MOIRA DF3 Intelligent 3D Printer Unboxing and Review. Best Beginner 3D printer 2019

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Whats shaking homies so today I got a sick 3D printer up for unboxing and review this is the MOIRA DF3 Intelligent 3D printer. This 3D printer is very high tech it is able to be controlled with your smartphone, computer, or offline sd card. This printer comes fully assembled and all you have to do is plug it in making it great for someone starting out in 3D printing. I hope moria comes out with more products because I am really impressed with this one. If you wanna pick it up get it here I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching,

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hey what is shakin homie so today I'm really excited because I got a frickin sick 3d printer from gearbest so this is by far the most advanced 3d printer I have ever checked out it's 2019 now and the technology is just like mind-boggling it's getting better and better this is the Mora df3 intelligent 3d printer so it you can throw a Wi-Fi on this it's all enclosed it has like all these crazy features like the power power resume after power outage I'm here let me just go through some of these features for you guys it's got auto bed leveling which is sick it's got automatic feeding and unloading it's got a simple dissemble to the extruder if you ever take the extruder apart one button printing its its LCD screen you just hit print and will start printing a standalone app so it's got they have their own app so you can send prints to this wirelessly and they also have a library with a bunch of prints you can just pick you know you can pick right out their website okay I want to put that boom it'll start sending it to the printer it's also got it's a closed print space meaning that it's all like compact and it's all it's all enclosed you'll see you'll see that when I get into it it can print abs and any high other high tech material it's got an acrylic door the rest of the parts are basically all metal and injection molded the platform material is a rubber sock magnetic so it seems like the type the time like the the process or you can just pull it up and it comes up I don't know you can take STL OBJ's or g-code it's it can work on any type of printer I mean any type of computer Mac PC your phone even so really cool the bill volume is 150 by 150 by 175 so not huge but definitely not small this is an on sale it retails for four hundred and fifty five dollars but it's actually on sale right now I'm you're best off twenty seven percent off at only three twenty nine they might even give me a coupon code on top of that but that's very cheap for this printer so I don't know if they'll knock it down any more than that but bad for three thirty I mean you're paying the price of basically most entry-level printers but you're getting something a lot more elaborate here granted this doesn't have that giant build value but because it's a Velcro printer you can still print very tall 150 by 150 that's still three Jesus so it's not like small it honestly the only things you printer not huge I'm not printing like cosplay help us everyday it looks like in the box we have another box I believe this is won't we'd assembled like it's gonna take a very very small amount of assembly yeah let's call this stuff off really cool to show how this is the door on the front right there yeah okay first thing we are greeted with are just some gear best order forms you don't need to see those yeah once again I got this courtesy of gearbest for the review I wasn't paid to do this video or anything I do get the printer for free and it comes with a sample print right off the bat is a little like bear ornament and uh it actually looks amazing so you know they're so they're Talent usually when they do those they were printed with this machine this exact machine me also have a warranty card right here and a nice instruction manual with pictures very good almost 3d printers usually they're only like instructions are on the SD card so this comes not with an SD card but a USB thumb drive which is even cooler I always like to have an that we got our regular 3d printer power cord our sorry our a USB cord printer cord then we got our regular standard US power cord if you label your in European area you'd also get that european here's the rest of our power brick we got a roll of red PLA so a half a roll so pretty nice design here and we got a little print removal tool like a mini spatula spatula City spatula saving spatula City yeah so Allen right if you don't worry that's wrong let me know in the comments spatula City nothing says I love you like better spatula Oh getting off down here okay so check out out I just pulled it off the Box hit it pretty much I think it's pretty much put together no okay first things first damn this thing looks sick like it just looks freaking nice right here right here's where the filament goes so you know you don't feel weird about your filament drying out or anything it's actually enclosed right here but not only that you don't know we're gonna take it off any more room like on your table or whatever there's even directions right here how to how to load it in and everything it looks really easy yeah okay let's see how do we open this is it the door based on the door we just got some padding here okay now I like to check it out that's what they were talking about so I guess it make it it sticks to get there or something I don't know I don't know what they mean by Bank but this come on yeah I don't the nice concave on who's hotter looks nice everything is enclosed in there nothing feels a little rough when it's not on but but everything feels good that belts are nice and tight this belt needs to be tightened a little bit so and the belts actually have tensioners on so here let me grab the camera let me show you some closer shots