MERCURY FARMS | Farming Simulator 19 | Episode 22

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MERCURY FARMS | Farming Simulator 19 | Episode 22

MERCURY FARMS IS NOW! Greetings everyone and welcome to this exciting pre-release gameplay from Mercury Farms by Alien Jim. A big thank you to Alien Jim for providing me with the map and being able to have a go on it before its general release. This series is going to be somewhat different. I come to town for Upper Lusatia and settle down in a cabin in the woods. I also take a side job with Adrian’s Agricultural Services. Between working and establishing my own farm, we should have a lot of fun. Thank you for watching and please feel free to comment below. Cheers!

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hey there very good morning happy Monday morning to you the start of a new welcome back to mercury farm I am Burman we are we got a busy day ahead of us we have got a darn busy day I was just out checking the animals checking the farms checking the field see nothing is going so far so good I cannot complain we got some egg boxes here we still need to get some egg pallets here 10:17 getting kind of late in the day and here's the news of the day you know I used to watch a god at Garrison Keillor and the news from Lake Wobegon where all the men are good-looking the women are all the women are strong the men are good-looking in the children above average yeah mercury farms where all the chickens are fine the horses are good and the crops are growing I don't know so much that something cheesy but anyways that farm looks ok the animals are doing fine the animals are doing fine we have fields that are growing and we have filled that haven't been planted yet that's kind of the one downfall between not having seasons is that things just kind of get mixed up you know and I probably should have done a better job handling that situation but I didn't quite do real well looking off to the right this is our field 37 38 I think we did get that plowed together so that is ready to be planted it needs lime though well the one little part needs lying here I'll show you so here we are 37 38 so you can see it's been plowed together that needs a little bit of lime there as well as 26 and will be plowed together there so those have been plowed together – those are pretty good everything else looks pretty good if we go into our growth you can see that our big field oats is ready to be harvested we're gonna wait just a little bit on that yet the oats up here are growing the barley here is growing and we have these two fields that need to be planted yeah every three fields 47 to 47 this one and this one need to be planted yet but we'll get on that we'll get on that we you know we got things to do for cryin out loud but anyways here is the news of the day let's just run through the horses and the pigs here we still don't have any pig food the bunker is still fermenting so that is a 48-hour process we're that pig food so we're gonna have to wait on that the pigs are at about 20 percent productivity not too bad the horses here okay some horses could require a little more oats but we'll do that when we get that field planted we should be in pretty good shape there something they seems to be okay here like I said that field they're 25 26 that is ready to be planted and coming down and here to the pigs we should be okay there like I say 20 percent you know we don't have any pig food yet so we'll get there here than ever good morning bacon oh what a fine-looking baking done speaking it does that make him – gotta love done sad bacon let's check out the silo and see what the percentage of it is at man I was kind of open to be ready but always a big bump but it does take 48 hours I do believe so let's just walk in here and take a look 41 percent so 41 percent we're getting there we're getting there slowly and we do have believe it or not oops I didn't want that one huh we do have oh yeah it doesn't tell me when it's blanketed okay we can go with it I can't move we head in there 300 no we didn't have that much dilly three hundred and something I don't know why I can't remember I can't remember there it is that guy's that guy's a busy pilot that they a busy pilot actually this take this way out to the road here what we have going on is I'd be sighted we're gonna do a little streamlining of the farm we're gonna kind of organize ourselves we're gonna kind of get back into good productivity so I have some equipment that Tony and David has helped me move down to the store so I have that down there we're gonna sell some stuff and I have some stuff waiting for us to be picked up matter of fact I plan on spending three hundred and seventy one thousand seven hundred bucks for new equipment but that's not gonna take in account what we're gonna get for the stuff that we're gonna sell so in order to kind of streamline the operation make ourselves a little more efficient without going overboard I'm not gonna go overboard I don't want to do that I don't want to go big fancy overboard we are going to do that and I'll show you we got going on here and then I'll tell you about the news of the day so we have a big trip ahead of us David and I are hitting the road we are hitting the road man first of all cuz we got going on the first thing that we are going to look at is a c-clip Metiria I'm gonna buy a new one it's not new it's this is a vent matter of fact this is a fent 800 Vario TMS