MINECRAFT: MINEPLEX TREE HUB IS BACK?!?!! (a walk through memory lane hehe)

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I personally really missed this hub and I’m so happy they brought it back (and hopefully for good in my opinion hehe).


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greetings my name is Keisha oh and welcome back to another minecraft video and in today's video I'm gonna be reacting to the old mineplex Lobby and if you didn't know the tree hub is back and it hasn't been here since like 2014 or something and I joined like the mineplex kind of thing community in 2014 so yeah I haven't seen it in a really long time and I'm just I okay I did get a quick glimpse at it and then like the second I saw it I was like oh my god I have to react to this in a video cuz like it just brings back so many memories okay so we're gonna go in three two one that was really intense logging in okay okay hurry up please please please please please that wasn't as intense as I wanted it to be okay so oh I still have my Christmas Kaiba okay so yeah I didn't have a quick glimpse at it like uh I kind of just like walked around here and like I stopped like I'm about about here or something and I was like yeah this is gonna be a video so basically I don't know when you guys join maybe you don't even play on mineplex or anything but it basically used to have like okay I see that there are a few different things like I don't remember this dirt here so I don't think we're gonna go through the whole thing I might just like do like a few little I'll look at a few like things that I knew were always there plate to see if there's any changes that's what I was trying to stand it away ahead a strip I cannot speak I literally cannot speak okay so there was you don't want to be in the video my friend is here and I guess it's not a secret anymore okay yeah so I do remember this this I used to like loop around like it actually moved like to where the mushrooms are in stuff and I kind of like it was basically a snake that's probably why it's called snake um basically you like do the parkour thing and then yeah and stuff like that which probably more because sorry if you know like 21 pilots of you like listen to their music you might get that but you know some people don't so yeah what was I gonna do I was gonna morph why did I go to mounts okay marks let's go to blaze because those are easy to like move around with so yeah I do remember this being somewhere else I mean I didn't like when I first joined it was I didn't really you know it wasn't here for a while so I don't quite remember it but I pretty sure it was like somewhere else but yeah this is actually like I think it's like pretty close to like the original this is definitely exactly the same way is it really because there was an Easter Egg like up here somewhere where you can like go inside of it and it should be there somewhere um this might take a while cuz I don't quite remember exactly where it was let's see if we're good to see it I'm pretty sure is like here somewhere but like I don't see it so it's yeah I mean it can't be here if I don't see it but I I refuse to believe that it's not here they couldn't have just taken over weight like they wouldn't be that mean or maybe they could ah this is so hard I I said the placemark was supposed to be easy but I'm struggling okay so maybe we can like see oh this is actually a really good idea so I like nevermind that wasn't a good idea Oh so I give up on that I mean I might look for outside of the video but I don't see it oh it's correct the karate Pig I remember that I didn't remember the name so I kind of had to like read it and I could really see it but you're the karate pig I remember that that is amazing okay what else is there they kind of have like the same kind of you know the the portal things for the games uh that's like a change from when you just had to like click on them I didn't mean to click on that let's go back uh wait what do you think is this we want it this is like a new hub or something Wow okay um when we come back slash spawn / hub what I have 19 chests open while that's all okay everyone hello what English okay bye what do you want to join us for the video yeah yes you can you have minecraft oh my god you have your computer – exactly you can okay so I'm the these are uh the uh well they took away the big mineplex thing that wasn't there originally but they added oh no that was like uh that was in the one after this hub it wasn't in this one okay so it wasn't here um I think there was like a chicken or something up here or was that in the other one – I don't know um yeah I'm pretty sure he's in the the one with the big mineplex sign up there – uh let's see what else is there they do have like some new things like there's this thing I don't remember ever seeing this I wonder what it's for maybe like there working on a game or something this brings back memories this oh wait it only gives me 500 you said that I was like a thousand or something a couple thousand I know I could never complete this it's too hard I didn't ever complete any lobby part core it's pretty sad but you know there's always a chance to you know try again and stuff big Larry I I remember this I I'm gonna say that like for everything I remember like this block by block well I don't really but like I you know what I mean I remember it very well big Larry I haven't seen him in a very long time hello you're back Larry okay you know Luca with that what will go with that um let's see what else is there there was an easter egg up here ladies there was like what is with you is it okay you know but that's fine i am an easter egg there is a good lover up here that like opened a gateway to like something oh it does this thing parkour does work okay I guess I was just lagging before um so uh maybe they had a like new Easter eggs or something or something yeah I think they must have added new Easter eggs like they could just like leave out the Easter eggs like that just mean listen yeah I know yeah I am well aware of this oh um there is this though uh I'm pretty sure this has changed I uh I remember something similar to that there was like a rollercoaster down here – is it still heat is it gone I swear if they took out the roller-coaster I'm gonna be so mad well I'm not gonna be like mad I'm just gonna be upset you know cuz yeah oh I have a story so in track um so who's whining so I was whining because cat cramps remember but someone was whiny because they had crap crabs and then my friend said well why do you want me to call the wambulance