Mi Earphones Basic Review! Deep Bass? Best earphones under 500

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In this video, I’ll be reviewing Mi Earphones basic which cost just Rs 399! Are these good enough to buy?

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when you're shopping for a pair of your phone under rupees 500 you will barely find any repeated or reliable brand other than boat or Phillips in this budget range so show me after the huge success of their first generation me earphones basic which was priced at just rupees 399 has come up with the new meer phone basic at the same price tag of rupees 399 so hey guys thunder here and welcome back to a new video in which I am going to review the me your phone basic after using it for six months so without further delay let's get started the design remains very similar to previous generation but earphone looks more premium and elegant when compared to the original basic earphone this new version also comes with a better quality wire which is kinda tangle free and can survive moderate usage easily even the headphone jack is l-shaped which helps in long-term use and the jack won't break easily they come with three er buds small medium and large and they are comfortable to wear for extended period of time due to their lightweight construction sound quality of the earphone at such a low price was surprisingly good bass is present on the earphones but it's not very punchy as they claim on the Amazon page and overall sound quality sounded good as well with decent treble and mids if I have to give a real-life example which is easier to understand then listening to a JIT sing songs which has less bass was a very good experience considering the pricing and vocals sounded surprisingly good so all you guys will listen to a lot of sad songs this year phone will sound good in that case but regular Bollywood songs with bass and songs by Badshah or other artists sounded pretty good as well but bass felt pretty low and wasn't punchy but again can't complain about that due to the pricing and I think these are the best sounding earphones you can buy at this particular price range which sound good overall it also comes with an inbuilt microphone which can be used on calls and works very well buttons can be used for media control or changing volume levels which performs as expected now the biggest issue is for addition your phone was that it stopped working for four of my friends and many of you guys within first six months there were few people who replaced the air for four times and the case with the fourth generation of your phone and I'm happy to report that the second edition has not stopped working and I've been using this year one for last six months I bought these earphones back in April 2018 and they're still working fine and this is the reason why took me so long to review these earphones with these earphones you also get a 6 months warranty and if they stopped working then you can get a replacement in most cases by visiting near a shammy service center and that's pretty much it for my review if you want to buy this earphones then the direct link is present in the description box below and that's the best buying link as well if you have any more doubts actions or queries regarding the earphone then do let me know about that in the comment section box below if you enjoyed this video then don't forget give this video a huge thumbs up subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon so that you won't miss any future uploads so yeah thank you guys thanks for watching

Mi Earphones Basic Review! Deep Bass? Best earphones under 500

33 thoughts on “Mi Earphones Basic Review! Deep Bass? Best earphones under 500”

  1. Bro i been watching ur every video nd i like your videos, i want u to test Ant audio w56 earphones price at 600 , i just bought it nd it's amazing the bass quality deep bass just try it bro i m damn sure u will like it

  2. I have been using Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones for 3 yrs now, bought them for Rs. 999 in 2015, but the left side stopped working a few weeks back and now i want to buy new earphones. Piston 3 were great and I still love it, wish it hadn't stopped working).
    So what's the best alternative to them nowadays?

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