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Para o Tiago Silva, a META tattoo workstation foi desenhada e desenvolvida para simplificar o trabalho de todos os artistas.

Neste vídeo, ele ainda destaca as portas de USB super acessíveis para carregar o telemóvel e o Ipad, a praticabilidade do armazenamento e a organização dentro das gavetas da META Workstation.

Obrigado pelo teu feedback, Tiago Silva.

Sabe porque a META Tattoo Workstation é tão prática e garante a tua:

Great Inking.

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We are a New Generation, the Origin of Transformation of the Tattoo Gear Industry. We are META. Forged for What’s Next.
It was designed and developed for artists and simplifies their work. I use the side drawers
to store the tattoo ink. It's super practical. I don't need to move anywhere else to get the ink. Everything is near me. One of the features that I use everyday is, no doubt, having… the fact of having the USB port. That I use to charge
my phone and Ipad. I use dividers to keep my
material well organized… …disposables… … clipcords. In the last drawer, as it's the bigger, I usually store the supplies
and the large packs.

META Tattoo Workstation Review by Tiago Silva | META

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