first-generation this is an 828 so this is 280 horsepower tractor with a front loader can you believe that so we have an FZ 60 stole front loader on that and then we are going to go with the horse pontil 9 you bet you and then we're gonna trade in the other John Deere and we're gonna up we're gonna go for a 49 55 is what we're gonna do so these three things Believe It or Not plus the bust of the loading forks 371,000 can you believe that so that's what we need to dish out however we do have some stuff that we are gonna get rid of we do have the one fent tractor already the 521 see with the loader on it that's up at the farm we're gonna keep that that that's a dandy of a tractor I would never get rid of that one so what we're gonna get rid of in the meantime is we are gonna get rid of the 7810 we're what happened to the 4555 well maybe they're still bringing it down we're gonna get rid of the 4555 the 7810 the voters dad cedar and the semi Explorer what happened to that I thought they brought down the 4555 for crying out loud should've been parked right here so we're gonna get rid of those three tractors plus the cedar and we're gonna only go down to two tractors I think three tractors is more than sufficient for us so let's see how much money we can get out of this stuff and I'll have to go see if they did they were bringing down the 4555 or what the Watterson see there's 60,000 bucks we will sell that I suppose nothing else is in the there's a Sami explorer 27000 we're gonna sell that now I suppose the forks oh crap the forks won't reach in the 7810 go get ready maybe we can just kind of push the forks back in here into the they get rid of a bite point kind of thing come on we'll just pretend what happened to the 4555 I thought they brought that down here this is kind of driving me crazy now pretty good look out ladies they got man we'll try it this here to see what happens so you ready that 42,000 bucks and then hopefully we get rid of the forks oh crap come on oh you're you're in there you're in there oh hey we'll just push it in here to mahindra I must say I must drink a lot Mona do this morning I'm kind of all over the play how you doing lady good to see you today you couldn't put a loader on mahindra that'd be kind of nice I don't want to scratch it though there you go Oh put that in there and then of course I do have to find the 4555 what in them it's as bothering me now we'll sell that there too so we're at 160,000 – one tractor which I'm gonna call up there and see if those guys are bringing it down or what's going on here okie dokie well the dealership already took care of it we got $32,000 for that source again 193 398 so like I said we have to get to 3/7 one we're not gonna do is we're gonna borrowed us a little bit of money for that but anyways onto the news of the day near is going on I'm gonna love that fan first generation 280 horsepower it's gonna pull that planter that cedar just fine and dandy the 4955 will be a little bit more of an horsepower for some baling and some hauling and stuff like that so that is pretty darn good now here's the news of the day golf cart jockey guy the the the bogie golfer the bowie golfer from grizzly Mountain formerly of Murphy farms he called me last night and said hey man I could use some help I said okay what can I do for you can you bring me some equipment yeah I can do that but what am I gonna get in exchange for bringing you some equipment and he said say what I'll do my fuel truck his little Kenworth k100 fuel truck you could have that and you can take over the fuel deliveries there and work me farm my fuel contract yeah that'll work I don't really like your truck I want it customized to match my trucks he says well I'll pay for the customizations that's not a bad idea so what he wanted us to do was bring him his pronto 9c the kind of bad thing because I tried to buy this from him instead of buying the new one but he wouldn't sell it to me so he said we'll bring that so I leased ayla Metris trailer with the and got the cedar up on top there and I'm pulling with my pickup truck so I'm gonna drive that and then he had a crappy trailer and he traded that in for a fleegle I think he just likes the model number the Fleagle ass but I thought it would be a SS but the Fleagle ass and he traded that in and we picked that up at the dealership and we are gonna haul that to him David's gonna drive his semi truck and his field trailer to grizzly Mountain and I'm gonna pull the cedar so in exchange for doing all this kind stuff that we do and he promised us that he'll make us dinner and we can stay overnight there the fuel truck I took down to lands as it lands jams hands man's I can't remember his name and we had it customized we had a little paint job done to match our other Kenworth k100 and we had the fuel tanker right there look at that that is a snazzy truck there I tell ya Jan's it lands man's he did a wonderful job so that is all paid up I think it used to be orange and green golfcart head is orange and green so now it matches our other Kenworth 2k 100 so we have to Kenworth K 100's here in the farm that is awesome and Gough Kerr said I even have my truck full of fuel so you can take that so I'll tell you what maybe you know I never done this fire up the Kenworth K 100 not a bad truck he actually took on a decent care of it when I first got it I mean there was garbage there was dr. pepper bottles there was Jim Beam bottles there was sunflower seed bags all kinds