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Today, Trayaurus has invented a potion that can not only make me as small and as tall as I like, but he has also discovered tiny blocks that can allow you to build the tiniest of Minecraft creations!

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two hours what on earth is going on please – please don't step on me please let's do Bobby hey everyone dan here from the diamond mine Carm welcome to another minecraft mod showcase where today trace has come to me with a ground-breaking discovery it's absolutely amazing it's over here and this invention uses the ability to both shrink and grow in size as well as build in a tiny way so that you can live as a tiny little person in your huge Minecraft world so triose has used both the gulliver mod and the little blocks mod to achieve these amazing effects which all starts with some simple recipes and brewing processes but first check this out what are you doing you stuck you stuck on this but anyway check this out this is a normal minecraft size block but look at these tiny little ones which are all fully functional little minecraft blocks in your Minecraft world it's absolutely insane look how tiny they are really really little we've got a nether portal over here which I'll show you in a bit we've got all's we got chess we've got redstone contraptions we've got glass we've got so much stuff I'm going to be showing you that in a minute even water look at that and Travis is just kind of standing it and ruining it but anyway the way that we achieve this is by using this beautiful item which is called the little blocks of ones now this looks pretty cool but it's not too hard craft at all all you need is a single piece of dirt this that's true you just need one single piece of dirt in the middle of your crafting table or anywhere in a crafting table it doesn't even matter where you put it you can even use it in your 2×2 crafting grid on yourself and the reason that this is so cheap is because all it does is it doesn't present you of any kind of special effects apart from the option of being able to use little blocks and big blocks and what I mean by that is exactly this so if you hover over a block while holding the little blocks wand you will have this kind of glowing cube around it and you can see the little black outline you normally have when you've got your hand over a Minecraft block so you know where you're placing but if you right-click a single block with the little blocks one you'll see that your little black outline turns from a big square to a tiny little square and this is how you start placing blocks down in the tiny versions like this so this block has been right clicked with the little blocks wand this one has been clicked with the wand all of these ones have this one hasn't as you can see there but these ones all have on the top and I think you can do it for each side so this side of the lock doesn't actually have little blocks enabled but the top does because we've got lots of little blocks here so that is really cool and then all you need to do is take whatever block you want to place down and right-click and there you go some little blocks are being placed look how it's just so easy so simple yet it looks so amazing so instead of just having one block here you can actually place 512 blocks inside a big Minecraft block so this block here will contain 512 little pixels which you can use to craft whatever you like with any Minecraft material it's really really cool betrayus went one step further and allowed us to actually be able to live inside these little block worlds by crafting some really really cool brewing potions and I haven't done much brewing in Minecraft at all ever in my life but I don't think I've even done it in any other minecraft video but here we go let's go ahead and do it and first we are going to need to create an awkward potion because that's the basis of pretty much every potion I think this is how you do it how'd you get our Orko potion so let's put the nether wall in the top here and brew us a nice awkward potion and when we've got one of those we actually need to use red mushrooms and brown mushrooms now there's two different potions you can create the main one we're gonna be using today is the potion of in small earning but I'm also going to show you the potion of in beginning which are both part of the gulliver mod the trails looked into so we're going to craft one of these today and we're going to need some brown mushrooms also going to need some redstone glowstone dust and gunpowder to make different variants of them so have we got a little awkward potion yet yes we have so they're at the awkward potion and next up we are going to take one single brown mushroom and be able to create art and beginning no are in spawning potion I need to learn these already it's kind of confusing but it will all make sense in a little bit so there's our potion in there has it worked and the work is going to work and it might turn what closing in a turn it's going to turn green so it's going to look really cool and here we go it's almost done it's almost done it's almost done it is now complete so here we go here is our potion of in small earning now this is a regular drinking potion and we'll in small on us for three minutes which is pretty cool but we can make that and take that even further by using both redstone ghosts own dust and gunpowder so the traditional way to make a throwing potion is usable on the in Smalling potion you just add gunpowder to your potions make it that you can greater people you can also make it last longer so at the moment only last three minutes but you can actually make it last eight minutes by adding a piece of redstone dust but the coolest one and the one we're gonna be using today is in small link to so you can take it one step further and make yourself even smaller by adding a single glowstone dust to what we have just created so let's just add a glowstone dust here and brewing is actually pretty cool I should do more of it in Minecraft more efteling's it is a really cool process and uses some really interesting ingredients too but we are going to have a look at these potions right now so that should create ourselves a nice in small link to potion this just wait for that there we go we have completed it since modeling – it will last for a less amount of time because it's a bit more stronger but it's it's definitely worth it 100% worth it so first we're going to use a normal in spawning potion and then we're going to use in Smalling – just to show you how this works so are you ready for this I'm going to go into f5 mode how'd you like my new my new Minecon cape by the way it looks beautiful I really really like it it's really cool so let's use the in Smalling one potion first all you need to do is drink it as normal and you'll shrink down to size look how cool this is this is really cool these are the little blocks that we place down earlier Grim's over