Mileagea 50 Inch Popup Tabletop Projector Screen Review

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Compact, light, durable exterior, wrinkle-free, pure white, flat backdrop for projectors.

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hey how's it going guys Phil here and this is a review for the 50 inch tabletop projector screen this is the projector screen it measures 47 inches long and two and a half inches wide and it has a metal exterior on top are two fold up plastic handles for opening the screen which weighs about four pounds on the bottom of the unit is a pivot foot that also serves as the screen lock when it's closed like this the screen is locked and cannot be opened when you rotate it out 90 degrees the screen unlocks and this foot helps stabilize it it actually goes in the back of the screen when unlocked you simply pull up on the handles to unfurl the screen to a height of 29 and a half inches on the back of the screen these two metal arms keep the screen open and to retract it you simply press down firmly on top and the screen packs away compactly in seconds here I'm using the screen with my mini projector I've set the projector up so that it fits the entire screen which has a 16 to 9 widescreen ratio the screen gives the projector a nice flat surface at a good viewing height from the top of this table the actual screen size is 24 and a quarter inches by 43 and a quarter inches which means the diagonal is actually about 49 and a half inches but that's close enough to they advertised 50 let me shut off the light for a second to show you how nice 2 colors and contrast of the projection is on this screen it's nice because you don't get the off coloring that you might from an off-white painted wall and there are no bumps or textures present in the screen overall I think this unit would work well in a small room or for use as a travel screen when giving presentations because it's lightweight and compact enough for travel I hope you enjoyed this review you can ask me any questions in the comments I'll put a link to the product in the description below don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me next time

Mileagea 50 Inch Popup Tabletop Projector Screen Review

2 thoughts on “Mileagea 50 Inch Popup Tabletop Projector Screen Review”

  1. Thanks for the review. I recently found out about this projector from another youtube video and found the seller. I'm going to order it maybe next month. I've been looking for something portable like this for a while because I can't mount a 100" screen. This is good enough for me to take the screen anywhere and do demos. Great review.

  2. Looks like it works well. If, however, it rolled out from the shortest edge (the tube being the length of the 9 from the 16:9 ratio), it would fold into a smaller tube size, and be even more portable. It would need a different mechanism to support the screen though.

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