Minecraft Tutorial : Sugar Cane and Bamboo Farm "NO lag, Any Size"

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This sugar Cane and Bamboo Farm Works on all versions of minecraft (as of today’s posted date) and it could be made to any size with NO lag. The design is simple, Highly efficient and looks amazing, giving a medieval kind of style.

“FULL Disclosure”
– This design was made on the “PC Java Edition ” not Windows 10.
– Certain updates or versions of minecraft like ps4 , xbox, bedrock edition, etc might affect the design in a negative or positive way.
– So Please don’t rant, saying it doesn’t work or its a scam, etc,
-The above factors play a huge role in the mechanics of the design and what platform its built on.

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hey everyone this is Ken and today we're gonna be doing with the toy guys on a bamboo and sugar cane farm that was great about this guy's could literally make this any size you want as you can see and the cool thing is is lack fremming so it's not gonna create tons of lag no matter how big you make this and it's fully automatic so all your items will go to the chest on both sides and because bamboo is in sugar cane pretty much kind of grow the same way you can have a dual system here just pumping out non-stop or both which is fantastic don't have to do no work and you get this unlimited supply of bamboo and sugarcane okay and not only that it also looks amazing once you're done building now enough talk and let's jump right into it make sure you have a 13 wide by 23 long setup like so with a line in the middle just to kind of Center eyes right here in the bad guys are gonna go about three blocks in and on the fourth block place two blocks like so and you're gonna place another block on the side going forward now make sure this spire here you have about three blocks going forward say one two three and trust me all this color cordoning it's gonna make sense that blue is gonna make sense it's all gonna gonna click in now you can place three blocks of you like so and you can extend this going forward towards the front so you get this really awesome platform now once you've done that guys you're gonna place a dropper well first place a comparator right there a block right in front of it put a redstone torch on the back of it and another block on top and you're going this back-and-forth pattern between wrestling torch and block quitting this awesome torch tower straight up okay now I said previously place a dropper right there with a hopper facing forward and one piece of dirt inside then we're gonna have a set up this way so that I can work on all versions of Minecraft now right on the side of it you gonna place one block leave a space and place another then you know please comparator going towards the second block and from the second block and have a repeating one to the first one and a right behind the comparator you can place two hoppers facing each other like so what we're gonna create here is what's called a silent timer now let's place a few more blocks here now once you place compared to or place a block in front of it with a repeater going forward and any block front of that repeater okay fantastic now you can place a button right there because we have to modify this slightly and you're gonna add some rest of dust so that there are some dust kind of goes at that angle and then you're gonna place a redstone torch like so the reason you want that redstone dust there because you don't want the rest on dust to stop or interfere with those hoppers every place on top make sure the two hoppers are facing each other say both sides it should look the same now from here you can place two comparators in the center going towards the first set of hoppers replaced perfect now at this point guys should have this kind of look if you need to pause the video please do on the left hand side you can place one piece of dirt and on the right hand side with the rest on torches in that hopper guys you're gonna place at least 20 blocks and the great thing about that on that side it you could gauge how many blocks you want to put it in so the more blocks you put the longer it takes a system to activate and of course if you put less it'll activate more frequently so it really allows you to personalize a system depending how fast you want this to go or if you feel that it's going too fast you could kind of gauge it really just customize it to your ability I felt 20 was a sweet spot but guys is really up to you at that point now once you've done then you go right here to the front you're gonna place a straight row of stone brick block that stone brick stairs and you wrap that all into the bad guys and make sure you leave a two-block space all the way at the end okay just leave two blocks of space right here and you're gonna add two more stairs like so going inwards now force can repeat that on the other side as well perfect and you're gonna add two more stairs like so then you displace stone bricks right over here and kind of wrap that do you connect the other side fantastic now where we place each stair you're gonna place a two-hour block wall of cobblestone now pause the video make sure you do that all around like so and it should look just like this now once you've done that you're gonna get your stairs again and wrap it right over here in the back right on top of these bricks fantastic then you're gonna place it on top of each comp stone right around perfect see how it's really starting to come together now right over here guys gonna wrap it with some cobblestone again like so and like we did previously you're also gonna add stairs on top of this as well now right on the inside guys are gonna add some stone right across fantastic and you're gonna extend that stone like so and you're gonna wrap that right to the back end of this until you get to that last piece of cobblestone right there and of course guys are going to repeat this on the opposite side as well now you're gonna leave a space on each side and place a piece of dirt like so and extend that 15 blocks in total all the way to the back and right there as well now we'd go right here on the inside guys are you gonna go about two blocks high one to delete that and of course extend that or right across because you want to make a nice platform just to cover kind of this little spot over there now even plays one bucket of water on each side and that's gonna push all everything going forward so if anything falls there it's gonna go right towards the center now that we have the center piece at this point just place to temporary blocks like so and you're gonna delete these two blocks again any please to hoppers going towards that cobblestone