here look how huge Grimm is right now I don't wait Reyes went I think you went in his office somewhere so where are you nope oh here he is look how big traces to us how you doing it worth buddy it worked but you can go one step further and got even smaller by drinking the in small link – so let's get even smaller here we go it takes a longer to drink when you're smaller and I'll go through the pros and cons of being small but as you can see we got even a smaller so these are kind of look like normal sized minecraft blocks even though this is really a normal sized minecraft block and this is what I like in the world Grimm you are absolutely massive right now now as I just mentioned a moment ago there are lots of different features of being small and being big but I'm going to go through those in a second by climbing this beautiful staircase so this is what tryouts are set up for me to kind of show off the little blocks stairs are a bit glitchy you kind of can only walk and jump as normal blocks but that's just a little thing they're still pretty cool and here we go here's a little grass hut and in here we have stairs we have signs now science are a bit glitchy I couldn't place them on both sides and I couldn't type on them either by pacing on the side of um stairs but that's the pretty cool we've got buttons this one doesn't do one at the moment but I'll show you what you can do with redstone in a second we've got levers as well you can place pretty much anything down sits a block of gold it looks like I'm building normal minecraft size but I'm actually just a tiny little person so there you go really cool you can choose any kind of material you like and there we go some things a little bit glitchy as I mentioned just a moment ago like science and stuff and that is the basics of building a small land but we've also got the mechanics of water and lava which work perfectly normally look at that we've got sand we've got water and you can also kind of you can swim as normal this is a little bit glitchy right now and oh god oh god you do need to be careful of that I almost smacked my head on that log there and what actually happened was I I ran out of time so I already spent a minute thirty in small mode so let's go back into that because the installing potion doesn't last as long than spawning two one so let's just go back up here you can fly as well in creative mode it's all the same it's just a lot smaller so what we've also got here are smaller ores obviously these won't generate these have been placed down but they're still really cool you can build of them in creative mode which is pretty cool we've also got fully working redstone so you can see the size of this normal minecraft block you can actually scale down your redstone by so much I think it would be like 64th scale or something like that you can make tiny Minecraft machines in your Minecraft world and use them as a larger person so you can replace this with a lever and flick the smaller levers as a big person which is pretty cool but a small person you can still use a pressure plate and stuff like that so I think it's the wooden the wooden world usually works and why it's working right now let's try it come on let's just grab a lever and see how it works normally so you can't usually no no what is this what is this there we go that's better I gotta leave I've got a weird little chunk instead but anyway let's get take this lever and show how we can activate redstone we've got a little redstone repeater here we've got normal redstone and we've got a dispenser as well which is going to dispense a beautiful firework now flex you're a bit glitchy because they change into normal size when they come out the tiny dispenser but just show you that it does work and it does launch into the air you can put whatever you like in here let's just pop on this piece of gold in here and just show it dispensing it and there we okay okay ossified but anyway you get the idea you can still use redstone it's still pretty cool you can make really complex machines on a tiny scale so they don't take up much in your Minecraft world space it kind of makes them more feasible which is pretty cool now in this chest over here you can use chess as a small person as well I've got a few interesting items now let me just put a few of these things up here so I can show you what these actually do this put this here this here I'm going to need these for now let me just drink another one of these otherwise I'm gonna I'm gonna turn big for no reasons here we go that's a bit better it does actually take longer to drink as a tiny person but here we go we have got some bone meal we have got some oak saplings we've also got paper slimeball and fishing rod which are really really random items and we've also got a lily pad which i don't think i've ever used in a mod review before string and a flint and steel which are all going to be interesting items which are all use for different things but the first one we're going to go over is the paper now as a tiny person you are able to glide while you're holding papers if you jump or holding paper in your hand you will glide how cool is that that is pretty damn sweet I'm gliding on a piece of paper as a tiny little borrower minion kind of thing so that is really cool you can also use the slimeball to climb up walls you do slow down as you can see while I'm holding the slimeball but I can also climb up walls all you need to do is walk into a wall while holding a slimeball and that is pretty impressive and you can also use a fishing rod as a grappling hook so if I just fire this fishing rod over here try reel it in as you would normally fishing it you will fly over to that space and I got caught on the oars there but that doesn't really matter let's do this like this here we go right click and you'll be dragged towards where you want to go so you can use this to kind of travel across big buildings that you've built as a bigger person and all kind of other stuff too but I thought it was really cool just that the slime ball and the paper is probably my favorite there's a really really cool items so let's move on to some other things you can do as a small person I just need to drink some more just in case just in case I grow big just in case there we go so we can actually do all kinds of normal minecraft things pretty much everything you can do in normal minecraft life as a big person you can do as a little person so let's take that little oak sapling here a tiny alok sapling we can take bonemeal to it and we'll allow it to grow go and grow grow there we go look we've got a mini tree as well a mini little farm is actually gonna be really cool because when you mine them or harvest them you will get the kind of like real size wheat and see and stuff like that so you can carry on making a tiny little farm nice and compact kind of like a little bonsai tree this one looks like so that's really cool you can actually light a nether portal as well and also set fire to