here: If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact us at [email protected] To see what we're doing with the recordings, please visit Thanks, Dr. Bardach

  2. Amazing to hear — who I assume is Ned — speaking english in a 99% Scottish accent in parts of this great audio clip. I suppose that geographically and historically it would make sense to hear an old-timer speak in a Scots (or part Irish) accent …even more so as Manx (along with Scottish Gaelic) as many of us know, is the result of the Irish language spreading across the water a long time ago.

    However, one of the reasons that I'm amazed by this clip is because the half-dozen folk who I have met from the Isle of Man over the years — most of them born there — all sounded like scousers! …and many more here on YouTube have various mixed accents from the north west of England.

    I've met many top-quality folk from the north west of England and have nothing against them (so please don't take offence), but If Ned's mostly Scots accent (with a hint of Irish) used to be commonplace (but exists no more), then I'm desperately sad that it too died out (for good so it would seem)

    So glad that many youngsters on the island are seemingly being taught Manx these days, but it's weird to think they could be speaking it with a Lancashire or Cumbrian accent! lol

    Really wish that when I was at school in the 90s (in Scotland) that my pals and I got taught some basic Gaelic. Sadly, that was never gonna happen in a million years with the Brit-obsessed labour council landscape at the time — who hated anything distinctly Scottish (or un-british) in a historical sense.

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