of stuff in here but I got it all cleaned out spic and span so yeah I said Janzen jams it a wonderful job on it so I've never done the e fu contract but it's kind of you know what it might be entertaining for us it might be a little extra money maker so let's go get rid of this load of fuel and we'll drop that off and we'll see if it's gonna be any beneficial to us the first one is I mean the first one will be because the bogie golfer guy the bogie golfer horse rider he gave it to us with a full fuel tank so we'll head down to the garden center and we'll see we'll see what it pays and as Suzy cream-cheese reminded me I'm not driving on the wrong side of the road so I'm gonna drive on the wrong side of the road today then again you know traffic here hit whoa stay I'm gonna stay on the wrong side of the road holy buckets I gotta get that Jan's did all kinds of straightening alignment work um a lot of traffic here and mercury Farms as of late for some reason I don't know what the heck's going on but we're down the garden center will deliver the fuel contract I think it's been quite a while since they've had fuel i matter of fact I think they even we're out of fuel for the last day so they'll be happy to see us we'll get this done and a you know what if it's something that works out we can we can keep doing it but we'll see we'll see we do have a fuel tank at our place so we could do fill it up that bogey golfer guy said you know the first thing I do is when I get back as I fill it up because you got to be able to have the the resources to undelivered the fuel so let's just see what happens here I don't know this is all new to me get the hoses all hooked up here oh look at that it does it does come up so there we go or unloading now ten thousand liters of fuel I don't know if it's diesel fuel gasoline probably diesel fuel and we'll see what we'll see if this what this pays and what it would have benefits us the Gulf guard horse guy said 'yes it's been officially you're gonna like it so I said okay well we'll give it a shot we will give it a shot so Oh still still unloading yeah it's not too bad okay forty-one thousand four hundred and thirty-eight bucks it cost us to sell or we got cost us that we income on that okay now I'll take it back to the farm we'll fill the puppy up and we'll see what it costs us to fill it and then that – what we just sold it for will give us our delivery fee you know what we make on it and we'll see how good we turn out but 40,000 for tea one thousand bucks not too bad not too bad plus we got nice Kenworth 100 under the deal alongside the road stay there so I think it's all good I think it's all good already we'll pull into the yard here I got kind of a mess going on Lucy we could probably Park this thing I wonder if I move that pallet maybe I could just get the truck park right in there but for the time being we'll park right here let's see this open the latch nope I don't want to look there there we go so this thing fills up it takes a long time for this thing to fill up so I think we'll leave it there like that well let that puppy fill and we'll see what we what it cost us but in the meantime weird the manager go back here before we get on a Dodge on the way to grizzly Mountain I need to go down to the store and we need to pay for our new equipment and then while David and I are gone Tony is going to hang back he's got some I think he might actually do some planting to be honest with you and we're just this is take a look at that real quick to see what we should have him do this is ready to go here I think note that needs lime so 47 is ready to go so we do have like I say oats and we do have some barley there I think we're gonna put oats in this big field and then we'll put you know I wonder if we need all that barley if we could do maybe a cash crop in these two things where we just do oats and just stock up on the oats maybe we should just do all o –ts I think here maybe I'll put wheat and barley for a secondary field but 47 and this one here I think we'll put oats I think we'll do that so he could probably once we get the tractor paid for he could probably start on that field and get oats planted in there today well well David and I are off to grizzly Mountain kinda excited to a grizzly Mountain again I liked it up there it was a nice nice place that horse jockey horse guy horse cart is doing a fantastic job up there building his farm quite and quite impressive to be honest with you very very impressive so let's see we need like I said 370 1700 bucks and we're at 232 plus we're gonna be down a little bit so wrong button again so we need to go down to the bank and we need to borrow man we're getting more money again look at this crap but you know it seems like we get all the way down there and nothing and then we get back up so let's go to seven hundred thousand seven hundred thousand Oh for crying out loud we're never you know we're never gonna get a head butt but think about the bright side how many horses we have this time now and if we max them all out at 50 grand I mean we'll be sitting pretty we'll never have to worry about another thing in our life so I'm gonna run it here I got a pate right I'm a check for 370 1,000 bucks all right I'll be enjoy 371,000 now we are down to 59 and dropping because the fuel is still loading there this is gonna be a nice tractor this is a dandy of a tractor 280 horsepower for this puppy look at this nice-looking tractor Danny of attractor