here okay so in here first off here is the extruder then some close-ups of that looks very nice they said they got automatic thing here we got a certification of qualification here's a little there's like a little checklist or something here let me pull this off watch it's like do not take off okay uh this won't let's zoom out a little bit it says attention please remove fixing banned before use please clean the residue on the gear regularly please put filament in the top of the tube and they just give you just a little diagram there no this one's exactly his name's it to it the same and then here certification of qualification so that was just like where it was inspected it's not very cool um but yeah check out this uh here's the extruder motor so we got here's the auto levels right there looks like it's a III D style hot antic yeah I can kind of see through this vent it looks like an e3d style hotter but it's a anodized red and that actually looks sick yeah well yeah so the build volume is that crazy huge it is not huge at all but it's not small I mean most things I'm gonna be printing you know are gonna be roughly there here's a samsung s nine plus so you can print bigger than a Samsung's name but obviously the plate like you're gonna want to print a lot it well they actually I could even fit this here barely could barely fit my si in there so that's good you know get an idea of how big it is but like something you know really big you know it's printed more vertically than anything but yeah really really impressed with how that turned out okay so what I'm gonna do here's all the he turn it on and just play yeah boy so this might be like um I have another printer that's like this where you just put one file on the card at a time and this might be like the same type of thing I might have to go through read I'm gonna read this manual really good we're gonna plug it in and I'll be right back with you guys but um I wanna do a little research we'll get it all set up and we'll we'll start printing but before we start printing I just want to get it all set up properly and show you guys where we're at and yeah just how it works I would you know we'll go from that so very excited really really impressed here is the top where the filament go sorry here's the top where the foam I keep dropping nothing where the filament goes there's also directions on how to do that but this looks this honestly looks like the nicest as far as just like build quality and stuff the nicest 3d printer I've ever seen I like the texture oh it's like fate it's like kind of like a fade there yeah I'm really impressed on the back here's where you put the where you put the card and everything is right there on the back so so far very very variable okay guys so according to the directions they say they already level it and everything at the factory before they send it to you but if you want to go ahead and do it you just go to machine control and they got their leveling right here and you can actually set how high you want it and everything so say you print and it's too close like either auto level it was all the same everywhere on the bed but it was too close or too far away you can just change that value and re level it so I'm actually gonna re level it just cuz why not so I click that button and as you can see now is gonna go through their little leveling process we got here and very cool but it looks like we are basically ready to print there is I was actually wrong that was not an USB thumbdrive it was a card reader and the card was already in the printer so I'm gonna check out what's already on the card if there's anything different than the sample print that it came with and then we will go from there but once again yeah you can print using this program or you can print with Kura and it does come with a copy of car but you can always just download that from their website and everything um here is to get the mobile apps you just so I won't put it with everything I'll trek check everything out first I'm just gonna try just some basic stuff on and do that the prints on the SD card print a couple of my slice a couple my own files with Kura then we'll try out the app but so far very user friendly very easy no assembly required I really like the auto feed system do it surprisingly work really well too so so far really liking this printer but haven't really got to doing anything too fun with it yet so let's do a couple test prints and we'll see what we got guys so the print that comes on the card it was not this sample print here it was just like some big giant cylinder and there's no like screen on here that tells you how what percentage it is done if you connect it to your phone or – you know – if you connect it to the computer it'll tell you but I don't have it hooked up right now so I have no idea but this has been wasting a lot of filament and be going on for like five hours so I'm gonna kill this and just start my own fair but I must say it doesn't actually look really nice and I flipped this bed over the magnetic side was the other side I've ripped off all this masking tape and I'm actually printing on the other side headed like a build tack on it so I'm printing directly on that I really like it but I'm gonna kill this print this is kind of just seems like a waste of filament to me and waste of time so I'm gonna print something cool that I want to print but the printer itself is working fabulous and I'm actually really really impressed with it so yeah I'm gonna kill this print and we'll start something a little more fun okay guys so here is the app you're gonna need to download them both for iOS and Android I'm on Android and it seems to work great okay so all you got to do is you've got a you got there's like a this printer comes does a little like pin like you have for your cell phone to get your SD card out so you're gonna you gotta hold it down for three seconds