the only making notes on my team yeah the guy's sister oh he wasn't there for that yeah I I don't know it's not like it's relevant to this video at all I just remembered it for some reason I was like you know what might as well share it um okie oh there was an Easter egg here I don't know what this stone is about but that would be sad and yeah just really sad uh there's gotta be like they took away every Easter egg this is really upsetting uh is there like anything I think there was like something around here like somewhere oh there's like a thing oh it's just okay um that was nothing it wasn't nothing actually they do remember dishes well they were like miner skeletons – wait this isn't do they like improve the roller coaster because I think they were like supposed to continue it or something oh they took away the drawing thing oh do they still have the Easter egg with like this look the the the the yeah uh yeah it does okay um what is it what is it oh yeah lately person the dinosaur the red dinosaur those saying hey kid wanna buy some Swami's or something like that we have to have it come on please what do you want okay yeah yeah okay uh I think it was like I feel like it was like here let's go with it I can't see anything this is this meat is making a harder like the fact that we're in lava wait I see something oh wait no that's just come on it's gotta be okay weird it's got to be here somewhere corn please don't don't don't take it away from me don't take away every good easter egg okay I guess I took away every good Easter egg that's very highly unfortunate um oh my god whoa what what is happening yeah I see like a thing what okay oh it's not that's like an ender dragon egg or something wait how long if I die tomorrow is looking at my friend's phone okay so your name yeah that's Kaylee I was looking at Kelly's phone so I didn't really see how long I was just dead yes she died that's definitely why she just stated it that she was dead yeah cuz yeah yeah there are like people in this village before they there were little tiny villagers on the baby villagers I think they're they're gone they just disappeared and there was like a zombie here too I think yeah maybe the zombie kill them can you stop dying please there's no dying allowed in my videos okay well that's why I am hardcore lagging what was you said you've been hard for Oh where's Oh that one no that's mine my it's just so good okay what is this is this missing your new mini game or something no oh is this like oh it's like a PvP match that's pretty cool how do you like queue for it oh is this the cute here Oh gladiators that's pretty cool okay I might do that some other time um let's see what else is there there's gonna be some other stuff Oh theater is that thing playing right now so geometry – you're playing two games at once wow you're such a pro oh this one is a thousand gems okay so I'm assuming like it's harder or something cuz like why else would they like reach the the the the reward uh I keep blanking on random words it's so weird and let's see what else is there we've been here we've done that we have done that although there was no Morgan Freeman Dom's the UH nice drag it's like over here I think I see it oh is it still here oh my god they actually kept an easter egg that's rare here is Morgan Freeman and there's another thing this is new I think there's this new I feel like it is uh well this is a lot to explore how far does this go what even is this what um was it like a maze wait does it go down more I want to go down what's down yeah head oh you're another ladder um I'm assuming not because they don't see one um there's no you're like one ladder that you got to find in like this big maze is this even amazing I don't even know what this is where's the ladder to go back up oh there isn't down okay is there even more down oh there's got to be an even more down I don't even know what I'm saying anymore is there a lower down like how is that even a sentence weep oh my god it congrat you beat them Congrats Congrats you meet the maze oh my god it a cake and then you can fall into the abyss that is so fun let's go wait oh you can't eat the cake that said okay let's fall into the abyss let's just oh wait I could fly yeah yeah I'm going to do that okay okay I hurt my knee in track and no it hurts though it was very needed information yeah you mentally incapacitated whatever you said yeah that that word in in ha ha ha ha take a pop of the skipper he could happen to kappa yeah everybody all should play the sims 3 nice um comment below telling me if you wanted oh oh go ahead it's here it's still here it the Easter Egg is still here it won't let me get to it though you oh I'm here anyways as I was saying let me know in the comments if you want to see me playing Sims 4 yes that would be amazing yeah that thing um so they're here oh here so this I mean I don't I don't remember I think there's like a shout chandelier there Oh quite remember I swear I feel like this was a dream right I'm having hardcore deja vu right now like I feel like there was a chandelier there I don't know maybe it was there just a little ah no my ugly just just mildly this jump you this is so fun I could literally be here for hours wait wait wait wait wait wait I need to unmoor f– let me on more okay so can i link jump whoa oh my god even p-please now see it ah don't mock me oh my gosh this is so cool wait no no no no I want to stay there wait can I like actually just like jump this video is so like all over the place you know that's fine though cuz what is happening that was weird uh I need to like change my Cape back to normal cuz like as I was saying you should change my Cape back to my regular cake Cape because maybe I should change that Cape Cape maybe I should like thanks for talking over me okay maybe you can make another cape I don't know but you know I think that this is gonna be the end of this video because I pretty sure we've seen everything and if there is something I'm missing I'm sorry and you should totally check out the server it's the IP is us.mineplex.com or if you live in other areas of the world there is a you join clicks calm and um I hope you enjoyed and I hope you have a actually you don't know when they could be watching this one um well they could be watching at two o'clock p.m. um well in addition they have we're gonna spend like another allergist figuring out what kind of dish they should have how the county and goodbye

MINECRAFT: MINEPLEX TREE HUB IS BACK?!?!! (a walk through memory lane hehe)

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