first-generation fent 8:28 that is awesome look forward to that and of course the 4955 which is the big brother of the 4555 that we had so that's good that's gonna come in handy it's gonna be a great addition plus we now we have the horse puntal what's the best thing with that is that also fertilized at the same time so in order to get some field fertilizing we had to lease why we were down so much money we had to pay to have the field sprayed for us so we don't have one of those yet so we need to buy probably eventually we'll have to get will have to get a sprayer but i just contracted it out and paid for that services so that wasn't too bad okey-dokey then 11:55 in the afternoon I'm probably gonna run in have a bacon sandwich get make one to go and then get a couple Mountain Dews in my court well I see a couple I mean like for cooler bottles and it might cup with ice we'll be ready to go have david show up and we are off like a herd of turtles to grizzly mountain and we'll get this stuff delivered to the one and only cart and hopefully our typical as well hopefully we don't crash hopefully we don't run into bed is his name Bob is that his name the crazy Bob guy yeah Bob I was warned about that coming into town do not do not run into crazy Bob crazy Bob let's see you know what maybe I could just stop on the way I'll just stop at the C store on the way get myself a bacon sandwich so I'm gonna drive the the Ford f-350 pulling this planter it's all strapped down there pretty goods I'm hoping I'm hoping it stays and it doesn't go flying off and David will take it the semi with a fleet of trailer and we are off like a herd of turtles did grizzly Mountain you know what I should name my herd of turtles you know the tiny tiny took the two best names pepper and mr. digger you know I always think of fat but but I can't remember what the the real name of that butt is I don't think about that but anyways we are off to cruising Mountain we're gonna spend the night have dinner there and we'll be back here tomorrow tomorrow I hope we're gonna leave early busy mountain early and we will be back sometime in the later hours in the morning and then we'll be busy here on the farm we'll get things done like I said we got fields the plant and we got oats to harvest and then we the best news is then we'll check on the we will be able to check on the pig food silo and see how that goes and what kind of go from there but anyways I'll see you tomorrow when I returned Rosie Martin cuz I'm on yeah yeah pretty much yeah that's right but anyways we'll see you tomorrow and have yourselves a great great [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and here we are back on mercury farms holy buckets 2:40 in the afternoon it was a good Drive good drive back for mercury Farms we had a good night there yes I gotta tell you what that Jackie guy he he cooked some steaks we have some cold beers it was a Danny Danny of a time he has some horses and sheep on his farm I think I was assuming the stakes were a beefsteak but you never know you never know what that bogie golfer guy anyways first stop I have to make is back up into the storm here's the reason why if you look in the upper right hand corner weird there negative eighteen thousand eight hundred and fifteen dollars for the overnight unbelievable the costs that we have implemented here and the other thing is is I did spend thirty nine thousand dollars so ROM button again I had to go back into the store I have to borrow enough to get it to get back up into the black but plus to get to thirty nine thousand dollars I have to pay the store here in just what white why can I not borrow anything more than seven hundred and fifteen thousand maybe maybe maybe what the heck is my credit limit cut offer or what the beep is going on here well apparently the boys down at super Steve credit union don't want to borrow any more money so I had to go to an alternative source and borrow a hundred thousand dollars from them doesn't make much sense does not make much sense at all but actually about one hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars from them because I spent thirty nine thousand and about something so I just took care of that at the store so I don't know what I don't know what the deal is silverstein apparently doesn't want our business anymore so we're going to take it somewhere else so yeah so on top of our seven hundred and fifteen thousand that we were in the hole we are also a negative one hundred and thirty nine thousand to the farmers union insurance or not Farmers Union Insurance what am I thinking of Farm Credit Services for crying out loud I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore but anyways here we got going on back in mercury it's like I said it's 249 it's it's getting up at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I got to give hats off to Tony man that guy was busy he he got the two fields planted outstanding so we are sitting there pretty good but what I spent thirty nine thousand dollars on was a decision that was a local farmer traded something in and I thought hey I have to have it it makes a lot of sense for me so I bought another eighty nine twenty this one with front duals on there man that is absolutely outstanding so I gotta get right to work there is no denying around here I got to get right to work get the pickup truck parked but like I was saying we had a great town up there and grizzly the bogey golfer guy he certainly