and then this will actually start flashing and then you put in your Wi-Fi pass or you've got to configure here at the top you put in your Wi-Fi password and everything and then you'll be hooked up so now I can actually like level the printer or print a file if i go here down to models they actually have tons you can actually search them to like a search for something but i'm just gonna show you guys like i can scroll for like days in microphone doesn't wanna refresh but there's literally like thousands and thousands of things on here well unfortunately i don't know how to switch the language because i can't read any of this alright i translate it because uh you know then I'd be able to tell you you know more about it but like some of this is cool like check that up that's cool no there's all sorts of random stuff on here but let's just go back up to the top and I'll print this goofy guy because it's real little and I'll that's something I can print really quick so all I gotta do is hit this and then it tells me how big it's gonna be right there and everything so you know and I you could probably change it I don't know I'm not quite sure still getting used to this okay now when you get here you've got you can just print it like standard draft quality or you could do really high quality where it'll probably slow it down a little bit make the layer is the layer height smaller but you know you'll get better quality who's gonna do the standard keep it easy so all I'm gonna do is right here at the bottom I hit print and it just takes a not very long like about thirty seconds or so it already downloaded the file depending on what you're doing you know it'll do it different amounts of time so it says 100% here okay so none the printer auto homes it goes down let me get his old filament off in about whatever it'll fix itself okay so you see right here that is flashing meaning that is heating it's got a good Wi-Fi connection and when this is flashing it means there's a and started so I'll set up the camera for time-lapse and then I'll see you when it's done [Applause] okay guys so our little guy here was a success his little stand for him to click into and but hey let's take a closer look and uh the quality is actually really good once again this was just in the normal draft quality it was printed on the raft it came right off the raft really easy and then it's got like a little stick thing here that you guys clicks into his hand yeah look at that I don't know what that is even I don't even know what this guy is supposed to be but not bad for our first print off the absolutes let's uh let's do another one here okay and let's not go there just our oops what did I do go back okay okay so here we got models here let's do that should we do Oh camel that'd be kind of cool okay let's do this lizard it's like the lizard from what are these things called from Jurassic Park okay so it's not showing me a preview over you know connect to the printer I am connected to the printer okay apparently I just connected to the printer so I'm gonna have to go here it should pop up there you go okay okay now we're now we're printed or connected okay so let's go back in there and okay this will be our second front okay so we're gonna print this Jurassic Park then we do high quality with this on yeah I got let's do a high quality okay so same thing is gonna download the file and it'll get going so I'm gonna set the camera up to time-lapse and see how this gonna move this one goes and then we'll get to checking out maybe I'll try some abs in here unfortunately I probably have to have the door closed for that but yeah so far the apps working good you know it works good off app works good off Qura works good everything so far so really cool let's do the time left [Applause] alright guys so here's our dinosaur thing here so let me just it's got a bunch of these supports on here so we're gonna have to take these off one of the mouth right there there we go okay let's try to remove him from the raft here okay she's got this raft let's zoom out a bit okay pulls off of that and then we can these come off real real easy here okay there's a couple more here so this supports come off really easy too from the models that are just pre-sliced on app okay and actually this turned out really good for just being the cheap PLA and pre-loaded STL you know if I like all the parameters and everything we're just pre-loaded I didn't you know do anything I was expecting a bit bigger but it looks really good there's actually some pretty good detail in it okay so um yeah the app is cool and everything you can control with your phone but just like all 3d printers most the time you're gonna want to print you know things you slice yourself on karar simplified 3d or you know things you design yourself so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go on Qura and I'm gonna print just some stuff using you know the old-fashioned way using just kuroh settings there's also a quick update this is magnetic the other side wasn't that it came on but this side is default Magnus it's like hard to lift lift up so I would recommend using this the magnetic side and taking the masking tape off this is a build tag material on here and seems to hold good I haven't done any ABS ABS I'll have to do with the door closed so we'll do that in bit I'm gonna do one more PLA test print on let's try to do something yeah a little bigger that I sliced myself in Kura so let's get to it [Applause] alright guys so this turned out awesome this eye sight I sliced Ankara just with just them standard you know Delta printer settings I used point one six one eight for my layer height yeah and it's got a bed here and I do really like this build tak service and this magnetic this like magnet is so freakin strong like look at this it's like so hard to pull this up but it is flexible and everything I you know I say if you can't get it off