things now be careful when setting fire to things because it can crash your world so you can make mini fires which is really cool it did crash but I just wanted to show you that it does work I don't know the portal does light it is a little bit glitchy it did work normally before but that is really cool you can't go through it right now but in a future update I'm sure you'll be able to go through it and that will be really cool I'm not sure if you'll be tidy in the nether or not but who knows that is for another video but anyway another thing you wanted to show you was the string now I am going to need trails for this because this is going to be an absolutely crazy little thing you can do so let me just drink some of this up and I'll show you what you can do this string let's just walk over to Taurus over here how you doing buddy how you doing we can actually take this string right click any player mod anything and be able to ride him look at this I am on trailers shoulder right now we are best buddies and he has taken me round on his shoulder how cool is that we got a nice little string here and Cheryl's just going to kind of do his daily doings with me on his shoulder that is really cool right click to get off I'm not sure if you can do it like dogs and stuff like that you can look at this I am riding real life grim and I think you can do this with every single mob as well now getting on to mobs we're actually going to go back to normal size and we're going to look at the ambigú inand also some mobs and effects that you can have on that so let's go over to here and you can use everything we talked about before in the brewing process but with red mushrooms to make potions when beginning for 3/8 and in beginning too as well so we've got the three and eight minutes and we've also got the splash potions in the same kind of increments so the splash potions are very very handy because you can use them on other people so let's take this and Smalling two potion and throw it at green go green and we can make grim ever ever so tiny look out cutie is in a little purse oh my god he's really really small look out sign ears he will do all the normal things a normal dog does and oh god is glitched a bit nope sit down oh god that was a bit weird that was a bit weird but it's taken him thickening potion we actually make him to normal size where are you gone he's gone he's gone we have lost him and I have no idea where he is is he down here there we go there we go Oh back to normal size we can also go one step further and take him even bigger and we've got a big grim look how cool that is that is amazing and you can even get him even bigger you can get him beginning to by adding glowstone to your potion and he will get even bigger if I hit him properly go there we go even bigger oh my goodness that is HUGE that is absolutely huge and he's gonna all know always running away okay that's fine that's right just don't break anything my god where is Trey oh I want to try this on him I don't buddy how you doing how you doing I don't there we go let's make him huge huge trailers for all kinds of experiments this is also it's so crazy so what I've got in here are some other kind of mobs and stuff that you can use all of these potions on and let's have a look at them I thought most of them would be pretty funny to have a look at and we're going to make them as big as we can so let's put all of this stuff back and now we'll be able to use it let's choose a few of them because this video is getting kind of long let's use the creeper the skeleton the slime Enderman chicken and squid let's try all these let's take them outside for a little bit because otherwise they're going to get off it's so funny Grimm is actually trapped in the research lab that is so bad but also hilarious at the same times let's take a creeper and make him where are you gone mr. creeper there we go that's a little bit better so let's make him really really small and we can also make him really really big so we've got tiny little creepers you can fight tiny tiny creepers in your world we've also got the am beginning ones getting back to normal size and again to make him absolutely super huge try us you need to take our God he's stuck in there as well what is what is wrong with you man oh gods those old Jesus it's so big it's it's massive right let's go for the skirt and I make him super huge cuz we've seen how we're gonna make him really small and let's go for that's another skeleton let's make him really small anyway there we go making really small and grim oh god this is only gonna last for as long as it says on the potion so they will only last a big and small for about a minute which is really cool and yeah let's go for some more let's go for the slime let's make a huge slime that's not really gonna make a big slime is it let's try anyway there we go make the big slime makes the big slime the surface getting you just try and get an actual big slime in here that should work a little bit better here we go a huge slime the most useless thing on earth a massive slime oh god that that's a bit it's a bit scary it's actually as big as the lab over there so let's go through a couple more we got the Enderman quick animate I've got nah good I'm gonna I'm gonna make You huge I'm gonna make You huge there we go I got massive Enderman teleporting around the world that looks incredible we've also got the chicken and the squid as well and here we go big chickens big squids I made myself big as well oh god I forgot to show you that I can make myself absolutely huge and join all of these massive mobs or I can make myself really small again and make sure that I don't get effective all this here we go there we go we're back to normal size now but look at this the Enderman is absolutely huge the squid is massive – wow this is really really cool I love this mod and the little blocks mod as well so this is a combination of two mods the little blocks one is really really impressive yet really really simple and I love them both they're really really cool so if you do like what you see I'm going to try and for yourself then please you head to description below where you'll find a link to download this mod and also if you have to me to the channel then please do subscribe and join team TDM today for daily minecraft videos and if you did enjoy the video I like would also be greatly appreciated – now you guys have been absolutely killing my like targets recently oh my god oh my god that's so scary never make an Enderman in beginning – it's just crazy betrayus you can go for it look at this helmet god is beautiful he broke the glass as well oh Jesus but anyway you guys have been killing the like targets recently so if we could get to 6000 likes this time that would be absolutely incredible so thanks for watching guys and I will see you all next time good you

Minecraft | TINY WORLDS & GIANT MOBS! (Little Blocks & Gulliver!) | Mod Showcase

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