knows how to how a whole little shindig yeah he had a little shindig there yeah he was all excited about that so what I need to do with step number one I need to get the seal 130 and I need to get this down to Tony he is just down the hill here he is busy combining the borrowing he started off with the barley cuz I bought it in there come on I thought you know what I can start doing some horse so we'll get this down there he is right there look at that guy I tell you what he worked hard he got the three fields planted two thoughts one with barley and now he is busy combining this so as he is combining this and we'll just Park the truck here we'll leave this for him and he can or he may not want to unload come on there buddy where did he go oh you must have went for a sandwich while he was sitting here waiting for me that's okay their ego will fire that puppy up will fire that up oh what an awesome combine absolutely awesome combo I'll let that warm up for him so that's their the dill 130 he can unload it into that now I'm gonna take the other 8820 the one of the front duals that's gonna be mine that's gonna be mine and we're gonna start doing some some boat harvesting down here on the big field and then once I get that opened up and get ready to go and get some oats on the goal I think David who went home you know he had to go home and get things settled he's gonna come back and he's gonna take over in the 8820 for me because I need to get down to the Hogs the bacon gotta get down to the bacon because the bacon the the pickin no the pig food silo that has been done for minting so he was ready to go so we can we can go nuts and that's apartment so I think the easiest thing to do would be come right out here with this wide open space we can park what in the heck you know there's gotta be there's one thing about this 8120 with the duals on there you got to watch out for is that they have a wide collision collision yeah it's terrible absolutely terrible but we'll get this thing parked right here we don't want to run over we don't run over our trailer either and we will start on the o'the because the old start see there it is again it you get anywhere close to it it just wipes it out anyways horses need oats and before we get too carried away let's just take a look all the chickens need to be clean since being gone for the night that's okay the hogs are okay well they certainly need that darn big food oh boy here we go oats are in the red their oats are in the red there nothing's in the red they're surprisingly keep going down in different horse stalls bad rolls in there oats are in the red they're straw you know it's yeah so we got all kinds of work to do once we go they hey that's kind of unusual hey oh boy hey in the hay in the red there too so we got a lot of work to do horses we'll get that cleaned up here once we start getting some oats off the ground start thrashing some oats here hang on there header trailer don't get too carried away oh come on fans for crying I'm having a tell haven't I can't talk and now I just have a heck of a time oh come on I'm for crying out loud this is ridiculous back to golf carts cool and driving I go now the question is do I want to put down straw squash here too because if I put them down well I do have we do have the hayloft we do have the loading wagon so I can do bales I know Tony is putting down straw soy sauce over there so I could bail that up and I could just use a loading wagon for this so yeah we're gonna do it anyways we'll fire up this brand-new 8120 nice and clean on the inside it's a dandy of a combine and we'll see how our yield is on these oats because we are in desperate need of oats desperate need of oats we're take a little gander around the field here we'll see how it goes like I said the people the pig food silo is done so now the question remains what is the best course of action with that do we get some conveyors or the readers load it up with a bucket I don't know the bat I think the best bet would probably be the seal with some conveyors I don't know we don't have a we don't have a wheel loader we don't have a skid steer we don't have any kind of equipment to really load from there so I'm kind of thinking it would be the best bet so well maybe old-school conveyors that might not be a bad idea that might not be a bad idea are we doing oh look at that at one little pass 1,000 liters we need as much olds as we can get like I said oats are planted right there Tony got that done he is awesome man he is awesome olds are planted right there and then down on the other side of the pigs he got barley planted in that and like I would say that's one of the bad things about not having seasons is because it just it seems like you just plant grow farmers parent girl Harvard I mean it's so it's so rapid I mean one day we are already sitting almost ready to be harvested for those fields so that's kind of that's kind of a crappy deal but you know what it's ok it's ok we can make the best of it and I didn't do a very good job kind of simulating it's okay that's it look at that that didn't I tell you what that is a dandy of a deal that is a dandy of a view right there I'm telling it let's see yeah let's do that whoa pipe goes out there you go there ya go it's with this one of the things about digging up screens dad for cryin out loud if you take out the hug you use zero to zero or not zero Oh take off the hug it also there's the same command as the that's okay look