because you want to create this effect I placed our stone right back and delete these blocks you can see that the water is going right on top of that hopper now I mean once we delete the center of this cobblestone that is also spacing to add a chest and really kind of funnel everything towards that chest without using too many resources and the beauty about this guy's you can really decorate this area to your likings so I had it a large chance for the crafting table on the side and because we have stairs they're not gonna interfere with that chest at all so you can open it with no hassles now once you've done that on both sides guys you're gonna go about one block in and add some oak wood right across like so okay and you can repeat that on this side as well perfect see how it's just parallel to the dirt and on top of both science guys gonna add some regular pistons and once you've done that guys you can extend this torch tower going upwards now wherever same torch out this is exactly what I'm referring to this kind of back in a fourth pattern with the torches and the blocks that's all I mean when I say that now we're gonna place a block right behind each piston like so and because we want a maximum of 15 blocks you're gonna add a straight line of redstone dust and that restaurant torch is gonna activate it evenly then on top of the Pistons guys gonna add another row of oak wood right across so then how it is nicely activate I mean it just is a really simplistic system and it works smoothly now once you gather that oak wood guys you're gonna add some upside down stairs just to give that extra trimming and really enhance the look of this whole thing now we're gonna add another row of dirt right on top of it a cool thing once you've done on both sides on the center here to cover this redstone dust you're gonna add a block of your choice I'm gonna use stone we've use any block you want and you're gonna place one bucket of water right in the center of this so you're gonna go about 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 and place your bucket right there and the water flow is gonna stop right at the edge once you down on both sides it's gonna allow you to plan the sugar cane with no headaches now right on top of it guys are gonna play some dirt I mean some oak wood right on top of the water like so and we're gonna repeat the same exact pattern now that we just did previously so once you've created your foundation the rest of this is very repetitive so add your pistons right across and your stairs and repeat the same exact method that we did with the dirt and like I said guys this whole thing just becomes a repetitive pattern of the rest of them towards tower going up and you placing your blocks in the middle like so just cover up that wrestling dust and adding your buckets of water J and the cool thing here guys you can make this as tall as you wanna rackley make this as high as 12 layers and I still didn't experience no leg okay now pause the video make sure you got your desired height now once you're ready to go we're gonna go on to the next step now what I've done was play some spruce wood I extend that all the way to the top last staircase or upside down stair like so and on the inside here guys we're gonna add a wall of oak wood planks now we're gonna do something different in the back in here we're gonna add our spruce wood straight up to get to the last there once again but I felt it'll be kind of cool to really decorate this back end with something little different so we're gonna add some stone I'm gonna wrap this right around and of course extend this all the way to the top and it's gonna act as a nice kind of like a beam slash pillar kind of effect and once you have this done you're gonna add another trim of stone right on the top in here only and you're gonna acid upside down stairs right underneath it kind of wrapped it around twice so that's gonna be your first layer and you can do the second time right there the thing is guys you want to make this look as amazing as it works see all the rest on was covered it really looks nice as a great presentation and this point guys make sure to either add your sugar cane or your bamboo at this point now once you've done that on both sides you kind of really set that to your likings we don't want that to happen so you're gonna add some glass all the way up like so to prevent any of these stragglers from falling outwards the plus is gonna really make the whole design look just even better than it did before okay really adds a nice little touch of trimming and it really looks just has his own theme to it now this one guys are gonna add your slabs right there and extend it all the way to the back and around the entire design right till you get the rest there like so and add another slab there guys and like I said previously you're just gonna wrap this right around nicely perfect now when I ask some stairs right on top of here and I'm gonna do the same exact thing like so I'm tree a few different ways to really set up this whole kind of roof system to us to give you guys a little more options and then you could set it up so I was kind of wrapping this right around like so but if you want to add a little more detail I mean detail to the actual design and kind of I don't know add a different look to it you can even extend these stairs and kind of wrap it right there at the edge and just kind of fill in the gap here with some slabs to really give it that little extra more detail and more realism to the actual design now let's do controls how you want to do that just fill in the top here with some oak wood and you're gonna add another row of stairs but in this case you're really just gonna create that square effect kind of wrap it right around because this part right here you're gonna want to ask slabs okay it really just takes that detail just a little further fantastic now once you've done that guys are gonna fill in this whole top part again with some awkward or whatever you want to use as a filler and all you have to do at this point is just color the entire roof for some slabs and the design is complete anyway let me know what you think in the comments I hope you guys enjoy this I have fun making this anyway I want to thank everybody for watching remember to please leave a comments and to click that subscribe button if you wanna join thank you

Minecraft Tutorial : Sugar Cane and Bamboo Farm "NO lag, Any Size"

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  1. Nice design but you really should light up the inside at the base of it, there is spaces that will be very dark and spawn mobs, also some of the slabs on top could spawn mobs

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