with your tool you can just take it off and bend it but then it's kind of a pain because you got to fit it back in here perfectly and sometimes you'll have to re-level the bed and everything but other than that work great so so far with the PLA I have printed this on the test print that came on there this little guy that I printed off of the app and this guy that I also printed off of the app so there's many ways you can print with this printer it works great with PLA but well let's go grab some abs and let's try to print some abs and see how that goes I will have to have the door closed for the ABS there is no heated bed so I was kind of skeptical but apparently if as long as you keep this door closed I prints ABS great so I guess we'll find out so I'm gonna load it up with some high temp abs and we'll be right all right so we'll be loading it up with the zero green ABS so this spools a little big for the top here so it's probably gonna have to like probably I have to leave the top off and have it kind of just like hover over it but we'll see what angrist yeah let's load it up and I think I'm gonna print this dragon that my good buddy mark designed they also have a very easy way to change materials right here on the program that it comes with you just go into change materials you collect rejected materials little bit of broken English but it was easy enough to figure out and it's heating up it's just gonna spin it out backwards here and I'm just gonna my new on the air and should be good to go there's also directions how to do it right yeah [Applause] okay guys so I've had this printer for about three days now and I am absolutely in love with it this is without a doubt probably the best entry-level or beginner 3d printer I have ever seen just taking out out of the box plug it in you hit the OneTouch button it'll start printing it might be something goofy that they they put on the SD card like this but either way the fact that you can have a printer up and running in seconds I'm opening it is awesome this is literally like zero assembly required other than putting the filament in the thing that's and plugging in it that's the only assembly really really awesome it was able to print on PLA models that I printed off their app once I slice another slicer once that I sliced on my own slice are using Kura and no matter which way I get it imprinted great it even printed the ABS on without warping it did not stick art it did not live from the bed I thought for sure it would because this is actually not a heated bed don't but just because it's enclosed it keeps the ambient temperature enough where it's actually able to print the higher temp materials I put a little glue stick down into the ABS but I don't even know if I would have had to super super depressed um with this 3d printer I do a lot of these 3d printer reviews and what I do them it takes me a lot to film them because when I'm first using them I usually get a bunch of failed prints and stuff with this printer I think I had one failed print the whole time and it was just because I didn't have the auto leveling setup properly you have to adjust the sensitivity every machine will be slightly different I found the best results when I used a piece of paper towel and I had the setting at 1 millimeter on the leveling tool in the built in half or build an app or you can do it on your computer either way works really nice I love how the bed is this like really strong magnetic flexible magnetic and it's got a built app there when I got this in had masking tape over it so I made sure to pull that up but it works great the park cooling fan actually does a great job with overhangs you can see that on this octopus with all these middle fingers I mean I don't know how well you see this I did not clean this up either but so it still has a little bit of stringing but for just being stock settings I am actually real really impressed with that um but yeah this is a great printer especially if you're kind of tech savvy or you want something like the newest and cutting-edge I this I'm never seeing a printer that's like this high-tech out of all the printers I've reviewed this is definitely without a doubt the most high-tech and the most user-friendly out of all stupid easy-to-use some people might not like how there's not a display there I actually kind of like it because you can't really mess it up you put you just load it up to the SD card anyway there or if it'll actually just print the last thing you sent to it so if you send up a file over the app and you're printed you won't print another one you just hit it again and it'll print the same thing again so whatever the last thing was sent to the printer yeah it really cool and I love being able to send a print from my phone and I've reviewed a lot of printers that all claim they could do that I have you have to have a successful one usually it's the app doesn't work or or they only have an iOS version they don't have an Android version or there's they claimed it was on the Box they never made an app it at all or anything so really really cool that I can just send prints from my phone I honestly think for the price range this this is the best beginner printer the best entry-level printer and the link will be down below for dear Bessel I don't store anything thank you your best for sending me this and also thank you to Mariah for making such a good product I didn't even have never heard of this company and I was actually blown away by this so that you guys come up with anything else down the road and you see this video feel free to give me shoot me a message I would be more than happy to check on anything else you make so thank you guys for watching I thank you your best for sending in it I guess I'll see you later and

MOIRA DF3 Intelligent 3D Printer Unboxing and Review. Best Beginner 3D printer 2019

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