at that perfect that's a darn good tasty oats they're kind of like that horse steak I had up at usually a mountain with the bogey gopher yeah he's got a good eye I mean he's been busy holy buckets he's been busy that field that I cut down trees for him man oh man he had let's see if I'm doing a straw saw something goes I'm gonna go straight down here and cut her off right there it'll be easy for picking it up but yeah he got that field he got all those logs picked up and that was outstanding and he got a field plowed in there he's got em IV fields and ya know how awesome I think he I don't know I can't remember what he had planted in there if he even had a plenty I can't remember but I got a nice big field there so he's got three nice big fields and then he was looking into buying some some new property so as I'm saying so if you want to check that out you gotta check that out you got to go see that it's grizzly Mountain by my good buddy golf cart Chucky his channel is in my description so it makes sure you make sure you go see that that's awesome a a fun map for what he's doing I gotta tell you what that's a lot of work if you if you want to do some work going to grizzly Mountain heaven have at her that would be a lot of work boy I was on a straight line that was a terrible line oh I know I do I cut across here to make this line straight here I'll cut it you to pieces so I think I'll go I think I'll go up this way and then we'll do this section here that'll be someplace that'll be suffice let's see 34,000 liters already not too bad I think I think we'll make some good yield off this which is good that was my goal is to get as much Oaks in the ground much oats harvested and get input into the silo so it'll last us a while instead of having to keep worrying about oats but go for that I'm gonna carry on here just for a little bit and I think I'll get I open this field up and get things kind of squared away and then David will come out he'll take over for me and I move trying to figure out something for the pig food by the time that the Sun sets today and the evening comes upon us because I think both between both cow mines we will be busy harvesting and getting things and getting things squared away barley you know what we're gonna have a lot of Marley um matter of fact I don't think we have any barley let's take a quick look I don't how much we had left Oh criminy we still have 32,000 litres left we're gonna have a lot of barley and the price 9:43 not too shabby actually it's even more than a wheat look at that I was thinking that wheat was gonna be way more than barley later right now 943 at the windmill so we could actually sell some of that because our chickens are not going through the barley limit like I thought they were gonna go but that's okay that is okay I'll get this opened up and then we'll get David here in the combine and we'll head down to the pigs and we'll see we can do I've been jumping the Kenworth David is completely full right now of oats I'm gonna jump into Kenworth whooping up the tarp and we'll head to that combine and we'll unload him real quick and then I think I'm gonna take well you know what I don't the horses aren't gonna die few hours I mean they they have some oats in the red but let's see you want it that way I want to go off this way we might as well get a full load and then we can make a round you know go from horse paddock to horse paddock and we can see what which ones are the bat are the worst and which ones need oats I'm assuming they're all pretty much gonna needles I mean they they really really do but well Roley it's got a full trailer and then I'm gonna head back to the farm I'm gonna grab the fit the fent 5:21 see I think and then we'll get that got it on the store I'm just gonna get some conveyors I think I have enough money uh-oh I got 97,000 here to purchase something well I want to yeah I want to purchase conveyors I want to do that and then there you go David good luck buddy enjoy holy moly I'm stuck enjoy the 8820 with the front duals you have a good time there buddy he'll do a final zhenia job and so I'll grab the Fenton yeah anyways 96 thousand nine hundred and seventy eight let's find a moment to purchase a small tipper trailer I think would be in order that way we can leave that down of the pigs for hauling pig food around you know I could with the see it goes back to that story is when equipment is being used you think I got to get something because I don't have equipment but it's not being used and it's just sitting but I think a small tipper trailer would be okay wouldn't be the end of the world to see I think the fent isn't here yep there it is that's a good-looking tractor that is a good-looking tractor d520 see 5:22 you guys say 521 522 so I'll grab this thing we'll head down to the store and we'll pick up some conveyors and get them moved over to the pig farm and we'll get ourselves a tipper trailer as well guys one thing I was saying about the tires on that 8820 the duals they were so why I mean they're wide but the collisions are so wide that I had two light poles in here right about in here that I had to move because my question I could drive the cow line through there crazy absolutely crazy why they have so collision so far you know I don't know I don't know I can't talk anyways let's see I suppose the conveyors is going to be our standard our standard conveyors here so we could lease them but for crying out loud we're gonna be using them all the time and it makes no sense to Lisa so the first one we're gonna need is this one here that's five thousand bucks we might as well just keep it ready doesn't really make a difference so we'll grab this one here five thousand bucks peepers papers I tell you what we're gonna you know the only thing about it is seven hundred and fifteen thousand at silverstein and then another hundred and thirty nine thousand at 8:00 country services so we have a lot of big debt we're still under a million but we still have some big debt but then but think about it think about it how much money we're gonna have rolling in here in the near future so I'm not I'm not too worried about it we're gonna have the interest cost occurring overnight that that's a fact can't help it but hey we're making some changes we are building a little bit we are building for the future I tell you we are building for the future we've got some nice new equipment now we kind of streamline the farm we added a second combine I contemplated just buying a bigger combine but because we're doing two different crops I thought 80 let's have 288 20s what more could you ask for they're a nice little roll that you put in here that comes in handy you know look at this this is what I'm saying this was planted last night this barley field and now it's already ready to harvest I think once I get everything harvested I'm gonna call it the different plan without seasons it's so you know it's just way too fast it's just way too fast seems like all you're doing is plant plant and harvest but we'll make the best of it we'll make the best well maybe called the plan in the meantime and we'll go from there let's see let's probably gonna do this now that makes sense let's unload that there and unload that so this should open up here know that we have some pole that is a fine-looking pig food there I tell you look at that that is awesome that is awesome Council players be ready be ready my friends so this is back excuse me I had a mosquito my throat here this nice and fine sunny afternoon let's back this thing in here I think I'm just gonna kind of put it maybe I'll just plan to put it in an angle here yeah so back that up there that'll be good what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna head back to the store I gotta buy the the other conveyor and then I'll go back to the store when I get a little tipper tipper trailer for that that'll handle Pig food and we can use that to load up pig food and bring to the pigs so let's get some pigs some food man pigs need food bacon needs food kind of an oxymoron baking needs food no I need bacon what I need that's exactly right well they not just seems a little bit blow into the money holy buckets back down to eighty four hundred bucks not the two conveyors and then I bought a trailer that went kind of I went crazy I bought one well I would call like a live bottom I think they have a push Brent you know Brenner calls it a push something because of the clearance of getting in some of these stalls I didn't want a and then dump a lift one so I'm over that so I had to give another 11,000 bucks from the credit unions we raised that up to a hundred and fifty thousand my goodness I tell you what it is it never ends it never ends my friends we're not having any income at the moment the sad part the sad part about it is but as we got it's a standard egg roll liner but this is gonna work off pretty good because it doesn't have a lift box lift function in it so we won't have to worry about hitting the stalls and this thing I think is gonna work pretty good for us when it comes even the horse stalls too so I don't know if the seal will poet I mean that would be the one thing maybe with this with this trailer maybe we take away the function of the zeal but just the thought of getting rid of the zeal just does not sit good with me I mean that thing's been here from the beginning we certainly cannot get rid of the zeal no I don't think you can I don't think we can so the harvest continues on both both Tony and David are working hard hard at doing the fields and I'll take care of the piggies real here real quick this is my third trip back from the store I got the two conveyer setup so I'm kind of curious I mean this is this should work like a charm this should absolutely work like a charm like I said if we were added cows I know the same builders have a TMR silo to a TMR candy we've got TMR can make pig food TMR that is just awesome the bacon are gonna be a happy bacon nothing wrong with having happy bacon happy bacon equals tasty bacon my opinion so let's see let's get them let's pull into here and we'll get turned around we'll come back under the auger and we will get this bad boy bad boy loaded and we'll see we'll see how much pig food they desire whatever we don't use we can actually could store it too I think believe it or not there you go we'll get this puppy filled up look at that we're going like a charm here fancy dancy Pete hey bird you got all my pig food get scram damn Birds leave my big food that's not very nice let's just see how much do we have in here I wanted to think it was 300 yeah well three hundred and sixty six thousand so that's a good chunk of pig food that is a good amount of pig food cuz they are even working on a fancy dancy pig food silo not a compacting silo but one that after you compact it and you know ferment it and if you come pig food and you can load up and put into a side little system so that is excited what's going on here anybody else notice that the animations are a little off on these conveyors and FS 19 I thought it was just me there for a moment but yeah something going on there something going wrong there man the trailer is still loading there might have to move the conveyors back a little bit David he is out here going I told them to turn off these Strasse why because I think we have the other field and this field plus we have some another field of barley and I feel oats so I told them to turn that out for a while just sitting down in here where it gets to be a little tight yeah that'll be fine I mean we have plenty of straw as it stands so I think we're OK there for a moment but he's gonna continue on with that he is going working hard the conveyors are still oh no it stopped well may we have to move these birds get out of here yeah you fly away oh maybe the trailer is full it is the trailer full how much we have in here forty-five thousand litres of pig food in our trailer so let's feed the pigs and see how much it's gonna take here's the other thing to think about too because we have 300 and while we had 366 so he just took out 45 we're down to 320 so how long is that going to last and then at what point in time do we need to consider growing summer crop to fill it back up again is my point I think what the best scenario would be is to maybe down the road if we ever need pig food would be to expand at the same time in buy a field wet as root crop in it and then just buy it and harvest the root crop and kind of go from there because we don't even have a root crop I'll be one of the political planner and we don't have a roll crop planner now how come I'm not getting the feed icon come on you should have been there already Oh helps if I turn on the trailer there there we go oh yeah look at that see that's enough to work home perfect doesn't hit the roof doesn't raise up awesome 45,000 liters of pig food gone just like that just like that look at the pigs you guys are noisy eaters have you noticed that holy criminy 45,000 liters of pig food and that didn't even do a debt look at that 45,000 liters holy buckets but I think it's gonna be one of those things where where as soon as we get it filled up it's time you know it is it takes a lot just to get it maxed out but then it'll be not so bad after that after the initial the initial feeding so well we'll just pull under here we can back up after it's gonna take a little bit to get this thing thing filled again there we go let that fill up again well I'll put another 45 thousand liters in there I'm ever gonna be darn near two hundred thousand liters the time we're done let's see Oh is David all there he is right there he's figuring out he's doing good it's a good looking comp well you missed a little spot there buddy he'll get that he'll get it so we got that going we got the barley going and we got the pig food going um let's see what time is it oh boy it's getting into the evening hour so here's the plan for the rest of the day we're gonna work hard trying to get this oat field done here and see how many oats we get I think I think we'll be ok wrong button I think we'll be ok looking back we got to clean the chickens that's all they need oh yeah we gotta clean the chickens I'm gonna finish up the pig food now I'm gonna get that kind of maxed out their horse wise you know we have we still have a little bit of oats there I think that the horses might be okay until tomorrow and then we can finish that up yeah I think it'll be okay hey there you go good job there David but we'll finish up this field and we'll finish up the other field and then I think we'll call it a night we might even you might not even get this field done to be honest with you maybe we'll get this top section here done it depends on how late we want to work like you know both Dave and I are kind of exhausted from our trip to grizzly Mountain delivery and all that good stuff but yeah so that's we got going on we didn't put it in I spent ten thousand dollars to while I was gone it had a seed tank put in down here at the pig farm I think I will eventually put in a fertilizer one here as well so that'll work all K right there kind of out of the way so if you needed seed anywhere in this neck of the woods you could get that's you know it's not that far to the main farm but you know right down here it kind of worked out pretty good but yeah yeah I like this this is this is gonna work out pretty good I think that this pig food silo is gonna be dandy it's gonna work real good for us so with that said I think we'll leave it there for today we're just gonna wrap up some more harvesting I'm gonna finish up the pigs and then like I said we'll call it a night and tomorrow we will continue on will continue on with our our harvest we'll try to get the fields all taken care of and kind of kind of go from there so I think that's a good plan but anyways thanks for joining me I sincerely appreciate that I hope you have a great great Monday hope your week starts off well and hey if you happen to like the video truffles alike we'd appreciate that and if you have to subscribe yet hey consider doing that as well that would also be greatly appreciated but for mercury farm loading up pig food for the bacon little bacon have yourselves a great day and keep them between the ditches so long

MERCURY FARMS | Farming Simulator 19 | Episode 22

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